Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces

It's the last week of school. And Madison is sick. Stomach pains since Saturday. Laying around, fatigue, vomiting a few times. I'm waiting for her to awake this morning to see what symptoms she has so I can call the Dr. Viruses dont seem to last 4 days.
It rained alot here this weekend...which we really did not mind. Friday night an old friend came over for dinner with her kids. I held her new baby while we talked...so nice. Saturday we went shopping at the mall and the kids got alot of new clothes...Madison stayed home in bed. We then met up with Scott's parents for dinner. Sunday was church....and a cook out at my house for my mom's birthday. Yesterday we did nothing. Stayed home....I was going to go to the cemetery but it is so wet...I will wait until later this week.

I made a great recipe last night and posted it on my recipe blog....go check it out. It is so good.
I menu planned last night so that is out of the way. The house is clean, the laundry is done. I think I may clean out closets today. Unless I have to take Madison to the Dr.

That is all that is going on in my home....I so hope you all have had a great holiday weekend.....


Tina Leigh said...

We have had 2 deaths in the family in a week, I have been sick...blah blah, blah! The lack of sunshine is killing me!!! But I have been very thankful....I guess death and sickness will do that to you. I hope Madison is having a better day. You think food poisoning?

Sandra said...

She may have food poisoning just like Tina said...or it might just be a cold/stomach virus thing, seems to be a lot of that going around.

Hope she's feeling better :)

gail@more than a song said...

I hope Madison is better by now! It seems like summer break should start after memorial day instead of more school!
We had a good weekend but have had way too much rain here.

Christina said...

I hope Madison is feeling better today. Not such a fun way to kick off the summer.

I am going over to your cooking blog to check out the recipe right now.