Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One last Thursday Thirteen this year

It's the New Year almost so I thought I would go over 13 great things that happened to me over 2006.

1. Scott and I celebrated 12 wonderful years in 2006. We have come along way. I wouldn't change anything.

2. This was our first year adjusting to me not having a paycheck...and have to say we really didn't miss it. I was surprised....the Lord provides.

3. I started blogging..which has been a great stress reliever and a wonderful way to meet such great people out there.....I'm truly blessed to have met each of you.

4. We made a decision that we needed a bigger house. So we are putting ours up for sale in a couple of weeks.

5.I had alot more girls nights out this girlfriends are really great ladies....I'am so lucky to have found them all.

6. Scott, Madison and I have adjusted well to having a new baby in the house...Miller came into our lives on 11/29 last year and boy has this been an interesting year.

7. I do genealogy on the side and mom and I took a trip to Waverly, Tn and found some things that we have searched for years....and this was very exciting because it has opened so many doors for us.

8. We didn't take any vacations this year just due to the fact we were adjusting ourselves without my paycheck...we took a small trip to Nashville and to Waverly. This year we have two vacations we are going to take. One will be to Florida...and the second one will either be Chicago...or St Louis..we have been debating this......but not taking a vacation this year has helped all of us grow and realize you can do fun things here at home together as a family.

9. Madison took a big step this year and decided to quit dance after 7 years of taking it. She wanted to put more focus on cheer leading so we started gymnastics. It was such a smart move...she loves it and it saved us $25 a month plus $200-$300 in recital fees and costumes,
and that will be put to good use.

10. My grandfather died this year April 20th.....after a long battle of Alzheimer's he passed away in his sleep. This was the hardest thing I encountered this could say I'm still not over this. I miss him Daily and think of him all the time. It has made me appreciate my life more.

11.I took on a huge responsibility at church for MOPS...hospitality leader and look forward to a great year with these ladies. I cant wait to get started with it.

12. Madison was saved on October 1st and's a wonderful feeling to know you did your part to lead your child to Christ, she loves Church and is disappointed right now that all activities are on hold until after the first of the year. She is actively in GA's on Wednesday nights, Bible Drills and Team Kid on Sunday night and the children's her own Sunday School . A great problem to have if you ask me.

13. Scott and I have grown closer this year...had a few fights but learned from them. We have a great life and we give thanks to God everyday for it.

