Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This picture was taken the day after you were born....Madison was so excited to hold you..look at you and love you. She still loves you and holds you. You are the brother she prayed for and loves. Madison thinks the world of you and protects you.

I remember how anxious she was to see and hold you. We told her we were pregnant with you in Disney World.....she couldn't believe it. And the moment we found out you were a boy she was right there....she will always be there for you.

This photo was taken before we left the hospital. You were so sweet and precious. I loved to watch you sleep. I loved the way you smelled. You were our precious angel from God. I was in labor with you from 6am until 3:52 pm. My water broke at 11am. I slept through the most part of it....I pushed only twice.....and your daddy cried. It was such a happy time for us.
Madison was right outside the door and heard you cry for the first time...she held you first.....and boy was she proud!

You were 8 pounds 9 ounces and 22 inches long.

This was your first Christmas....our Christmas Card actually. You were only 3 weeks old here and I was too scared to take you out yet. We did Christmas pj's and Santa hats..something simple. You were 4 weeks old at Christmas last year and so little. That was a Christmas we will never forget. Our new edition.

Here you are on dad's shoulder and your 8 weeks old. You were bright eyed this day. You have the prettiest eyes. And your dad's look. You are such a handsome little man. I remember holding you and looking at you thinking...I never want this moment to end. I enjoyed loving on you and staring at you.

Here you are 6 months old...we had been at Fazoli's for lunch and there was a little girl sitting at the table beside us. You flirted with her the entire 30 minutes we were there. You also had your first bread stick....and loved it.

You were always flirty with women.
Look at your smile.

This picture was when you were 7 months old...and of course you have a ball in your hands. You love balls of all sizes. And if daddy has anything to do with it you will play Basketball for Kentucky......this is papaw's favorite picture of you......Our little Wildcat........

This is your first haircut..you did really well.
You have had 2 haircuts since. You just sat in my lap like a little man and didnt say a word. You are 8 months old here.

This is the same day as your haircut...but this is an after shot...I just love the photo.

This is you at the Pumpkin Patch. You had a really good day. You picked out a pumpkin and we painted it.

It all began one year ago today. You came into my life and I have loved every minute of it. They said I would never carry another baby...they were wrong. I have loved you since the moment I knew I was pregnant. And I will love you forever.
Good Morning....I have my coffee....its not very pretty here this morning. Madison just got on the bus.....Miller is playing..so I'm going to try to blog a little. I'm listening to Christmas Music......and looking at my tree...all the pretty lights. I love this time of year. The season is so wonderful. I'm staying home today and doing some cleaning. I'm going to make some candy....has anyone started making candy yet? I may make some fudge or Chocolate Covered Peanuts....yummy.

Yesterday was picture day for Miller...and well, he is such a serious child. Out of 30 shots...he smiled maybe twice....yes....twice. It was 2 hours of smile baby...me jumping around the room like an idiot...and making crazy faces...just for him to look at me and not smile. That's okay.....he is still my sweet bundle of JOY! Tomorrow is his birthday...the BIG ONE!!!! I have a cake ordered and balloons ordered. Presents are wrapped. I still cant believe its been a year since we went in to have him. Crazy how your life goes so fast. I'll sit in the floor and play with him and think I need to be treasuring this...and I do....then he is one. Next I will be saying he is two. Madison is 9 and I cant even figure out where those years went.

Christmas is only 27 days away ladies......have you got your shopping done? Mine is almost done. Made your menu's yet?

I hope you all have a great Tuesday......

Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Monday...Good Morning!

Good Morning everyone...I have been gone a couple days...okay a week. Who's counting? Scott has been off work and well, that means no time to blog. We were busy last week. We remodeled my bathroom. I mentioned 2 weeks ago about selling our house. Well, yes.....we are putting it up for sale in the spring...unless the guy wants to buy it that wants to see it first. We need something much bigger......we only have a 3 BDR 2BA.....we have out grown out of our home. We have lived here for 8 years. It's the only hose Madison has ever known. But when you have to start taking things that wont fit under beds or in closets to your mothers basement...well...it's time to start looking for something else.

