Monday, July 31, 2006

Tackle it Tuesday

Well, this is the first time I have done Tackle it Tuesday......I always take Madison's clothes to a consignment store to sell when she outgrows I can do the same for Miller. So I will be tackling all the clothes which will be alot and taking them to the Consigmnment today. This takes a long time....but worth it $$$$$ in the end. I do this for fall and spring. I'm sure I will be worn out after I'm done.
I'll post a picture later,


Organize Junkie has come up with a great idea....meal planning.....go on over and check her will be great.

Monday- Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Tuesday- Italian Beef in the Crock Pot, Mac & Cheese
Wednesday- Leftovers
Thursday- Grilled Pork Chops on George Foreman with green peas, fresh tomatoes, scalloped potatoes
Friday- Madison's choice, frozen pizza, fish sticks, sandwiches
Saturday- Eat Out
Sunday- Cheesburgers on the grill, French Fries

I'm trying to get around cooking on the stove this week...not wanting to fire up the oven. Its 100 here this week and my oven makes it even hotter.


Before Miller was born I had schedules. I had a schedule for the grocery, cleaning the house, working my yard and garden..ect. Now I dont have time to do anything. Either I'm too tired or I guess just plain lazy. With school starting back up I need to get with the program and make things eaiser on me. I need a cleaning schedule for my house and a time for my flowers. I'am asking you ladies out there to help me figure this out. Miller started crawling last week so we are into everything and I constantly run after him. Any suggestions? I'm going to get with Organized Junkie this week on meal planning,,,which I love to do and already do but looking for something easier maybe. I'm very structured and a perfectionist but it seems I'am constantly cleaning, picking up or doing laundry...please help this task seem less time consuming. Any comments are gladly appriciated.........Help!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Best Blog this week

I would have to say the best blog this week was Boomama....her tour of homes was a great idea and I look forward to the Holiday Tour..hint hint. And of course I always look for humor and Diary of a stay at home mom always gives me a laugh...we have alot in common.....until next week.

Papaw Dub

My papaw was a great man. My son Miller is named after him..that was papaws last name....Miller. Papaw passed away April 20th this year. He was such a giving man. He lost his wife at the age of 47 with 9 children to raise. He had been through alot and still was so strong. He raised 7 girls and 2 boys. He would tell you he wasnt perfect but in my eyes he was. He did the best he could with what little he had...His last years he devoloped Alhemiers and would forget things. This was hard on us because when faced with this we couldnt accept it. This man we had known our whole life didnt know us. I have such great memories of papaw. He lived next door to a preacher..and one day this preacher went to see papaw. He said "Dub do you have a personal realtionship with Jesus Christ? Papaw looked at him and said "of course I do you? Papaw then proceeded to sit down with him and talk to the preacher about Jesus. I loved hearing this story because papaw didnt go to church often.. he knew Jesus and talked to him. My mother was papaws caregiver his last few years. She struggles with his last weeks. He fought so hard to live for his kids but knew it was time to let go. Mamaw has been dead for 40 years...can you imagine the reunion they had? Heaven cheered that day.
My daughter was close to Papaw...she remembers when he had his mind and they joked together and laughed together. She took it very hard when he died. I took her to see him hours before he passed...this is what she said to him.."Papaw..its me Madison..papaw..if you can hear me squeeze my hand..(he did)...she then said..its okay to let go..the angels are waiting and Jesus is ready to celebrate your homecoming...its okay to let go...its time to go home. This is from my 9 year old.
When we left that night she had peace and told me he would be fine and she would see him again one day. She was right, we will see him again one home. Madison and I talk to papaw everyday when we say our prayers...we know he is listening.
Papaw died on a Thursday morning at was raining. The angels were crying with joy...papaw had come home.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Baby

