Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

This was yesterday with 2 inches....we awoke with 4-5 some areas 8 in our back yard...due to the wind drifts.

Miller and Madison and Scott have played out side 2 times already today.

Down my street at 10am.....I love the look down my street with snow. Beautiful!

Miller doing his snow angels....our snow would not pack so no snowman..:(

We are in now for the day....its cold outside....8 degrees tonight...COLD! The streets are clearing slowly. Churches are being canceled already. I'm making chili tonight and snow creme....
i hope you all are warm and enjoying your weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little storm

Well the storm is coming we are under a Winter Storm Warning. It's official. Anywhere from 4-8 inches is what they are saying. I just hope there is enough to build a snowman, make snow creme and sled. That will make my kids happy and me.

The crazy people will be out today at all the gas stations and grocery stores freaking out over bread and milk. Why is it that is what we buy? It is. I grabbed another gallon of milk on Tuesday so I wouldnt have to go into a store today. I'am however getting out. But I'm going in the opposite directions....I need to pick up a birthday gift for a party Miller is going to this weekend and I need to drop off clothes at a local consignment store...I may hit some thrift stores. And having lunch with a sweet friend at one of my favorite a good day in all.

But when I lay my head down tonight....the snow will fall....and will continue to fall through tomorrow night. Friday will be a lazy day....and I'm excited about that!

Enjoy friends.

I have hot chocolate and we are good.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1 year ago today

So last year at this time...this is what my street looked like. The 2009 Ice Storm had hit our area and me and my family were without power for 11 days. I know most of you remember what I went through. It was so hard for our town. Now looking back...we are so thankful for so many things.

This storm was not supposed to be as bad as they thought...but it came in like a fierce lion. Leaving 3 inches of ice on our trees and snow on top of that. Our utility workers could not keep up. We were declared a National disaster area. No one had phones no one had electricity...we were in a black out.

We were scared to walk outside as trees and power lines were on the ground from the heavy ice. Oh how mother nature can be so ugly.

My street on the third day.

Most of you remember my survived and so did my swing. It seems just like yesterday we went thru this...a year ago today actually.
The weatherman is declaring a Winter Storm Watch for our area for Thursday night and into Friday....several inches of snow predicted.....I have our snow suits, I have an extra gallon of milk, and we will be prepared this time....I just hope we keep electricity and there is no ice this time. I just want the kids to make a snowman and drink hot chocolate and then curl up on the couch with each other watch movies while eating snacks all that sounds like a plan.

Monday, January 25, 2010


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FOR TODAY...Monday...January 25th

Outside my window...the sun is shining in the backyard but big snow/rain clouds are coming toward the front I'm looking towards the back yard.

I am thinking...of the laundry I need to put up today. Alot!

I am thankful parents. They are so good to us.

I am pajama pants and a tank.

I am remembering...the ice storm that hit last year...this time...what a trying week it was.

I am the mall today...and then a girls night out with my best buddies...

I am reading...The Friends we Keep......a little book I got for my birthday. You gotta read this one! Yes I know I'm still reading this one...but its a goodie.

I am hoping... my parents have a great trip. They are heading to Florida for their annual get a way.

On my mind... friends of mine....our friend Rod had 2 stints put in on Friday so they are on my mind this morning. Another friend Cindy going thru some issues at home.

From the learning project to make and working on our counting again.

Noticing that...Madison is growing so much with her social calender. I want to take her and put her in a bottle for a weekend.

Pondering these words...Working out. I have lost 7 pounds since 1/1!

From the kitchen... Chicken and dumplins...with green beans tonight, Tuesday..greek chicken with scalloped potatoes and asparagus, Wednesday..spaghetti with turkey meat and bread..homemade, Thursday...fajitas night, friday night is homemade pizza and saturday night is eat out

What are we doing this offs...4 games! gymnastics, hair and nail appointment, bible study, lunch with Scott's mamie, girls night out, church, a birthday party and a parenting confrence...yes we are busy!