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving. Ate way too much. We were at mom's Thursday and Scott's mom's on Friday....and yes I got up on Black Friday with my mom and went shopping...what a rush! We had a good time.....the lines were like the lines at Disney World...a little ridiculous...but oh well...that is just part of it. It was great bonding time with my mom.

Miller turns one this Wednesday! I cant believe he is already one. My little sweetie. It just doesn't seem possible. I have been getting things together for his party.We are doing a rubber duckie party. It should be so sweet. We are going to get his 1 year birthday pictures made today. We go to the Ear Nose & Throat doctor on on his birthday to see if he need to have tubes...please say a prayer. And he gets his shots (5 of them) on Friday. I don't look forward to this day.

I have alot going on this week...as I'm a week off schedule....the Christmas hustle and bustle gets me all worked up and nervous. We have something everyday this week....my Christmas Tree is up....and all my decorations. This is a stress off my shoulders. I start making candy this week.....I love doing this. It gets me in the mood for the holidays....I have been listening to Christmas music all week.

Well, my coffee is running out.....by the way its got Peppermint in it...yummy. My day is about to begin and I need to go wake up Madison. I hope you all have a great week......a great day....and I look forward to talking with you all again....I'll come visit a little later.
Happy Monday!!!!!

Meal Planning Monday

Monday........Pork Chops, Leftover Dressing, Green Peas with Carrots, Homemade Rolls

Tuesday........Crock Pot Chicken......Fruit Salad

Wednesday......Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Soup...Miller's Birthday!!!!

Thursday.......Taco Salad.....leftover Birthday Cake

Friday...........Going to a friends house for Chili..taking a dessert

Saturday.......Our Sunday School's Christmas Party..Heavy Appetizers

Sunday...........Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Applesauce......

For more Meal Planning Monday go on over a see my dear friend Laura @ Organizing Junkie.....

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. I wish you and your family a wonderful blessed day.....don't eat too much.....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Girl Talk

Good Morning......grab a croissant....and something to drink.....lets talk.

Let's see...what has happened this week? Well, Miller had to go back to the doctor and yes they are sending us to a specialist....an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor...TUBES.......Yes.......TUBES...you heard me right. Yes, I know at Christmas. Our appointment is December 4th...keep us in your prayers...Madison was never sick....never has had any surgery done before so this is very new to us and very scary. I know it's a simple procedure...may I remind you this is my baby? My lil sweetie......

Anyway....Scott is on vacation today and all next week..so I may not blog much......here and there. It will be family time. I love it when he is off work. He helps me tremendously. He is going to work on the house some...getting it prepared for selling. Oh guess what? We already have had someone ask to walk through it before we put a for sale sign in the yard. Yes...can you believe this? God is really good. We really couldn't believe it. We don't want to sell until after the holidays are all over.

MOPS is going to be very busy yet fun. Our registration is December 7th so keep us in mind and prayer that it goes smoothly. I know the Lord will take care of us. We do have alot of Steering Team Meetings and of course our once a month meeting...which may turn into twice a month. It's really exciting. I'm looking so forward to it.

This weekend.....I'm going shopping with girlfriends and out to lunch....going to do a little Christmas shopping...my Christmas Club came in. Yeah! I have my lists and am looking forward to it. I love spending time with my girlfriends...I have an amazing group of gals. Friday night Madison gets to be introduced at the Varsity Basketball Game......as a cheerleader....very exciting for her. And Sunday...its my turn to take breakfast to class...and I'm taking mini cinnamon rolls compliments of Sam's Club. I'll grab a gallon of OJ too. Sunday afternoon Scott's mom is taking us Christmas shopping...Scott needs a new suit. And that night we have a Thanksgiving program at church with Madison. I told ya from here on out we are going, going, gone...every weekend we have plans.

So I have gone over mom's Thanksgiving menu and have my orders on what to make. I have my grocery list ready and will do this today. Scott is going with me so he can see how hard it is to go to so many places with Miller.......