I have already talked to you about Madison so it is Miller's turn. Miller is the light of our life. See....Scott and I had decided one child was enough for us. We were through. No more babies. It's not that Madison was a bad baby..she was fine. It was me. I hated pregnancy, I hated not getting to go out to eat without a diaper bag, the pacie, my breasts, diapers, ect. I hated getting up in the middle of the night get the point. SO when I got stressed out at work one day and realized I wasnt getting any younger...I was turning 30 that year....I decided to get everything paid off and get my life started with a bigger family. Scott and I took a class at church a Dave Ramsey class...whom I adore. It worked 6 months later everything was paid off. 3 months later I was pregnant. We were so happy..we found out we were pregnant in Disney World. How exciting you say???? Well, it was. The most magical place on earth and I'm vomitting in bathrooms left and right. I still had a ball. We took a test before we left there and Madison said its like the commercial what a great little souvinier.....and thats what we called him until 14 weeks into this pregnany when we found out it was a he.....Scotts face that was a friday. The ultrasound guy says to us yep.....its a BOY. Finally scott got his quarterback, his pitcher, his rebounder, his golf champion,,,,,his all star. The look on Scott's face as Madison would say ....Priceless. And yes Madison was there. She just giggled alot when we saw his little "winky dink" she calls it. I quit my job when I was 8 weeks pregnant(I had some problems with the baby and stress was a factor) so Scott and I decided I would stay home earlier than expected and spend the summer with Madison. It was a great summer, just us. And we laid in the pool we went to the movies, some plays, and just were the "girls".
Miller was born on a Tuesday in the afternoon. Everyone was there...Labor lasted 10 hours, but was a piece of cake. I had lots of drugs. He was 8 pounds 9 ounces 1 week early. Madison was 9 pounds 1 ounce on her due date. Yes, I have big babies. But they are very healthy babies and I'm so blessed for this. We took him home on a Thursday and it was a very cold day in November. He is so precious. He smiled at 8 weeks. He got his first cold, and ear infection at 15 weeks. I stayed up all night watching him with that. He sat up by himslef at 5 months. Rolled over at 4 months, Pulled up at 7 months and now is crawling, cutting a tooth and says bye-bye and momma. He is such a great baby. He laughs and smiles and thinks we all hung the moon. He is the blessing we prayed for and boy we love so dearly. He is full of so much energy. His dislikes right now are having something taken away from him, having his diaper changed, being left alone longer thatn 2 minutes. His likes are watching the dog walk into the room, climbing up onto anything, opening drawers, and playing with the tupperware in the kichen. He is full of life and our special treasure. He is our baby......and we think the world of him.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why do I worry?

Well, the school list is out. 8:30 this morning Madison and I en route to church to drop her off for the water park...go by the school to see the list.(a friend emailed me and told me it went out last night)
Anyway......Madison got a teacher I know nothing about(which could be good) and none of her friends are in the class. They busted up her friends. As Madison says...the nerve fof them....
I know you all have read about Madison and she is such a great kid...but being my only daughter and my oldest child...I still worry. She is concerned she wont see her friends. I keep telling her she will see them at cheerleading and ballgames and recess.....yet she was kind of bummed out.
Why do we as parents worry on top of thier worry? I'am the biggest worrier of all..I have a friend I'll call her S......(she is smiling right now fore she knows its her) and she always tells me to pray and leavet my worries with Jesus. And yet I do.....but my stomach rolls and I make my self sick and well, you can figue it out.
She really is a great kid. She loves life and school, and her friends.....she truely loves them and everything they are about. She knows a few kids in the class, more boys than girls.
Yet I sit here and pray for her to quit worrying pray she will be fine (which I know she will be) pray she clicks with someone in her class, and pray she studies hard and looks forward to those times with her friends.
I guess we as parents will always worry about then, whether it be a test they have studied hard for or a first date.....that five letter word will always be there....WORRY.
Madison...if your reading this I love you and know you will always succeed in everything you do....and I will be there for you on all of it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thursday is Grocery Day

