Friday, May 08, 2009


Suzanne at Living to tell the Story hosts this each week. I haven't done it in a while so I'm trying to get back on track....

1. New dearest oldest friend Fran had her baby Monday and I went to hold her. I just love the smell of new borns and how sweet they are....hours old. I also held a friends 4 week old in MOPS yesterday....she is so sweet her sleep stage still. Something about new babies make me beginnings.

2. My garden. I planted my garden the last weekend of April. Alot of fruits and green beans and onions are already coming up and it makes me so excited to see something from seed pop up.

3. Church. Some dear friends of ours have decided to start a new Sunday School Class and asked us to go with them to help get it going. It excites me to no end to birth a new class and outreach couples who have no class. We love our church but have felt for some time we needed to do something different. We felt led to outreach. This is our opportunity. Please keep us in prayer.

4. Get aways. As you know Scott and I took a little trip last weekend. I love the alone times with him.

5. Fresh homegrown strawberries....bought my first batch this week...not from a grocery. Love them.


Becky said...

OOooooo your list made me smile. Some of my favorites on there too. Babies, fresh strawberries, gardens, what fun!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Jen!

shopannies said...

yes babies are terrific you can't help but smile I too will start teaching a sunday school class this sunday while allready established it will still be a batle

Trailboss said...

What fruits did you plant? I bought strawberries last week and ate bunches before I got home w/them. Yummmy. Nothing like homegrown food.

Jen said...

I planted watermelon...yummy~!

The Correspondent said...

Wow - Great list, Jen.

I envy your garden-growing ability. Maybe I'll develop a green thumb later in life (when I'm 50 or 60 or so).

Your get-away weekend sounds scrumptious. I love times like those.

Susanne said...

I can hardly wait until the "u-pick" strawberries are ready to go around here. Nothing like picking them fresh off the plants.

Congrats to your friend. I love the smell of a new born too and how warm and precious they feel when you hold them.

I need a get away weekend, maybe even a getaway month! LOL.

Jerralea said...

Loved your list! New babies and strawberries, what could be sweeter?

God bless you in your new outreach.

Willow said...

Wonderful list. I love the babies too. Maybe I should volunteer in the baby nursery at church--I like that idea! Hurray for your garden!

Kari said...

Great list - especially the babies. I love the smell of new babies too. Oh MOPS, I love MOPS and I miss it a lot.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great week, a getaway with your husband and starting up a new SS class. Very nice.

Tina Leigh said...

Good 5 Jen. What are you gonna do with them strawberries?

Mia said...

Love new babies....check
Love gardens.......check
Love new small groups at church...check
Love get aways....check
Love strawberries...check
We have alot in common!
Have a great weekend!

The Blackwoods said...

Oh a Garden, I want one so badly. But I fear I waited to long this year to have one!

Christina said...

Babies, yes I love to hold new ones. There is nothing like the start of a new life.

I will pray for your new Sunday school outreach to go well and sprout up and continue to grow for a very long time.

I wish I had a green thumb. I would love to try gardening. It's just that in the past I have killed many a poor vegetable plant.

Thanks for asking about Vanessa. She is having surgery next week after about a million tests. She is doing well, but I can't wait until this is over. She should be getting a shunt put in and the recovery for that is only a few days. I couldn't believe how fast this will be.

Have a nice get away. Enjoy!!!!

Rona's Home Page said...

Babies do have a terrific smell.