I have so enjoyed sitting with you all today....girl talk is a necessity in my book. Come back and see me soon...I hope you all have a great weekend....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

He is the one.....

He's the one I wake up to every morning.
He's the one that makes me coffee every morning.
He's the one that gets my newspaper every morning...and hands me my favorite part.
He's the one that kisses my forehead before leaving for work every morning.
He's the one that calls to check on me every morning on his 15 minute break.
He's the one that calls and checks on me at lunch everyday.
He's the one that works overtime everyday to give me the extras I want.
He's the one that drives the "older" vehicle so I can drive the new one.
He's the one that cleans the kitchen every night so I can give the baby a bath and not have to do both.
He's the one that helps fold the laundry every night.
He's the one that helps out with homework.
He's the one that walks the dog for me.
He's the one that gets up with Miller on Saturday mornings so I can sleep late.
He's the one that hates to touch feet..but rubbed mine both times I was pregnant.
He's the one that picks me up my favorite milkshake for no reason what so ever.
He's the one that holds me when I cry.
He's the one that listens and gives great advice whether I want it or not.
He's the one that lets me watch my soaps late at night instead of his football.
He's the one that prays for me every night.
He's the one that loves me everyday no matter what.
He's the one that I look up to and cherish.
He's the one that still says I'm beautiful every day.
He's the one that winks at me still.
He's the one that still makes my heart flutter when he walks into a room.
He's the one that makes me laugh.
He's the one that I kiss goodnight.
He's the one that shares his fries with me.
He's the one that watches chic flicks with me...and never complains.
He's the one that makes me a glass of wine at night to unwind.
He's the one that never judges me.
He's the one that holds my hand still.
He is my lover, my best friend, my cheerleader, my fighter, my children's father, my hero, my prince charming......he is Scott....my husband...Happy Birthday baby. I love you.

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's not one its two.....

Yes......it's official...we have an ear infection...not just an ear infection...a double ear infection.....and yes he talked tubes. I sat and cried. We are not going to see a specialitst just yet....the doctor said we would wait and see if he gets 2 more before he is 15 months old....HELLO.....we are going into the winter months!!!!!! It's going to happen. I'm okay....I choose not talk about it. He has a runny nose too. Madison had all of 3 ear infections her whole life. SO this is so new with Miller sick all the time.
He is sleeping right now and this is good he needs his rest.
One good thing is....drum roll please.......he has slept all night for 3 nights......yes break out the balloons...lets have a party...I have had 3 nights of undisturbed sleep......I hear the angels singing....

My MOPS meeting went really well. I love these women...did you hear me? I love them. They are so great, understanding....the meeting was a little long....did I mention 8 hours..but I wouldn't want to be with any other people but them besides my family.....this Mops thing is going to be great.....

I don't have a Menu Plan this week....Scott's birthday is this week....so we are going out 2 nights for dinner and then Church one night...so I will fudge around the rest of the week...but please go visit my dear friend Laura and check out her menu...and her 30 day Challenge....

I hope you all are well today......Chrissa I hope you don't have strep......
Happy Monday my friends.....

Friday, November 10, 2006

Girl Talk

Good Morning everyone. Come grab you a cup of coffee, tea a coke, whatever you want...lets talk. I have taken a couple of days off...trying to get some things in order here in the house with the holidays coming and all. Cleaning and Laundry is a never ending thing I think. Anyway...Miller has been sick. He is teething...drooling like a faucet and and now all congested....just my luck we will have an ear infection. He has low grade fever....but going into the weekend it will be something much more serious....I just know it. I have alot planned for the weekend....Saturday I have to go to the Chiropractor and get popped since I have carried Miller all over this house for 3 days....and Saturday night my Sunday school class is having a Progressive dinner....this is when you pick a certain amount of houses and each house a different meal.....one house will have appetizers and salad...one has the main course and one has dessert and coffee. This will be alot of fun I know. Sunday we have church and then I have a 8 hour meeting for MOPS at a friends house. Scott will have the kids so say a prayer for Scott.