Around the house..laundry, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, and hanging out together...

One of my favorite things....watching it snow.

From my picture journal..I love this picture....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday chit chat

So good Morning! We have had so much rain in the last 48 hours it is unreal. Yesterday would have been perfect to stay at home and lay on the couch and watch movies all day with some hot tea....but I had to get out. Me + the Grocery store (2 stores at that) = not happy. Then I had to pick both kids up at school and run to gymnastics and you get the point..I was out in the mess most of the day.
So several of you have asked about my exercising and how it is going....since 1/1 I have lost 6 pounds. Now I dont like to diet. I like to eat....I really do. I have just started watching what I eat...I'm not eating out as much and when I do...well its smart. I'm also doing yoga and aerobics on the Wii fit at least 5 times a week. That is an hour work out...its not the hardest work out but it works for me as I dont belong to a gym nor would I have the time to go. I also have been walking my treadmill 6 days a week...2-3 miles depending on if Miller lets me. I dont run as in highschool I ran track but I was a long distance stuff for me. SO I will run the last quarter on the treadmill at treadmill owners know what that when I do the treadmill I walk at a 4 and that is fast....I can do 3 miles in 44 minutes and 2 miles in 29 minutes...its a hard walk...and I sweat so much I have to shower its in the morning or late at night when I'm doing this. My food has been all at home...I have found that oatmeal eaten by 9am sticks with me until lunch....I dont even think of snacks....for lunch I do a tortilla with cheese and light sour cream and salsa and bake in the oven....sometimes I put cut up fruit on the side....I have actually done this meal for lunch 3 times this week...I can never get tired of mexican snacks vary around 3ish....I do yogurt with granola or fruit sliced up or Ranch rice cakes are great.....but I really have never been a snacker or sweet lover. So that part doesnt get to me....dinner is healthy as I can get it...I have kids and after awhile they get tired of chicken...this time around I grocery shopped in my pantry and I normally spend $300 at the grocery for 2 weeks...this time I spent $175 for 2 weeks...I was so excited...just planning meals in the pantry and freezer that I already had...this really worked....and it may work again this month but it wont be forever....but the money saved was nice and can go towards something else...:).
Today we are at home....Madison has a friend coming over tonight and we are going out to eat and they are going to the Homecoming Basketball game....I will be going home with Miller to play the Wii....we love to play my plans today are to finish up laundry...strip bed sheets and get one bathroom clean...tomorrow i can do floors....

As for the weekend...we have a Sunday School potluck tomorrow night and Sunday is church. A pretty laid back weekend.

I hope you all are well....we have a friend having a heart cath today...please be in prayer for our friend Rod.....I will talk with you all on Monday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to reality

Well it's time to leave the house. Me and Miller have been in the house since Thursday afternoon and it has been wonderful. I love to stay in my home. We have ventured outside a couple of times as it has been nice enough to play out there, but I love to stay home.

So today he goes to school and I'm coming back home to pick up and walk the treadmill. Then I will pick him up and we will come home...then go get Madison bring her home take her back to catch the bus for a game tonight....then I will go to the is getting back to "normal" as you would say.

I'm sure by 9 tonight I will be ready to go to bed.....but for right now I must go put my make up on and fix my hair for the first time in 4 days....I have been

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A new week

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FOR TODAY...Monday...January 18th

Outside my window...the sun is shining and the temps are not that bad. A good day.

I am thinking...of Madison's science project we have to complete today.

I am thankful for...Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace and the people who take it, teach it and pray for it....if you have not taken it..will forever change your life!

I am wearing..a sweat shirt and pants

I am remembering...that I love to play games with the kids.

I am 4 in the house....I love to stay home!

I am reading...The Friends we Keep......a little book I got for my birthday. You gotta read this one!

I am hoping... for a nice snowfall this winter...just one.