I hope you all have a prosperous New alot of Black Eyed Peas for luck and something green for the money.....I look forward to reading about all of your daily lives and enjoying your great friendship.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone! It's the Big Day! Lets talk about my day! It started early...5am to be exact....Madison couldn't wait to get under the I got up with her....Scott laid in the bed while I started "A Good Cup of Coffee"....just thought I would throw this one in....I had Peppermint Mocha creamer...yummy....and candy canes to stir our coffee with...a little treat....some whip cream to make it this time...I looked outside...and it was raining....dark and raining..... Miller awakes at this time. He gets really excited and runs to his new table and chairs...Santa has brought him. I make Scott and I are famous Christmas coffee and I meet him in the hallway...saying he doesn't feel real good. I'm thinking well his tummy must be upset. NO.......I'm wrong. As we watch the kids going through their gifts with big smiles and laughing. Scott is in the bathroom vomiting his guts up. I mean VOMITING........then he gets the know what I mean. So.....I'm trying to enjoy my peppermint coffee with the smell of Lysol...and ginger ale. He goes back to bed. SO here I'am in my Frosty the Snowman PJ's trying to assemble Miller's toys with kitchen scissors...while Madison tries on every stitch of clothing and does a fashion model show for me and Miller. As I reach across the living room floor for some more toys...I pull a muscle in my back and cannot move. It was like electricity going across my back. I'm in the floor curled up and cant move, while Scott is in the bathroom vomiting yet again. Miller comes over to me and decides to hit me up side the head with some fisher price bug toy that felt like it weighed 100 didn't it only weighed 1 pound. Madison is in her room listening to her new Hannah Montana CD on her Cd Player with headphones....note...she cant here any of us. So I lay helpless in the floor......crying. Scott goes back to bed. He cant here me. I drag myself to the the hallway......and to the phone and call my neighbor to call me back so Scott will answer the phone so he can come get me down the hall. She calls.......but my ringers are off....and I don't realize it. So finally I can bring myself up to the sofa. Miller is playing with a box in the floor.......and Madison finally comes into the living room to get some more of her things when I tell her I cant move my back. She tries to help me up and I fall. Cutting my ankle bone on a toy. Yes the bone...which means it wont quit bleeding. Now I'm frustrated. We have to be at Scott's mom's house for breakfast in 1 hour and no one has had a shower. Scott is now in bed with chills. I get into the shower with the help of Scott....don't ask...yes there must have been a Christmas miracle and that was it. Madison watched Miller. I took a shower, and Scott vomited again. We all managed including Scott to get to my mother in laws....we drove very slow. We looked like the Griswold's I'm sure. When we got there...the whole house smelled like sausage and eggs, get the idea...Scott immediately vomits again....and his dad has been doing the same all morning.....Merry Christmas to us! The only ones eating this morning were the women. And Miller. We left to go to my mom's...I drove home to drop Scott off....stopping once on the side of the road to guessed it...let Scott vomit again. I put him in bed. And got the heck out of there. Got to mom's......and walked in and collapsed. My brother met me in the driveway to get Miller .....and my sweet sister whom I haven't seen since March of 2005.....met me in the driveway with a huge hug and smile. Even though I went through hell to get there.......I made it to see her. See, C has been in Peru since 3/2005. She and B are missionaries. They have never met Miller. And it was so nice to see her. SO nice to sit across the dining room table and her seat not be empty this year. SO nice to stand beside her in the line for dinner...SO nice for her to talk with me and show me videos of her new life in Peru and what all is going on with her. SO nice to see her....just be there looking at just don't know. See....C and I are so different...I'm pretty high maintenanced and she could in a tee pee. But we love each other and would do anything for each other.
So I left them just a short while back still out....and come home to see someone parked in my driveway and couldn't get around them...yes it's still raining HARD. SO I park at my neighbors and trot across the wet flooded yard with a blanket on Miller tennis shoes sinking into the ground to get to my front door. (the person in my driveway was just one of my other neighbor's family members) I come inside.......ringing wet......tired.....and back out even more from tugging Miller around.....Scott is past out with a high fever in bed. I give him ginger ale.....bathe Miller.....look at my destroyed house from the Christmas hustle and bustle.....and sit down to blog. My TV says we are to get some snow tonight...on Christmas....that would be nice..since I don't think my husband will be going to work tomorrow. All in all our Christmas was always is. I just hate it Scott missed it. I hate it that he missed the kids.....their faces and excitement. Miller is sleeping soundly...Madison is at mom's with my sister. And I'm in my pj's......with milk and coconut new fuzzy house shoes....watching Deal or no Deal Christmas edition. It couldn't be any better.
Merry Christmas dear friends.....

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Good Christmas Eve to all! It's very foggy this morning. It looks like it could's so cold outside. We have church this morning...Miller is in playing the floor and Scott and I are drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. I wanted to take a moment and say a few things about this day.....

Christmas Eve is very special to us. Scott purposed to me on Christmas Eve 13 years ago. We have always had our ups and downs as every couple does.....but this day we give thanks that we have each other....we have our children...we have our family and most importantly we have our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Our kids are so excited about the gifts under the tree, waiting for Santa to come tonight, making reindeer food and getting those cookies out for Santa. We go to my mom's tonight for an appetizer party and gift opening. Tomorrow morning we have breakfast at Scott's mom's and then off to my mom's for a late lunch with my brother home from Texas and my sister home from Peru...she is a missionary with her husband...on a 4 year tour. This is our schedule and this afternoon I'm gong to come visit you all....I have slacked with the surgery and holiday and all.....and then I have to get out to the mall and get my Latte and laugh at people.

Merry Christmas my dear friends......I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year....from the bottom of my heart....I.truly appreciate you all. You are all a great support group/friend.........

And as he flew out of sight....Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night...........

Saturday, December 23, 2006

We are great!

Miller is doing great. It was simple, it was easy, and I'm so glad it's over....let life get started now.....We went in at 6am....they took him back at 7:15....he was done by awesome just awesome. We were home by 8:45. No joke!
Thank you so much for your guys mean the world to us....I'm so happy and so pleased to have found all of you....I look so forward to a great new year talking to you all and solving all the worlds problems....Ha Ha......
I'm not posting alot today.......I want to post a nice one tomorrow for you all........Have a great day everyone......