I have finally finalized my Christmas Meals and my cards....I'm waiting to get my Christmas stamps....and I have the kids pictures made next week. Everywhere I go there is Christmas stuff out...I love it. I made Barb's Breakfast Burritos this week...and let me tell you they are great. Really you have got to make these.

I wanted to thank all of you who stopped by and visited me on my 100th post..it was alot of fun doing it. Can't wait for my 200th.

Next week will be very busy for me as we approach the holidays....Madison has a field trip I'm going on with her....I have a MOPS meeting.....it's grocery week, and somewhere in there I need to do laundry. A mother's work is never done.

It's warm here this morning which is odd for November...I'm still weaning and its not been that hard....I take away the morning feeding Monday...wish me luck.....Hopefully we will be completely done by Thanksgiving...I will miss it but know this is just another milestone in lil Miller's life. He is already drinking whole milk in a sippy cup. He's a big boy.

Today...well I need to go to Sam's and buy diapers....I need to buy some things for the Progressive Dinner...I'm making Spinach Artichoke Dip....yummy...and maybe will be at the Dr.....depending on how Miller feels. Madison has a thing at church tonight so Scott, myself and Miller will stay home and hopefully catch up on some shows.

I hope you all have a great weekend....I'm coming to visit you all.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My 100th Post

100 Things About Me....Are you ready?

1. My real name is Jennifer
2. Everyone calls me Jenny
3. The only people who call me Jen are Scott, my mom, and my aunt
4. I'm 31..but will be 32 December 8th
5. I read the obituaries every morning out of habit
6. I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning with different creamers
7. My son is named after my mom's maiden name...Miller
8. My best friend from 6th grade..Francine....still keeps in touch with me
9. I went to Prom 4 times
10. I was voted Class Friendliest my senior year
11. I ran track for 3 years....I quit when I tore my knee up
12. My dad walked out of my life when I was 3
13. He came back when I was 25
14. I keep him at a distance
15. I adore my step dad
16. My grandpa died this past April....I'm still not over it
17. I miss him alot
18. I have a hard time letting people get close to me
19. I hate it when people pop up at my house without calling
20. I love the song Amazing Grace
21. I'm obsessed with reality TV
22. I sold insurance for 10 years
23. I sell Mary Kay part time now
24. When I was in the 4th grade I had the most sponsors for the 4-H Skate-A-Thon...I won a Black and White 13 inch TV
25. I still own the TV.....
26. My mom and I are best friends
27. My doctor told me I would never have Miller
28. When I got pregnant he told me I would have a miscarriage
29. The day after Miller was born...he told me Miller was a miracle baby....he wasn't supposed to happen
30. I had a lump taken out of my breast while I was 31 weeks pregnant with Miller...it was not cancer
31. Scott purposed to me on Christmas Eve...1993
32. We were married 2 months later
33.I love Carmel Milkshakes
34. I love red wine and cheese
35. I love sunsets and the ocean.....in this order
36. I wear a size 9 in shoes
37. I have a passion for hot wings and beer
38. My dear friend Cindy who lives in Florida should have been my sister...we are so close..she knows EVERYTHING about me
39. My favorite movie of all time is Steel Magnolias...I still cry over Sally Fields performance at the cemetery
40. My favorite actress is Julia Roberts
41. Madison and I took dance from the same dance teacher...she has taught for 30 years
42. My mom's mom died before I was born...she was 45 years old when she passed away
43. I wished I could have met her
44. I get my nails done every 2 weeks
45. I love the smell of apples cooking
46. Scott and I never fight....not sure why..but we don't
47. I love Sonics Strawberry Limeade
48. I love Kentucky Basketball
49. I love my Tivo
50. I watch The Young & the Restless and Days of our lives everyday
51. I love writing notes to people
52. I love shopping for shoes and purses
53. I make lists everyday
54. One of my favorite stores is Vanity
56. My middle name is Renee'
57. I love wearing jeans
58. I enjoy getting pedicures
59. I cant go without my flat iron
60. I have been married for 12 years...13 in February
61. I love a good margaritas
62. I love to throw parties
63. I like to read about haunted houses
64. I watch the travel channel alot
65. I would like to be a travel agent and own my own agency one day
66. I belong to a Women's club
67. I volunteer at Madison's school
68. I love to go dancing
69. I have never played Bunko
70. I'm very outgoing and will talk to anyone
71. I love fireworks
72. I got married when I was 19
73. I do better on schedules
74. I hate to do laundry
75. I enjoy decorating my house for Christmas...and listening to Christmas music
76. I love my church
77. I have alot of friends
78. I'm a very private person
79. I sleep with a heated mattress pad on
80. I eat Chinese food with chopsticks
81. I watch the Kentucky Derby every year...faithfully
82. I bet on the horses
83. My favorite colors are Black & Turquoise
84. I send out Birthday cards to people
85. My hair has 3 different colors in it
86. My eyes are so dark brown they look black
87. I was voted prettiest eyes my 10th grade year for the school paper
88. I have para sailed and loved it
89. I have bungee jumped and hated it
90. I have a belly piercing
91. My favorite flower is a star gazer lily
92. I love to do genealogy and have gotten back to 1801 on my family tree
93. I wear alot black...so much people have called me Johnny Cash
94. I'm a size 6
95. I keep my ringers off on my phones
96. We have a dachshund named Lucky...he is 12 years old
97. I can eat my weight in strawberries
98. We have a swimming pool
99. I love my neighbors
100. I'm proud to be a Christian

