Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The house...3 years later

We have worked really hard on our home for the last 3 years. Scott wants to enter it in a contest...I say no contest....so I thought I would post some pictures of it this morning....

The garden. We love it. We will put our fence around it this weekend to ward off the rabbits. we have a roll of onions, 2 rolls of green beans, 2 rolls of Jet star tomatoes, a roll of zucchini and squash, a shared roll of cucumbers and roma tomatoes, a roll of 4 different peppers, banana peppers, pepperocini peppers, green bell pepper, and jalepeno peppers, and watermelon. Yum! I will keep you all posted on how it goes.

My swing I talk about all the time....it is so nice to sit in with a glass of lemonade or white wine and just rest....with a magazine.

A closer view.

Very proud of ourselves the last 3 years. This house was left to sit and be forgotten. We love it. It's now a home.


Becky said...

It is certainly beautiful! And I know how much work that takes. I have been working on mine too.

You should just sit back and enjoy it now ... except that keeping it up is a full time job :)

Trailboss said...

You have a very nice home. Your garden looks amazing. The tomato plants are huge! We have planted corn, tomatoes, both regular and cherry and grape, cucumber, red bell peppers, green beans and squash. I hope you didn't plant your jalapenos close to the watermelon. That might make for some fiery melon! Your flowers are gorgeous too.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

It's beautiful Jen! You should be very proud, but mostly because you and your family make it a home :)

Garden looks amazing, you'll be eating well all summer, for sure!

Have a wonderful day :)

Tina Leigh said...

Jen it has not been 3 years!!!!! No way!!! It is beautiful! You need to continue the tour!!

Karen said...

I love seeing pictures of your home! It's beautiful! Awesome garden and I love the porch swing. We left ours behind, no place to put it. Hopefully that will change when DH puts a porch on the back of the house. Your house has lots of heart. Lovely home!

Sarah said...

Oh, my. That swing. Invite me over...NOW! I don't care if you're home. I just want to sit in that swing.

I'm relaxed just thinking about it!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Love that garden! Mine is growing, in spite of weeds. I just haven't had the time I thought I would to tend it, but it's amazing how things just grow anyway. My squash is coming out now, snow peas and lettuce finishing. I am wishing I'd planted more strawberries!


Marco said...

Very nice home. New+015.jpg is a dream shot. When I am sad at the office I look at this picture and I feel better now. Excuse the invasion on your blog.