On my mind... eating out of my pantry.....wondering how far I can go...

From the learning rooms...nothing today.....this week working on counting.

Noticing that...I'm sleeping in alot.....:)

Pondering these words...New Year

From the kitchen... Pasta Figule with homemade bread, Salad Night, Apricot Lemon Chicken with asparagus and rice, Tilapia and shrimp over rice and zucchini, Potluck for the Sunday school class, eating out one night and Crockpot Chicken and Dumplins

What are we doing this week.....last game...if we win we go to the playoffs....gymnastics plus a make up, church, bible study, grocery store, Sunday School game night, breakfast with a girlfriend, and coffee with my mom

Around the house..mopping floors, getting clothes ready for consignment, and stripping bed sheets

One of my favorite things....eating dinner out with Scott.

From my picture journal..Cinderellas Castle in Disney!

Friday, January 15, 2010


For more Favorite things go visit Suzanne over at Living to tell the story....

1. Shopping with my momma. We went out yesterday and shopped and stopped and had tea and talked like adults....laughed and giggled and enjoyed each other.

2. Little sayings Miller says....this week he said....Mommy do you know what I want to be when I grow up? I asked what babe? Miller responded with "a daddy" was a priceless moment!

3. A new wine that a friend brought to me. She got it at Aldis. Although our Aldis does not sell alcohol in my town...but its called Winking Owl....and it is awesome and cheap. If you drink wine...try it....yum! Thanks again Michelle!

4. My workout. I know that sounds crazy. But I'm enjoying walking on the treadmill 2-3 miles a day and my hour Wii fit work out....4 times a week. I do Yoga and Aerobics. And I feel great once I'm done....

5. Great cards at Lifeway this week. They had buy one box get the next box $5.98 a box..I bought 4 boxes I love their cards so inspirational and perfect to send to people.

There you have favorite things this week. This weekend is low key. Madison is staying the night with a friend...I''m grilling fish tonight...talipia...I make things she wont eat when she is not here...we have been trying to eat better and it has been challenging. If any of you have any great low calorie recipes send them my way please. Saturday will be watching movies and hanging out...maybe a craft for Miller..finishing up a science project with Madison...and ordering pizzas with the kids. An easy night. Sunday is church...and a lazy day.
A few prayer requests if you dont mind....
A friend of ours...Rod is having a heart cath on Friday 1/22...pray things go well.
Pray for our troops and their families
Pray for the people in Haiti and the people being sent to help them. So devastating.
I hope you all have a grea weekend....see you Monday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Me and my mom

Spending the day with my momma....I love days like this...we are going shopping and doing lunch. Miller stays late for its just me and her. I so enjoy time with her. Always have. Hitting some antique stores, and the mall. Time well spent.

Enjoy your day friends........

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a thought

Thought of the Day

Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chit Chat

Good Morning. Thank you all for the support on me going private. Something I have wrestled with for awhile now. I'm glad I did it.

Today Miller is going to school. The kids were out last week 2 days due to weather. So I'm ready to have some alone time. I'm actually coming back home to clean house. Fold laundry and straighten up. That way he and I can spend the afternoon together playing games. Madison has a game tonight and its away so Scott is going after work.
Scott and I are looking forward to the last season of Lost starting back up. Its our favorite show of all times. We have been watching the upcoming "hint" shows that have been on. I need to catch up with the Bachelor today and some Food Network shows I record...any of you watching The Worst Cooks Ever? Pretty good. I watch the FoodNet work alot...the Challenge shows are really good.

So Madison and I are planning her 13th birthday party. That has been interesting. She wants
This week isnt that bad for me. We are coming home after school today and will be playing games and watching a movie together.
Pretty laid back day.
Hope you all are well talk to you soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A new week!

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FOR TODAY...Monday...January 11th

Outside my window...snow on the ground still...temps are so low the snow wont melt. But that is okay I like looking at it.