Well, Madison is going to a local water park today ...with church all day....shall I repeat this???ALL DAY!!!!!!! Thursday is my grocery day and I finally have gotten used to taking Miller with me. He sits in the front of the buggy like a BIG BOY with his cart cover I put in so he can sit in it and not get any germs?????????? He loves looking at everyone and everything. He plays with his toys and tries to grab my shopping list.
I meal plan every 2 weeks.....does anyone else do this or even no what I'm talking about? I sit down and plan our dinners out for 2 weeks and write down every ingrediant I need on my grocery list. I also add breakfast items and lunch items. This has worked well for us for a long time. We grocery shop every 2 weeks....and dont go back for anything. I watch what I buy and try to save money. Every now and then we get some fun Madison would say...froot roll ups or and extra pack of cookies.
Grocery Day is a big day...I go to the grocery and Walmart....which is enough itself...Miller is always tired at Walmart so we go down the toy aisle and entertain.
I dont really look forward to going to the grocery on Thursday but I do enjoy having food in the house...just one of those things we have to do. Let me know if any of you meal plan.....or have any other ideas.....
Have a great Thursday, while I'm at the grocery

School is in 2 weeks

Wow! The summer has flown by. Buying new folders, pencils, lists from the school with all we need, new lunch boxes and so much more. Madison starts school in 2 weeks. I can't believe it. Now, I have to fit ALOT in 2 weeks. She is going into the 4th grade. We find out this week who she got for a teacher. Why is it so important to find out our teacher before registration? When I was in school you didnt know until registration day. Now we find out 2 weeks in advanced and some know before this. Parents are so serious about who they get. They can even deny a teacher. If you ask me teachers dont have near the respect they used to and very under paid. I know Madison has had some great teachers. Her 1st grade teacher was the best. She could handle Madison and look at her a certain way and Madison well, would sit down and melt. She respected Mrs. G.(I will call her).
I never got a call, complaint or even a pep talk. She would always say Madison is going to do well in life, I have seen all kinds and she will make it. She never said a bad thing to me at least about her. To this day when we see Mrs. G I cant help but smile she brings joy to these kids face and she really cares about them. Madison adores her and has to hug her everytime we see her. I hope we get a certain teacher this year, but if we dont...I wont flip out, stess over it or even worry, Madison can hold her own now she is strong, free willed and has been taught by a great teacher..Mrs. G.
Maybe Miller will get her when its his turn. Wouldnt that be a great thing.
Enjoy your last couple of weeks in the sun everyone...its almost over....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I know my mom said raising babies wasnt easy.....and I have accepted this. Madison was a good baby..Miller has been a little harder...(I'm older) but this whole teething thing has completely worn me out. We were up 4 times last night rocking and patting and nursing and well, I was half asleep so cant remember everything. He wants me holding him allllllllll the time..and that is fine..but I cant go to the bathroom, load the dishwasher, fold some laundry, or even make my bed. Right now he is playing with Madison and I should probably be doing some those things I just mentioned...trying to get my blog in this morning though. Madison never whined or cried over her teeth. One day at 6 months old she had one then 2 the next day. By 8 months old.....she had 5. Miller has 0. A little concerned abouth this..with my luck 2 or 3 will come in at the same time. And with the way he has been acting..well, I wouldnt be suprised. His gums are swollen on bottom and he chews on everything and everyone. He normally sleeps all night...but I believe his mouth hurts and keeps waking him up. So, for now I will just have to drink that extra cup of coffee to wake up and cuddle and love him until these sharp objects pop through his gums. Since I'm still nursing I'm not complaining this much...but would like my little fella to have some relief soon.
Today, Madison has a tennis lesson...and I have some erands to run...2 weeks until school starts.
Alot to get done before then...take care live smart and enjoy your coffee this morning....

Monday, July 24, 2006

I Feel like a Million Bucks

When you have spent all night throwing up and your stomach is rolling...the next morning is like a winning lottery ticket. Today is a beautiful day...when Madison gets up we are going for a walk. I need to get exercising again. I used to walk 2 miles every morning and did for 4 years..until I got pregnant with Miller and was put on bed rest and was told absolutely no exercising!!!! SO I thought this would be a good day to start back. It will be good for the kids too. School will be starting back in about 2 1/2 sad to see Madison go back already..summer cant be almost just cant.
Enjoy your day......get out of the house and do something great.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Best Blogs of the week

Well, I have to admit.......there are some great blogs out there and I thought I would start doing the Best Blog of the week....for myself and to help you all out there surfing around find some new interesting people.
I love all my favorites.....The one who is most interesting and I look forward to reading would be
A Chelsea Morning...Barb has been great this week and very thoughtful and just awesome to read....the funniest by all means...Antique Mommy...Tina is a hoot and I always laugh at what she is saying.......
I love you all....and cant wait to do next weeks favorite and funniest......