Have a great day....I enjoyed doing this.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Holiday Traditions & Meal Planning Monday

Our Family tradition has been the same for 13 years.......On Christmas Eve....I make brunch and Scott and I have my parents over...we watch some TV and just enjoy the morning.....that evening we go to mama's house and have HEAVY appetizers and a couple of drinks.....and open presents while we listen to Christmas music.....On Christmas Madison has always had us up at the crack o dawn....this is a child who we have drag out of bed for school but on this morning she is up by 5am....so we stumble to the coffee pot and have our Santa Christmas......it will be loads of fun this year with lil Miller. We always have to be at Scott's mom's house for Christmas morning Breakfast by 10am.....and stay there until 1pm....then we go to my mom's again at 2pm......and stay there until around 6pm.....we eat a BIG Christmas Dinner watching movies and napping. When do we cook you ask????? We always cook on the 23rd and the rest on Christmas......cakes and pies get made on the 23rd.....my family is pretty traditional....we enjoy being together most of all. I always go to the mall on Christmas Eve around 2 in the afternoon grab me a coffee from Starbucks and watch the crazy people running around looking for that last minute gift....quite humorous......try it sometime. Scott joins me.....we really enjoy this.....now I start making candy on December 1st...you heard me....and make something sweet every week until New Years....candy, cakes, pies, all of it. I have so much fun giving homemade gifts...I have already gotten my tins, jars, fabric for jars, and plates.....
For more Christmas Traditions go on over ad see my dear friend Sandra.....she makes you feel at home....

Now for Meal Plan Monday......

Monday................Chicken Tetrazzini, salad, and Homemade Bread

Tuesday........Pinto Beans in the crock pot, cornbread

Wednesday......Church Supper

Thursday........Laura's Hearty Hash brown Bake, fruit (she posted it last week)


Saturday.....Progressive Dinner with Sunday School

Sunday........Eating out....Olive Garden with girlfriends

For more Meal Plan Monday go on over to my sweet friend Laura.......

You all come back to see me tomorrow...it's my 100th post.......I'm so excited....Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Girl Talk

Good Morning....come on in and grab some coffee, creamer, or tea or coke...or whatever you want. Lets talk.......

I thought I would do Friday's as Girl Talk....I kinda like this. So here goes...in my life today is Walmart...yes the dreaded Wally World. I have to gt my nails done today and lunch with a girlfriend.....this always nice. I have so many girlfriends I'm so thankful for. Have I told you all that I have decided to be on the Leadership Team for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)...I'm very excited about this. This will help me find some great stay at home mom's going through the same thing I'm going through. Our meetings are going to be once a month and I'm so thrilled about this. I'm the Hospitality Leader.....and cant wait to start planning things. It's going to be great for mom's out there going through the same things and will be able to talk about it. I look so forward to doing this and cant wait to share it with you all.

