Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday Monday

FOR TODAY...Monday August 8th

Outside my window...the roads are quiet but school buses will start coming down them early tomorrow.:(

I am thinking...of new outfits for school

I am thankful garden and its bounty I get.

I'am and pink yoga shirt with pink yoga shorts

I am remembering...that my babies are not babies anymore.

I am a soccer scrimmage tonight for Madison

I am reading...I finished Heaven is for Real in 5 hours on Thursday. Amazing book. You should read it. Now I want to read the Help!

I am hoping...that tomorrow goes smoothly for both kids. First day of school!

On my mind....getting on schedules again.

From the learning rooms...writing Millers name.

Noticing that....I'm running further each week! Got to 6 miles Saturday!:)

Pondering these words...Back to School.:(

From the kitchen...Wanting to make pecan pie bars this week.

What are we doing this week.....Soccer practices for Madison this week, tball practice for Miller, back to school, a lunch date, a hair appointment, shopping with my momma, soccer scrimmage, the drive inn, and a long run

Around the house..laundry...staying on track with it. And getting organized!

One of my favorite things....our swimming pool...a place of retreat.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday Monday

FOR TODAY...Monday August 1st

Outside my window...the sun is shining bright.

I am thinking...about all the tomatoes I have and that I need to get to canning today!

I am thankful parents and in laws.

I'am wearing..white tank and pink shorts

I am remembering...our friend Rod today. Linny's birthday is this week and we are celebrating her for the first time without Rod. My heart is sad.

I am take Linny to dinner tonight.

I am reading...nothing. Getting ready to start reading Heaven is for real.

I am hoping...for a quiet week with my kids before the madness begins.

On my mind....being lazy.

From the learning rooms...nothing.

Noticing that....I'm enjoying my running. Got 5.6 miles in this past Saturday with friends. They encourage me and that is what friends do!

Pondering these words...Back to School.:(

From the kitchen...Tuna Fish sandwiches for the family. Canning salsa and tomatoes today!

What are we doing this week.....Soccer practices for Madison this week, tball practice for Miller, a birthday dinner, nail appointment, grocery shopping, running with friends, Miller's tball pool party, another pool party for Madison,some last minute sleepovers will be thrown in there I'm sure...maybe a trip to Target one day.

Around the house..laundry...staying on track with it.

One of my favorite church family.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Monday

FOR TODAY...Monday July 25th

Outside my window...the streets look quiet. Everyone has gone to work.

I am thinking...about Miller going to school. Makes me so nervous!

I am thankful for....rain...we haven't had much and last night it poured!

I'am wearing..white yoga tank top and yoga shorts

I am enjoy every moment with Miller and Madison!

I am where today.

I am reading...nothing. Getting ready to start reading Heaven is for real.

I am get some good deals on back to school shopping.

On my mind....Schedules

From the learning rooms...nothing.

Noticing that....School will start in two weeks! Unreal! I need to do a day trip with my kids.

Pondering these words...heat. The temps have been really bad.

From the kitchen...Philly Steak and Cheese sloppy joes...

What are we doing this practices every night for Miss Madison..with the temps she is practicing from 6-10 at night, we also have tball practice registration at the high school and elementary, Miller has two days of practice for Kindergarten (fake classes to prep them), hair appointment, dr appointment, soccer jamboree, back to school shopping and somehow I'm going to fit in a long run..6 miles!

Around the house..laundry...getting consignment clothes together

One of my favorite on the porch in the mornings.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Madison!

You will always be our princess

Madison age 7 at a dance recital

Madison age 14....Happy Birthday sweets!

Monday, February 28, 2011

This weekend!

My friend Karen does this and I really like it!

*ran. Still training for a 5k...and I ran Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Feels good to get out and run!

* watched Miller play his last basketball game and then get awarded for a great season.

* watched Madison play her last indoor soccer game of the season. She starts soccer try outs for school today.

* tracked storms last night...

* celebrated 17 years with Scott but were too busy with kids to go we get to go out this Friday night!

* finished our Sunday School bible study case for Christ.

* cut coupons and menu planned.

* watched Miller and Scott play ball at church

Overall it was a good weekend. This week is gonna be busy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fill in

Found this blog by reading one day and loved what she did on Fridays... we go!

1. Ooooh, I __cannot wait until warmer temps arrive here___.

2. ___When people drive slow in the fast lane...__, I can't stand it!

3. How the heck did I end up with so many __emails today___.

4. ___The beach__ is one of my favorite places to visit.