I'm home sick today

We went to a friends house for dinner last night and had a ball. I must have been sick already...about midnight I started vomitting. No one else was sick so it was just me. My family is at church. I'm at home on the couch blogging. I hate being sick. My stomach is turning.

Hope everyone is well today its day. I think we will hang out here and grill.
We havent heard from Deal or no Deal yet. If they havent called by tonight we know he wasnt chosen.
I dont have alot to say this morning. Not feeling real well.....maybe I will blog later.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

He's Back!!!!!!!!

He stood in line a total of 13 hours.....a thunderstorm, and some crazy people...He did a 45 second recording and came home...they will call and let us know. 2000 people showed up and they are still going on. They will pick 50 people and narrow it down to 2.... We will let you know.....

He is still in line

Scott has been in line for Deal or no Deal since last night at 7pm. People are lined up for 10 blocks. He and his friend John sat in a tent last night through horrible thunderstorms....but he is dry and had about 2-3 hours of sleep. No coffee yet..which is a problem in our household....but he can sniff it out if there is any around. Our daughter Madison has worried all night over him. I packed him a chair, peanut butter crackers, water, contact solution & glasses, toothbrush & toothpaste, a blanket, an umbrella and $20 in cash. He is in great spirits and very excited...he has no idea what to say...they have 30 seconds to impress the casting producers. Say a prayer....he still has 3 hours before they start seeing people. Scott is #150 in line out of about 1500 people. They say people are still lining up. Thank God the heat slacked off last night and we have a cool front coming through.
Wish us luck...we will let you know,

Friday, July 21, 2006

Deal Or No Deal

Its Friday!!!!!!!! I love Fridays......I love the weekend because Scott is home. The temp has finally gone down so we may swim and sun theis weekend. Deal or no Deal has come to our town so Scott is going down to stand in line tonight. Wish us cool would that be??????Howie Mandel......
Scott is pretty excited about this...he has to tell them something funny or about himself to impress the producers in 30 seconds or less. Of course I love this show.....but I cant be away from the baby over night yet since I'm still nursing. So Scott is going. We always play in the living room with Madison...we each will pick a case we think the money is in...I have picked the 1 million dollar case 3 times....believe it or not...yes I have. What could we do with a million dollars????? Well alot.
Just flying out to California would be alot of fun. We have never been so it would a grand adventure.
Tonight before you go to sleep..think of Scott standing outside in line..they wont open the doors until 10am tomorrow....say a prayer......and think about him as he tries his best at Deal or No Deal!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why me?????

Have you ever gone somewhere and the same things keep happening everytime you go? I mean you are trying to do something good or nice and it seems like you get nothing out of it? A friend of mine's mother I went to the funeral home tonight. Now, everytime I go to a funeral home I useally just know one person out of the I'm going to see that one person and pay my respects and let them know I'm praying for them and thinking of them...the bad thing is I will useally wait in line about 30 minutes to an hour and BAM...the person I want to talk to the only one I know up there amongst this grieving family has either walked away to go to the bathroom or to eat or to get a drink of water....and yes I'm stuck talking to strangers about how sorry I'am for thier loss and the person I came to see never even knew I was there until a week later when they read my name on the book. Yes, this happens everytime I go to a funeral. I'm starting to think this is not my thing. I always feel if I just run in I can let that person know how much I care.....but I never get to see that person.
OR......everytime I go to the mall, I go to this one department store...and the same women that works there is always working and will never wait on me. Not sure why...I can be there for 15 minutes browsing with things in my hand and she wont say a thing..BAM..someone else walks in she talks to them, why is this????Do I have written accross my face I'AM A LOSER?
OR.....there is this one lady at my church. She is a nice lady to everyone but me. She never speaks to me or looks at me or even acknowledges me....the problem here is her daughter is a friend of mine....this women wont even look at me..I have never even done anything to her.
OR....I will go out somewhere and get rammed in the back by strollers or buggies....what is up with this..why do people think they can get so close with thier strollers or buggies and not hit you? Then I turn around with soar red ankles and heels and they always have this cute little kid with them and they say SORRRRRRRY......AGHHHHHH!!!!!!!
I guess what I'm trying to say is some bad luck is good for us...but this happens all the time to me. And I keep picking myself back up and going back for more. Why do I do this?????
I'm not sure why I do this...but I can tell you one momma didnt raise a quitter or a loser or a wimp..and she always said to be kind to people, so I guess for the rest of my life I'll get pushed down...its whether I choose to get back up or not that will make me stronger.
There is another funeral I need to run by this week...........guess I should get a sitter.