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday Thursday 13

Well, it's Thursday and that means it's time for you to know 13 things about I want to do it Holiday style....

13 Things I love about Christmas!!!!!!

1. My Christmas Tree....I love to turn it on first thing in the morning. I love looking at it while I read the paper.

2. Shopping...I love to shop for other's a great feeling buying for others.

3. feels great having people over to eat...and cooking certain special meals just for them. I meal plan for these things a month in advance.

4. My children's faces on Christmas Day....the presents in the living room are everywhere...they just are so overwhelmed with excitement..this year lil Miller will get to have this wonderful feeling of being a child.

5. Programs at church are always brings people a little closer and listening to the Christmas story is like a breath of fresh air.

6. Christmas parties are so fun...seeing people you haven't seen in awhile and getting a chance to hear how they are doing....eating great food and dancing....we love to do this.

7. Driving around looking at Christmas lights....this is tradition in our family.

8. I enjoy wrapping presents in front of the Christmas Tree while drinking Hot Chocolate this is something I love to do while listening to Christmas music

9. Of course it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't go to the mall on Christmas Eve and watch all the crazy people while drinking my Starbucks would it?

10. Sending Christmas cards is a huge favorite for me.....I send around 70...yes I'm nuts. And yes the post office hates me. I wait until 12/19 to mail them.

11. I love walking into my mom's house on Christmas Eve....the house always smells so good.

12. Coffee always tastes and smells better on Christmas morning and Scott and I always have special creamer just for Christmas.

13. And of course it's Jesus Christ's birthday...and this I'm eternally grateful for.......

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas....I will post on Miller tomorrow afternoon. His surgery is 6am...eastern time....thank you all for your prayers and great friendship...I'm thankful and blessed for you all....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas is just 5 days away!

Good Morning everyone! It's been so busy around here. Madison is out of school for the holidays. She is sleeping in this morning. I'm cooking some of Barb's burritos this morning...thank you Barb......
Today we are staying home.....I need to finish some last minute wrapping and baking. Prepare the last touches for this perfect Christmas.

It's raining here this morning...wish it were snow. Tomorrow we are taking the kids to see Santa.....and run last minute errands. Friday is the BIG day for Miller. I cant wait...we are up all night 4-5 times sometimes...I'm really tired. I'm ready for him to feel better. He is teething really bad right now...He just aches. I use Tylenol and Teething Tablets...but he still hurts....he is chewing on everything.

Madison's party yesterday went really well. They all had a great time.

Today we are baking different things.....brownies, some breads, muffins, candy......I always send a plate of goodies with Scott to work right before Christmas.....

I hope everyone is well with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays....slow down and remember the real reason.....
Have a great day everyone!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Girl Talk

Grab something to eat and's Friday...lets talk........

So.....yesterday was Thursday and I went to the grocery was crazy. People everywhere...I thought I was going to get run over by a couple of 70 year old women..who were very serious about the last Folgers Coffee on sale. I just stood back and let them have is important to me but not that important. Later that afternoon I attempted Sam's Club....which wasn't any better. Rude people everywhere....I just love looking at these people and saying..."Merry Christmas"..they just look at me and go the other way. I feel better though. I'm going to the mall today..think about me.

Miller got another haircut this week. This time we did a buzz cut. He has his dad's triple crown...and no that doesn't mean he won a horse race.......his hair stands up like a we did the deed...whacked it all off. He looks like a little GI. So cute.

Madison is going to a Gingerbread House Making Party on Saturday...some little girls are making the houses and decorating them...cute idea....I may do this next year.

Scott and I are going to a Formal Christmas party Saturday night...when I mean formal I mean girlfriend Jess calls it the Grown Up Prom.....high heels, suits, rhinestones,,,,,,the works....a couple of drinks and whooooooo it's 1992 again.....Jess is laughing right now.

At the home place...Miller's surgery has been re scheduled for the 22nd please keep us in your prayers this I'm sure I will be insane or crying.....alot.

I only have 2 presents left to buy.......thank God.

Sunday parents are coming for dinner...I'm cooking Grilled Italian Chicken, red potatoes seasoned, green bean bundles, homemade bread, with honey butter, shrimp cocktail for appetizers, and dessert........coconut cake...3 dad's favorite. Then we are going to church that night for the family sing a long.......

