Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Monday

For more day books go on over to see Peggy @ The Simple woman's day book.

FOR TODAY .....May 25th Memorial Day

Outside my window...the street is quiet. No one on it...not even walkers.

I am thinking...about the ones we have lost this morning.

I am thankful for...for our freedom.

From the learning rooms...nothing. Miller and Madison both head to Vacation Bible School next week so we are taking a break.

From the kitchen...Beef and Bean Burritos, Grilled Chicken, cinnamon rolls this morning, pizza on the grill

I am wearing...pajamas.

I am decorations for Vacation bible School. Putting together crocodile magnets to hold the kids great art work.

I am the cemetery if the rain holds off.

I am reading...I found Behind their Sunday Smiles....and I'm reading it...great little book.

I am hoping...the sun comes out today. It has rained for 2 days.

I am hearing....Miller watch tv.

Around the house...the utility room needs a make over. So there fore if it rains today I will be in there cleaning.

One of my favorite things...a new book Karen sent to me this week....I have skimmed it and cant wait to get started on it....thanks sweet friend.

A few plans for the rest of the week: gymnastics,the last week of school for Madison, working on Vacation Bible School, pizza with friends one night, a picnic in the park with our new class, a hair and nail appointment, lunch with a girlfriend.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...bikini weather is finally here!


Sarah said...

Seriously, are you trying to patronize me with that bikini floating in the wind? That thing is a bit too small for this mother of three...The mere fact that I am still willing to PUT a swimsuit on is a small miracle in itself. :)

Hope you have a great week!

Tina Leigh said...

Well you go right ahead and put that bikini on....not me....they aint throwing the harpoon at me! lol