Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Famous First's

I found this at Suzanne's place.....thought it would be fun. If you do this let me know so I can come read your first's.

Famous Firsts

First job:
babysitting at age 13. I had a great family who owned Dominoes and we would order all the free pizza we wanted...they had 3 kids...the oldest is married now and has her own baby. I see them ever now and then....I cant believe they are all grown up.

First real job: at age 15 I scored a job at a local dry cleaners. I rang up peoples clothes and answered the phones. I still get my cleaning done there and the owner always comes out and calls me by name and talks to me.

First favorite politician: Should I really tell you this? Bill Clinton. Not a word. I was in high school.

First car: 1987 Nissan Pulsar....we called it the Little Black Bullet.

First record/CD: Michael Jackson's Bad cassette it for a slumber party I was having we rocked to it all night

First Sport played: I danced when I was in 1st and 2nd grade...does that count? I later ran track in highschool and lettered in it.

First concert: MC Hammer and Ice Ice Baby....hilarious. My parents took me and Fran and we had an absolute blast. Big hair then.

First foreign country visited: Canada....Victoria. I was 14. We took a trip to Washington and took the ferry over.

First favorite TV show: The Cosby Show and the Dukes of Hazard. I was in love with Bo Duke and wanted to look like

First favorite actor: Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.

First favorite actress: Hope Brady on Days of our Lives....I have watched this show forever.

First boyfriend/girlfriend: my first boyfriend was in the 1st grade his name was Kevin. I go to church with him now and have always been around him. We joke about being 1st grade sweethearts.

First encounter with a famous person: I met Hulk Hogan when i was 7 years old. My baby sitter went out with him and she introduced him to me. He was very nice.

First brush with death: car accident with friends...our car flipped into a large embankment...we were all very lucky. It was hard to get out of the car though.

First house or condo owned: A 1400 sq ft home...we lived there for 9 years. We would still be there but it was so small we needed something bigger when Miller came along.

First film seen: the Cinema downtown..they are now closed.

First favorite recording artist: Michael Jackson

First favorite radio station: 96.9

First book I remember reading: I dont read much. I guess it would have to be Charlotte's Web. I did enjoy that one.

First meme you answered on your blog: I dont really remember....I did do alot of Thursday 13's in the beginning.


Tina Leigh said...

This was a good post Jen...I will not tell you the things we have in common!! LOL! You know I miss Thursday 13. I really enjoyed it.

Susanne said...

Somehow Canada as a foreign country does not compute in my my brain! LOL.

This was fun to read, but boy I can tell I am older than you, girl, from the difference in our answers.

Trailboss said...

That looks like fun. I might do that tomorrow.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great meme, fun to read! I had to laugh hysterically at the MC Hammer and Ice Ice Baby part though, LOL! :)

Sarah said...

Hey, lady! Great idea - I decided to do it. You'll have to check it out - I enjoyed yours!

Do you know that about a month ago, my dh downloaded Vanilla Ice to our ipod? Seriously.