5. I'm not a __people pleaser___, I'm not!

6. ____Chocolate peanut butter ganache from a local baker.._ it has to be good.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to running with a friend, tomorrow my plans include having dinner with Scott to celebrate 17 years of marriage and Sunday, I want to _nap!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My friend Karen at Over the backyard fence does this.....and I thought I would try something different today.

This weekend I,

* got Madison all dressed up for the Rolling Hills Dance...this dance has gone on for years. Our local Country Club hosts it....I went to it in middle school as well. She looked beautiful and had a great time!

* went to Miller's basketball game. He got several baskets.

* went to Madison's soccer game...she rocked it..they won and they play again this weekend.

* watched the movie Secretariat....awesome. You must rent this movie. So foul language and just a great family movie.

* ran with Scott. We are training for a 5k...yesterday was very hard on me. But I did it.

* made Mexican Shepherds Pie and it was wonderful! Go here for the recipe.

* sat on the deck with 70 degree temps yesterday and talked with a friend.

That is about it. A nice weekend.What did you do?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday 13 Favorite things...the letter B

1. Baking...I love to bake alot...if I could do it daily I would. I love homemade breads and cookies.

2. Birthdays...I love birthdays. I love my birthday...celebrating...I love doing parties for my kids.

3. Babies...newborn babies are so precious. I love their smells and sounds.

4. name it and I love any kind of berry out there.

5. Belgium waffle....I get these at hotels on their are so good..esp with cream and strawberry's.

6.Blankets...I like to have blankets in every room ready to use..even in the summer...I like throws and blankets where we can get to them!

7. Buffalo Wing dip.....yum! And tastes just like the wings themselves!

8. to be truthful...wasnt a fan until Miller started to I love it!

9. Butterfly' to watch them.

10. Butterscotch candy....I do not like...BUT I love the tastes like caramel.

11. Blue Grass....the state and the music!

12. bracelets...I wear alot of them. The bigger the better!

13. Beach....I love the beach! Would live there right now if I could.:)

Have a great Thursday everyone....its sunny today but COLD and the roads are still bad!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Miller out in the snow....

Miller letting us know how many inches we have....we had 7 inches of snow!!

But there are blue skies...:) Reminding us summer is only a couple of months away.

Our street after our Winter Storm.

We have more snow coming today.....Miller has a crazy cough...schools are closed...I have a million places to go.:(

Monday, February 07, 2011


FOR TODAY...Monday February 7th

Outside my alot of snow. They predicted 1-2 inches I have 7 inches in the back yard....but I do love snow days!

I am thinking...about the fun Miller and I will have in the snow tomorrow.

I am thankful for....heat.

I'am wearing..a purple shirt and jeans

I am enjoy the little things.

I am where..roads are too bad.

I am reading...When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas

I am hoping...Scott makes it home from work safe.

On my mind....all the school closings....alot of them!

From the learning rooms...learning everyone's phone numbers.

Noticing that....Madison is growing up so fast....she always wants to go somewhere...she doesn't understand I miss hanging out with her.:(

Pondering these words...snowman.

From the kitchen...Chicken Pot Pie...its just comforting on a night like this. Also made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

What are we doing this week.....tonight we are snowed in....but we have a basketball game, two soccer games, church, bible study, Miller has a dr appointment, having friends over for dinner, a birthday party, and a Sunday School party....going to fit in lunch with a friend and maybe a massage:)

Around the house..bathrooms, mopping, laundry...stripping sheets

One of my favorite things...talking to my children

Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Favortie Things

1. Spent Wednesday by myself shopping. Got some good deals. It was nice to go where I wanted to shop and not drag any children screaming out of stores...

2. Tracking the weather...there have been some small storms come thru nothing big...but next week they are predicting a winter storm...I love to track them. When we lived in Florida I traced hurricanes all the time.

3. Writing in my blog again. I have missed it and I haven't missed it. This week its given me something to work at. And I have enjoyed it.

4. Dinner tonight with Scott...cannot wait. New place called JP's. I have gone to lunch there with my mom...very good food!

5. The Worst Cooks of this show....such a good one!

For more hop on over to see Suzanne...she hosts this every Friday! Thanks Suzanne!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday 13

I havent done Thursday 13 in a really long time....I cant even find the original blogger who started it...I think the blog is I'm gonna write every Thursday 13 favorite things with a different letter of the will be A.

1. Asparagus....I love it raw, cooked steamed, grilled....I just love to eat it.

2. mom and I used to go to Antiques stores...I loved those days. I have a couple of antiques in the house....

3. Aunts....I have wonderful aunts. They are so giving and love me.

4. Alarm clocks....we use our cell phones...our alarm clock broke after having it for 10 years. So we decided to use our phones seemed easier at the time.