Madison and I are making more candy we need anymore .

I have a friend Karla who had a brain tumor removed today.....she is doing fine. Please pray for her and her family. This was very sudden.

With it being Christmas and all I want you all to reflect on what matters in your lives. Remember how very lucky we are. Appreciate your loved ones.....tell them you love them. Smile and be happy for what we have. When it comes down to it...we are all so very blessed.
I wish you all a fantastic safe......and I'll see you on Monday.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday 13

13 Things about me.....of course

1. I love to watch it snow......

2. I enjoy laying on the couch watching movies with Scott

3. I enjoy cooking for people

4. I love to go eat lunch with friends

5. I'm allergic to curry.....I swell like a blow fish

6. I love to watch Deal or no Deal....and Scott has tried out to be on the he didn't make the cut.

7. I love to hang out at home on Friday nights and watch TV with the family..

8. I ran track in high school...and won the county track meet 1st place in 1989 in the 100 meter....

9. I have always wanted to Christmas shop in New York City and next year my mom is taking me and Madison.

10. I love to open presents

11. I love my down comforter...and down pillows

12. And my heated mattress pad

13. I love to watch American Idol, Survivor, The Apprentice, The Amazing Race, all reality shows

Well, hope you enjoyed it......I'm off to the grocery store.....Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Getting to know Christmas

Okay, here's the deal. I want everyone that reads this post to do their own version of Getting to Know Your friends.


1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? Just sits them under the tree.

3. Colored lights on tree or white? White

4. Do you hang mistletoe? Yes

5. When do you put your decorations up? We have always done it the Saturday after Thanksgiving..but since Miller's birthday is 11/29...we have decided to do it the first weekend of December mom always separated Christmas and my birthday...12/ she still wont put her tree up until after my birthday....and now I understand why.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? it

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child. The year I got my ten speed bike. I was so excited......It had snowed about 6 inches outside and I took the bike outside and tried to ride it down the such luck..but I loved that bike.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? 4th grade..(yes this is what grade Madison is in)....some kids told me at school then I found some gifts in mom's closet and it devastated me.....she still wont tell me the truth..if you asked her Is there a Santa Claus? She would just have to believe that is all we have.....Madison still believes.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Yes at mom's...she has an appetizer party and we get to open out gifts from them....Madison loves this part the most...we always watch A Christmas Story and dad reads the The Christmas Story from Luke.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? White lights. And pink ornaments with gold, crystal and's one of the themed trees from Macy's.

11. Snow! Do you like it or Dread it? I love to drink hot chocolate and watch it fall.

12. Can you ice skate? No...but love to try

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? My ten speed bike or Strawberry Shortcake House with dolls.

14. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Divinity & this order...and ma maw's Carmel pie

15. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Christmas Eve afternoon around 1pm...we go to the mall and grab a Starbucks Coffee and sit in the middle of the mall and watch all the crazy people running around grabbing last minute much would be surprised all the people you know and see.......And when my dad reads the Christmas story to the grand kids by the Christmas Tree....something about his voice reading gets me every year..its like I'm 9 again.

16. What tops your tree? Poinsettias and fancy gold stuff from Hobby mom put it together for me.

17. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving? I so love giving...I love to bake and take everyone I know something...everyone....even the mailman.

18. What is your favorite Christmas Song? Santa Baby...

19. Candy Canes yuck or yum? They are okay...I prefer the soft peppermint

20. Fruitcake? I was always told you give these to people you don't like...I have never received one...thank God.

Just thought I would let you all know.....Miller's surgery has been re scheduled for 12/22......due to still being sick. God is on our side...we will make it through...He slept from 7pm last night until 7am this morning...I got some much needed sleep.....
Happy day everyone.

Once you've posted your own, leave a comment here and I'll link to you

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's my 32nd birthday today!

Yep....It's my birthday today..and I'm packing for Nashville..Miller is alot better...and my parents are bringing dinner to me tonight so we don't have to get the little guy out in the cold weather. We leave at 8 am in the morning.....we are going to shop and celebrate my birthday......we are going with a couple of friends.....we will have a have a great weekend everyone..I'll see ya back on Monday..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Christmas Letter

It’s Christmas! The season for giving for loving, for celebrating. All around us are joyous reminders of this happy season. Twinkling Christmas lights. Holiday music on the radio. Promises of snow on the weather forecast. The smell of fresh pine cones. Just baked gingerbread cookies right from the oven and children making Christmas lists for Santa Claus..