I am thinking...of the week ahead. The errands that need to been ran, the lists that need to be made, and the time I need to spend wisely.

I am thankful for...all the people who still want to read about my day...thanks to all of you that wanted to go private with me...

I am wearing..a sweat shirt and sweat pants....its cold baby!

I am remembering...that God always listens to me. Even when I forget he is there.

I am going...No where today. Staying home in the warm.

I am reading...The Friends we Keep......a little book I got for my birthday. You gotta read this one!

I am hoping... Scott stays warm today.

On my mind... needing to get healthier. Needing to look for healthier recipes.

From the learning rooms...finger painting...and practicing his name. Talking about cold and hot.

Noticing that...lessons learned are not that bad!

Pondering these words...sinus infection

From the kitchen... Mexican Meatball Soup, Salad Night..Biggest Loser, Cheesy Tortillini, Tarragon Chicken....New things! Taffy apple salad..a new sweet dessert that is wonderful!

What are we doing this, gymnastics, nail appointment, day spent with my mom, the weekend is free unbelievable!

Around the house..stripping sheets, folding laundry, cleaning tubs

One of my favorite things....that moment when Miller wakes up and snuggles with me in the morning!

From my picture journal..the swing in my front the spring time.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's Been Great.

Hello! Well I have been blogging for 4 years now...WOW! And made amazing friends...I'm going to continue to blog....but it will be private. There are certain people I don't want reading my all get it...and Madison is having issues with her pictures on the world wide as for next Monday I will be blogging in private...if you wish to read me I will invite you so leave a comment or if you cant email me at

Sometimes good things have to come to an end....hope to hear from you on the other side.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I need some advice...I'm looking to eat healthier and need some blogs that can help me save money while buying some organic items....or a blog with healthy recipes...I'm trying to move my family away from processed things slowly. A big transition I know....We have our garden in the summer so it will be easier then....but for now....if you eat healthy...where do u get your recipes and how can I save money buying whole foods/organic items. I went today and looked but thought my pocket book would start crying.

Thank you blog friends! If you lurk....and want to email me on a private

If you watch what you eat...send me ideas!!!

For more Works for me Wednesdays....go

Sunday, January 03, 2010

the first monday of the year.

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FOR TODAY...Monday...January 5th

Outside my window...the bus is broken down in front of our home...its 8 degrees outside this morning....very very cold...the wind chill is -1.

I am thinking...of how quiet the house will be with Madison and Scott back at school and work...:(

I am thankful for...that God gave us such a wonderful holiday. It was peaceful and enjoyable.

I am wearing..a sweat shirt and sweat pants....its cold baby!

I am remembering...that people deserve second chances. And some things need to be left alone.

I am Madison's game tonight...but for today...I will look at my clean house...snuggle with my sweet boy and enjoy my life.

I am reading...The Friends we Keep......a little book I got for my birthday. You gotta read this one!

I am hoping... that a friend of mine can have peace and move on.

On my mind... the Wii awesome it is to have this! I love it...I exercise on it daily and am walking my treadmill in the warm house! Motivation!

From the learning rooms...we are doing birdhouses this week...and practicing on counting. My birdhouses are feeders really..we take pine cones and spread peanut butter on them and roll them in seed...the birds need them this time of year and they love them!

Noticing that...listening to your kids....makes since.

Pondering these words...schedules and lists.

From the kitchen... Tomatoe Baked Chicken with squash and green beans, Salmon with brown rice and veggies, Pasta Bake with salad, game night...will be leftovers and eating out with friends one night and grill night too! Shrimp on the barbie!

What are we doing this week.....we have 2 games, gymnastics, church starts back with family night and dinner out with friends, life starts back!

Around the house..the house is decluttered and clean! Laundry left.....and going to do some baking.

One of my favorite things....artichoke dip...with pita chips!

From my picture journal..our tip to the beach..Scott and the kids from our balcony. Its nice to look at beach pictures on a cold day like today!