5. American....proud to be one.

6. Answers...we all want them.

7. Air....we need it.

8. this color....feels fresh.

9. this month...its spring, flowers are blooming, Spring Break, Easter...a new start.

10. Angels....I know I have mine around me.

11. Affordable...I took Dave if its NOT affordable we don't do it.

12. Airplanes...I have been on several airplanes...I like to fly it does not bother me.

13. Aliens....not sure I believe in them.

This was alot harder than it But I did enjoy doing it again....Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Storms and such

So it's Wednesday and I have a ton of errands to run. Miller is going to school. So a day to myself...
The weather is absolutely crazy today....I feel for the people with no power and that are remember our Ice Storm of 2009 and many of you remember me blogging about it daily. It was horrible. We actually dodged the bullet. We got rain and alot of they are expecting us to get hard winds...should be interesting.

I watch the news this morning and nothing but disaster everywhere...Egypt has gone crazy....Australia is expecting a cyclone...I'm like what is going on people??? This is why I dont watch the news. I love to track the weather...but the rest is depressing.

Miller is still sleeping....the house is so quiet besides the wind hitting the sides of the house. The temps dropped last night so I dread going outside today!

Looks like Phil predicts spring will be early...I sure hope so!

Tonight we have church. And tomorrow Miller and I are cleaning house and hanging close to home..a day I like to enjoy with him!

Enjoy your hump day my friends!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I haven't really talked about it. Because when I do I get really sad. But I thought I would share with you all...Lucky passed away in my arms at home on Thursday night January 6th. It was sudden and fast. He had suffered from liver failure throughout the holidays and our wonderful vet helped get him thru Christmas. Lucky knew he couldn't leave us at that time.
He was tired....I came home Thursday afternoon from taking Madison to the bus to cheer....he crawled up into my lap while Miller was watching tv. Miller was petting him. He looked at me and growled...then took his last breath. It was peaceful. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
I rushed him to the vet in his favorite parents came....Scott came....we cried together.
Scott went to get Madison at the game and we took her to the vet where she fell apart like a little girl. We had Lucky before we had out girl.
Friday Lucky was cremated. We picked him up on Monday and he was put inside an urn.

I miss my sweet Lucky dog.
But I believe he is on Rainbow Bridge waiting for us....
Lucky was 16 years old....he lived a good life..better than some humans....
He taught me and my family so much and I'm forever thankful to him.
Love you bud.

Monday, January 31, 2011


FOR TODAY...Monday January 31st..last day of the month!

Outside my's really cloudy....we have a winter storm heading our way...I'm pretty sure it will only be rain and thunderstorms...but north of us...they are getting hit with ice yet again...I pray for them.

I am thinking...about the 5k I'm gonna run soon. I'm training for it at least. Surely I can do May I will run a 1/2 marathon but on a 4 man team...I know I can!

I am thankful for....good friends....the ones that you say anything too...the ones that listen and love you.

I'am jogging suit...gonna go train in a bit.

I am remembering...the ice storm two years ago and dont ever want to go through it again!

I am going....take Miller to school, going to train, taking consignment clothes down

I am reading...nothing yet...I have some books but cant decide.

I am hoping...for good weather.

On my mind....getting laundry folded and put away.

From the learning rooms...learning everyone's phone numbers.

Noticing that....I miss the little things.

Pondering these words...summer

From the kitchen...Leftover Taco Soup...maybe some pumpkin bread

What are we doing this week.....Alot....Cheering games (possibly 3), soccer for both, basketball games and practices for Miller, lunch with sweet friends, nail appointment, new bible study, banquet dinner at church with Scott, dinner with friends....running...and I'm sure alot more.

Around the house..bathrooms, mopping, the china cabinet out

One of my favorite things...watching it snow....

I'm really struggling with blogging. I'm trying to hold myself to write...bare with me...please...:)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


My back deck Christmas peaceful

Good Morning. It's a new year...and I need it. Madison went back to school today. I so enjoyed having both kids home. I loved it. Cooking for them watching so many movies with them. Hanging out and playing the Wii with them. It was great...memories in the making.

Out with the old and in with the new....that is my motto this year...making amends where needed...moving forward and enjoying my life.

We are in the midst of January and I love it. We had some snow on Christmas Eve enough to build a snowman and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It was so nice.

So our class is starting a new bible study called The Case for Christ. I'm really looking forward to this. I enjoy doing bible studies but rarely have time for them.

This week cheer starts back starts again...a busy week indeed.

I'm thanking God this morning for strength....comfort and word for the year may be peace...

I hope you all enjoy your day...

Monday, January 03, 2011

A New Year

Happy New Year!!! From our home to yours!