My daughter.....Madison

My daughter is beautiful.....inside and out. She loves life and is full of life. She enjoys everything about it. She is very outgoing and has a fantastic personality. She can talk to anyone. Madison is very adventurous..she loves sports and any activity I will take her to. She has danced since she was 2 and played soccer since she was 4. She has in some point taken tennis lessons, a theatrical class and been 3 plays, she takes gymnastics, is a cheerleader for her school, and sings in the childrens choir at our church. She loves to go, go , go.
When we told her we were going to have another baby..her response was..awesome! Madison went to all ultrasounds and participated in all of the baby stuff. She was right outside the door when he was born and heard his first cry. She was the first to hold him. And she will be the first to tell you how much she loves him and is very protective of him. He thinks she hung the moon and vice versa. They are such a great pair.
School is starting back soon and we have had a great summer.....I will miss her during the day. Miller will really miss her. She is looking forward to school starting. The hustle and bustle will soon begin...lots of homework, boys, running and more running. But that is okay its what I'm suppossed to do..stay at home moms are suppossed to take care of thier family.
Madison is so outgoing and sweet and precious to us all.......
I love her with all my daughter..Madison.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer

Well, its HOT!!!! Need I say more??? The weatherman says it wont get any better...worse. What does this mean?? Like we may all melt? I love summer...not days like this..but summer in general. When I think of summer I think of Lemonade, lightning bugs, vacations, swimming pools, bike riding, homemade ice cream, crickets, camping, carnivals and cotton candy, fresh cut lawns...and so many other things. Summertime is what our kids live for. They cant wait until the last day of school.....summer break. They can sleep late, nap during the day, swim do what kids like to do. Madison has a tennis lesson today at 11am...(what was I thinking) it will be too hot. I'm sure she will take all the ice out of the freezor and put it in her mega big water bottle. The weatherman says it will be 101 today..that is just too hot...the kind of hot that you get when you have one child on your hip while the other child is holding your hand (with something melted on it) while walking inside a store from the car. Your face has sweat dribbling down and you are starting to have that sweat smell. (you know what I mean) its gross. Anyway, its too hot to even concentrate. I walked outside to work on my flowers and had no bra on and well you know you start sweating imediantly...everywhere.
I had to come inside. But bottom line..summertime is what we live for too.....our kids having fun, family vacations, memories, and before we know it it will be January with a temp of 4 below 0 and we will be saying..where did summer go??????? So lets enjoy it while we have it and make the best of it...wether it be grabbing a water hose and spraying the kids..or getting the ice cream maker out and letting the kids make it this time...or just going for a swim in a local pool make those memories because one day you will look back and smile.
Enjoy this Hot summer day......they will soon be gone.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday is Family Day!!!!!!

In the beginning when Scott and I got married Sunday was always family day even before we had kids. We would always go driving around and share our dreams, or get ice cream...go to the beach(we lived in Florida 4 yrs) ect......When Madison came along we didnt have to go anywhere as long as we hung out together. I have never let Scott schedule golf on this day nor have I gone and done something without him. For some reason Sunday is the end of the week..a time to wind down rest and just be with family. So yesterday Scott worked in the yard all day and the temp was 100. Madison swam in the pool and I sat inside working on my blog while Miller took a 2 hour nap. Now..your thinking that doesnt sound like spending time together. You'r right. For some reason we have gotten away from what was once so important to us. I realized this last night and decided to get us back on track for this Sunday. We go to church together and come home and do our seperate things....well, not this weekend. We are going to do an activity together and enjoy it! Family is the most important thing in our life besides God. And we take this for granted so much. I need to come up with something for this weekend, wether it be a cookout by the pool, playing a game, or just sitting around talking. It's going to be great. I'll keep you informed next week. So just remember how much your family means to you and how lucky you really are to have them. Keep them close to your heart and stay involved with each other. You are family but you can also be friends. In my household Sunday is Family Day......and we love it!