This weekend will be kind of laid back. Scott has to work Saturday so I'm taking the kids shopping.....yep.....we are going to the mall on a SATURDAY!!!!! I know what am I thinking...well, this is the only way I can get Madison there to try things on so I must pull out all forces and go. It will be okay. We are staying home Saturday night and renting some movies and dining in. I thought I would make Sandra's Baked Ravioli.......it looks so good. I have a crazy busy week ahead of me. I think I have something to do everyday and night. But that is okay I know the holidays are approaching so the running will get worse. I have almost FINALIZED Christmas cards......I have almost FINALIZED menus...and I have FINALIZED Christmas lists. My December calender looks crazy.....but I love it this way. What kind of things do you have going on in the next couple of weeks?

Miller is walking everywhere and getting into everything...we have gates up everywhere.....he will be one in 4 weeks...I cant even figure out where the last 11 months has gone to. Last year at this time...I was very very pregnant and counting the days to birth...now I'm planning his first birthday party....which will be very quiet and private...

Madison is doing great.....that girl goes more than Scott and I do together....

Scott has a birthday coming up too......

And...guess what??????? My friend Chrissa just did her 100th post yesterday..so go read about her....mine is this week.......I'll have to start on it soon.

I hope you all have a great weekend.....I'll post pictures of the kids this weekend so come back and visit......

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thursday 13

13 of my Favorite Restaurants

1. Charlie Gitto's......St. Louis, Mo........Scott and I absolutely love this little place in downtown St. Louis.....it has great Italian food and is great to go hang out after a St Louis Cardinal game...Go Cards....for winning the World Series....

2. Hungary Howie's.....Panama City Beach, Fl......this is a take out place but have killer Steak & Cheese Subs....Scott and I could probably kill each other for one or eat our weight in them.

3. Olive Garden.......this is a given I love all their food...and esc their Raspberry Cappuccino's

4. Chili's.....we love this place...everything about it.... we really like their appetizers

5. Demo's in Nashville, Tn...we have been known to get in the car and drive JUST to eat their for the evening.....we are only 2 hours from there..they have great steaks at a great price

6. Ruby Tuesdays.....we love their Salad Bar

7. Schooners in Panama City Beach........right on the beach the best crab, shrimp and oysters in town....and we always watch the sunset while we finish eating. Then do a little dancing on their dance floor...and walk home on the beach.

8. Bob's Drive In.... A Local favorite.....no dining inside you eat in the car..its still a real car hop place....they are known for their fiesta burgers and wonderful milkshakes

9. Outback....We love everything here...great steaks and great Apple Martinis

10. Wingos in Panama City Beach.......best wings in the south....we used to eat there every Friday night with a pitcher of Beer.......cheap and good

11. I Hop.......I have always loved this place...we just now got one....so this is very exciting....I can eat pancakes everyday....

12. Patti's 1800 Settlement.......this is located in Grand Rivers Ky...a Ky lake favorite..they are known for their wonderful Pork Chops....we always eat here during the holidays...they decorate it so beautiful

13. Starbucks.....I couldn't resist.....if you know me well....this is one of my FAVORITE places to go...I love their coffee's...I love their muffins.....I love their Brownies....I love it all....after Miller was born Scott showed up in the hospital with a Grande Raspberry Cappuccino with extra cream and a lemon Poppy seed muffin....My Favorite........

In search of a pen

I was at the Liquor Store the other day buying a gift for a friend.....there was a cute guy behind the register.... after selecting the gift I wanted...I walked to the register to pay. He is talking to me and giving me the total when I grab my check book and in search for a pen.......

1. Bottle of Ameretto...$14.00
2. Bottle of Sweet N Sour $4.99

Pulling out a tampon instead of a pen in front of the cute guy at the register.....PRICELESS...

Enough said........