All around us are stressful reminders too. Irritated shoppers and crowded malls. Honking horns and traffic jams. Frantic meal preparations and credit card debt. Sometimes we get so caught up in the seasonal madness we forget why we even celebrate Christmas at all.

Savor all memories……Old and New.

Focus on love and laughter that make Christmas so special. If we pause for a moment in our hectic holiday schedules, we will realize God has brought people into our lives for a reason. And that my friend is among the best blessings of all.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year……………

Scott, Jenny, Madison and Miller Green

This is the letter that is in our Christmas card this year....I thought I would share it with you all. I wrote this 3 years ago......I hope you all remember to enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.....

Happy Holidays my friends....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The road to recovery...hopefully

I just loved this is so cold's nice to look at this picture. It was 20 here this morning....15's crazy!

Miller is doing better...although he didn't sleep very well last night. He is however coughing that crud up. And his nose is running like a faucet. He wont take his medicine...he is gagging it up and vomiting...any suggestions anyone? He is doing better on the breathing treatments...they end tomorrow morning. My mom is helping me out alot..what would we do without our moms?

I'm supposed to go to Nashville with friends this weekend Christmas shopping. 5 couples actually. This has been planned for about 9 say a prayer Miller gets well fast..which he is on the road to recovery no more that we can still head out Saturday. Miller and Madison are supposed to stay with my mom....moms are great!

I'm making Salmon Patties tonight....turnip greens....and mac & cheese. Maybe we might make Christmas Cookies today depending on how Miller is feeling. I need a new cookie cutter.....

Well, this is short today.....hope you all are well.

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's been quite a weekend

Well, were sick again. This time we took a trip to the ER..

Saturday night Miller had a croupy we did the steam in the bathroom thing 4 times....Sunday morning...we called the doctors office and they sent us to the Emergency room. Where we remained for 7 hours. Miller had croup, and a small spot on his lower lobe of his lung that looked like pre-pneumonia. They started a strong anti biotic and steroid by injection and did X Rays....then started breathing treatments. Which they did 2. Then called a medical supply store and they came out and set one up in Miller's room...we give breathing treatments every 4 hours.....we have the anti biotic and steroid here also. He does seem to feel better...its a waiting game. He is on the breathing treatments for 48 hours along with the steroid...the anti biotic is 10 days....Say a prayer he heals fast. I'm home bound for 3 days no leaving. I'll come visit you all throughout the day.
For now....I may take a nap.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Girl Talk

Good Morning ladies.....grab a cup of whatever you like....lets talk........

My week has been really crazy. You all should know by now..Miller goes for tubes in 2 weeks. It's okay I have accepted it. I just want him to feel better. He has slept all night for 2 weeks. This is good.

The weather here this morning is crazy. The winds are 28 MPH....very loud and very windy. It sounds awfully scary out there. We did dodge a LARGE snowstorm that has hit St.Louis with alot of snow and blizzard like conditions......reminding you we are 3 hours from there. So we are lucky. We would love to have some snow but not blizzard conditions.

I have alot going on this weekend. Madison has a Spa Day with her friends on Saturday.....kind of cool she gets her hair, make up , nails, etc done its a 4 hour thing and she loves getting things like this done. Scott and I and Miller are going to the mall Christmas shopping while she is doing this. Saturday night is our Sunday School Christmas party. Sunday is church, Christmas photos of the kids and the Christmas Advent walk downtown......which we do every year. It's a jam packed weekend...I know. Today we go to the doctor so Miller can get his 1 year check up. He has to get 5 shots....I know crazy......and tonight we have been invited by friends to go eat dinner at their Miller is going with us....Madison is going to church. I need to go to the grocery in the midst of this crazy weather today too. We'll see.

Next week is jam packed too....did I say Christmas...December?????? My Christmas Cards are ready to go....just need the kids pictures...which are being made Sunday.

I made candy last night....peanut brittle, tiger bark, fudge, and chocolate covered peanuts. I love making candy. Madison helped out some.

I'm drinking my coffee and looking at my tree listening to Christmas music...what a great morning! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.