Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Fun Ideas

So I have been compiling a list of Summer Fun things around here. I went to the Dollar tree yesterday and bought some rainy day fun puzzles, new books, new coloring paper, new craft ideas.......but for those hot sunny days....I need a plan.

Here is what I came up with so far....let me know what I'm missing.

1. Movie Days. Our Cinemark has $1 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays....we plan on doing this at least every week.

2. Library Day. We have an amazing library....and we can hit the ice cream shoppe downtown afterwards.

3. The Spray park is alot of fun and free.

4. Museums. Setting this up with some friends to do together.

5. Thrift Shop days....we do this with my mom and have so much fun finding bargains.

6. Picnics in the we dont do this in the middle of the days in the summer...too hot. So we started last year meeting at the park at 5:30 with Scott after work....doing a dinner picnic and playing....the kids loved it. Our park does old movies outside once a week too. Free.

7. The pool...a given.

8. Early morning walks.

9. Yard Sales are fun and to give each child some money to buy things with.

10. Then there are days when we have to stay home and clean....not so much fun for the kids....get the kids invovled in helping around the music while you clean...for the ones that wont clean....make them hang out in their rooms. No reward of course.

11. Cooking. Madison and I love the Food Net work..this year we are going to make a topsy turvey cake.....our project together.

12. Our Garden....Miller like to help with this one.

13. Movie days at home....I set the DVR alot throughout the year to grab old movies for all of us to watch on down days...we love to pop popcorn grab some lemonade and watch movies together. I like Madsion to watch some of the great movies I watched at her age..this summer I'm shooting for....Stand By Me, Cant By Me Love and Summer Rental....hilarious.

14. Day trips to smaller communities around here....the amish, the mennonites, fruit and veggie farms.

15. The lakes golf, paddle boats...something new this year we will do.

What do you all do? This is our list so far. We are still adding some things....we are taking one vacation this summer.....our BIG DISNEY trip is in the fall.....


Trailboss said...

You forgot horseback riding at the lake!

Christy said...

We will be swimming, going to the library, playing in the sprinkler, and have random church activities and vacations sprinkled throughout the summer-VBS, beach, trips to the zoo and children's museum, ect...

I am looking forward to the lazy days :)

Sarah said...

Love your list - inspired me to make mine. I need to glean some of the ideas off of yours.

I'll have to post it once I make it!

gail@more than a song said...

I went to dollar tree and got some stuff to use while I was keeping little ones last week! It ended up not raining so we were able to be outside instead; guess I'm ready for their next visit!

Christina said...

I can't say you missed anything. I am even going to print your list out. Did I tell you I am such a copycat, shameless really.

One thing I have missed was getting stuff for rainy days. Sometimes it doesn't rain even one day in the summer here in Honolulu. As much as I like the sun I depend on a few rainy days in the summer so we can stay home so I can clean up good. Besides with no rain everything is brown, not green like it's supposed to be.

One hint I love for the summer though is to use the crock pot a lot. I love being able to go to the pool or park or something and then having dinner ready no matter what time we get home.

I also loved your picnic in the park idea. What a great way to enjoy family time.