Sunday, July 16, 2006



Me, the pool, & a bee

Well, good morning....this will be short. I have to get the family up and going for church this morning. The title today is Me, the pool & a bee. Yesterday I finally got Miller down for a nap and decided to lay in the pool some mommy down time..the temp has been 97 with a heat index of 115. So the pool feels like bath water. I get in on my raft and am very comfortable....humming a little tune when I hear this noise. Well, I ignore it, still foating and relaxing..Madison is inside watching a movie. My hair might I tell you was in a bun\ponytail....and I felt it was falling down so I go to straighten it up and something stings me. And I mean STING. It took my whole, swollen..and hurting bad.
I had to get out of the pool I had no idea what had stung or bit me. My hand in 60 seconds was as big as my head. I used to be allergic to bees, so I go into the house the only Benedryl we own is childrens form. So after I drink half the bottle...I feel a little better. I decide to go back outside to figure out what got me. As I search the pool and the surroundings I see nothing. I decide to get back in the pool on the raft when I check my ponytail, and realize the darn bee is stuck in my hair. I start screaming and yank(southern terms for pull) him out of my hair still screaming. As for my down time away from the kids,,,,at that moment Miller wont up from his nap. So pool time was over.
In the end....the bee is dead. My hand is fine...and well, I guess I will try the pool again this afternoon.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Help me Please

How in the world do I add other blogs I read to the side of my blog??????That sounds crazy....but I have been on this trying to figure it out for hours. I'm done for now...I'm walking away....going to clean can I put my favorite web links on it????????okay now I'm going to clean all help me figure it out...and I will be forever gracious.
Well, good morning. What a night. My 9 year old daughter is having some kind of sleep anxiety. She cant sleep. At 1am she was standing at the end of our bed saying mom...I cant sleep...what do I do? Well, when you have been dealing with this for 3 weeks now all you want to do is start screaming or pull the covers over your head....and pretend she will go away. So, my tired sleepy husband gets up and goes in to lay in with her so we can both the meantime..Miller the baby wakes up and I have to get up to rock. Mommy's get no do we function? So now I have my coffee.....second cup actually...and trying to get motivated. We have begged her to sleep on her own gave her things, promised things....I just am so tired I cant see straight. Of course when the baby gets up....I make her get up with me(in the am of course)
Speaking of the baby..he got his first haircut yesterday...I will post pictures today or tomorrow...he did so good...almost 8 months old and he had more hair than my husband did. So cute, but now he looks like a big boy...mommy dont like this!!!!!!!
Today is Saturday so I guess we will swim...yes we have a pool..the heat index today in Ky is 115...not swimming will cool us off.
I went down to the Farmers Market yesterday and got some fresh green I will put those on in a few minutes. I love fresh tomatoes also. YUMMY....
I'm going to be working on my bog throughout the to you later...enjoy your coffee today

Friday, July 14, 2006

Good Friday Morning........This is my first blog. I'm so excited. I guess you should know me from my profile.....I enjoy all of these things. I'am pretty laid back. I love so many things. Like fresh sheets out of the dryer, the smell of a baby, pumpkin spiced candles, the air on Christmas morning, Gatlinburg, Tn in the fall, Snickers Ice Cream,my church and my church family......I could go on all day.
Today, my son Miller is getting his hair cut. It is verrrrrry long. I have the camera charged..we are so excited....I will be seting up my pictures over the weekend. I dont have just one topic today....we have all been in the house all week with the rain so we are itching to leave today..I'm taking my kids to the Tilghman House (a civil war museum) here in Ky......we are also going to lunch, our BIG day out. Well, I hope you all enjoy my life as I know it. And I look forward to haring from you.