Thursday, October 25, 2012

Its time to sit

Have you ever just had one of those days? Or better yet those weeks? The kind that you just want to say rewind lets do it again? Today I'm trying to catch up with the past week. My house is in calls have been caught up on...but my list has nothing marked off. Rewind.....lets start again. Sometimes even though my house is in order and the kids are where they are supposed to be and things look like they are in order doesnt always mean....I'm in order. Sometimes I feel I need to sit and talk with God and get re connected. Today is one of those days. After I take the kids to school I'm grabbing my coffee and a quilt turning everything off and will sit and talk with him. Life is so busy. Life is so short. Have you sat and talked with him lately?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Slowing down

The colors outside are absolutely beautiful!
Today I ran errands from 8:30 this morning after I dropped Miller off at school until 4:30 when I stopped to cook dinner and keep going. Life seems to be going faster than usual. I go all day long. I'm compiling a cleaning list for this weekend to start on this house for the holidays. It seems as if we just go thru the motions...ships passing in the night. We eat in shifts. Sundays are what I look forward to. Family dinner time.

This weekend.....we are going to work on a farm project for Miller. Carve/Paint Pumpkins. Clean the outside and inside of the house/ get Halloween Costumes bought. Work on menus for the holidays. Order some Christmas Presents.

Busy weekends...Busy Weeks....I try and remember to slow down. In this day and time its so hard too. Maybe I will get a nap in this weekend. I hope so at least.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another week in paradise!

I love fall weather. There is just something about the leaves turning and the weather cooling down that makes me smile. I love big sweatshirts and bonfires, I love to go to football games..but I always leave at half time. I love fall foods they are so comforting to me. Carmel apples, soups, casseroles, chicken and dumplins,  warm tea and hot coffee with pumpkin creamers in it. I love to get all my quilts down and wash them and throw them in the living room. Madison LOVES when I get them down and she comes home from school to snuggle with one and nap before Miller comes home and the evening gets crazy with practices and games. I love to watch her while she naps...I know she will be gone soon. Sophomore this year. Yep...makes me sad to think about her days left. Its not that I dont want her to grow up. I do. Its just yesterday she had pig tails and cute outfits and wanted me to watch everything she did. Now its just different.   I try to watch everything she does...she just doesnt share as much now.

Miller on the other hand is growing so fast. He has broken another record at school in PE! That boy is awesome! He loves sports and sports love him.

We have another crazy weekend. Miller is running his first 1 mile race for St Jude. Scott is running a 5k. We have a baseball game. And I have no idea of Madison's plan just yet. Another weekend of going going going gone.....

Happy week everyone!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Monday!

FOR TODAY...Monday October 8th

Outside my window....its cold. Crazy cold in October. I left 83 degrees on Saturday in Florida to come home to 40 degrees!

I am thinking...all my plants outside that are struggling to live in these temps.

I am thankful and how they refresh meI'am yoga pants and a hoodie

I am remembering...that highschool is hard. Geometry is really hard.

I am an appointment today.

I am reading...nothing

I am start back on genealogy. I hit a rut and really want to start working on it with my mom again.

On my mind....fall activities

From the learning rooms...Geometry

Noticing that....I have a 1/2 marathon in December and I need to work harder for it.

Pondering these words...Fall Break:(

From the kitchen...Burrito Pie...and making cookies this week.

What are we doing this week.....Soccer practices for Madison this week and District games for Varsity, tball practice for Miller, bible study, a nail appointment,  a football game, make that two football games, a baseball game, a 5k run that I'm walking but Scott and Miller are running (Miller is running a mile), 6 miles in for me and hopefully the pumpkin patch.

Around the house...bathrooms and floors need to be cleaned. Laundry is done!

One of my favorite things....drinking coffee on my porch. 

Enjoy your week my friends!