Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Want a gift card...for free?


The Winner of a Sonic or Starbucks Gift Card is Kiy @ Rocking Chairs and a Tricycle......Congratulations......Thanks to everyone who entered. This was alot of fun...all 295 of you. I'm joining in on the about a $10 gift card to Sonic or Starbucks your choice....just let me know when I announce the winner.....

Now the rules
Just comment between now and Saturday February 2nd at noon cst. You need to make sure I have your email in case you win! This drawing is limited to US Residents only. If you are not a blogger leave your email and I will count you in......for more bloggy give aways go see Shannon @

Good Luck to you all....have fun!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Yes..........I got the stomach bug from Miller......I have been..... well you know all day long. I feel like crap. Literally. I'll post tomorrow.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Re Cap

So far since we spoke last this has occurred....

My Grocery Experience was exhausting...but I made it.

I have vacuumed the entire house.

I have made Taco Soup and it was so so good.

Taken Madison to and from school.

Studied for a Social Studies test with her.

Started on a project with her.

Let the dog outside half a dozen times.

Walked 5 miles at the mall.

Took Madison to and from school again.

Played legos.

Watched Winnie the Pooh at least 3 times

Done 4 loads of laundry.

Cleaned up Miller started throwing up Friday night.

Stayed up all night last night cleaning vomit up over and over again....

I'm on 3 hours of sleep.

Vacuumed again.

And now I'm watching Winnie the Pooh again.....while I watch the sun rise....

I have a girls night out with MOPS tonight...pray Miller gets well so I can go and that I don't start least until

Have a good weekend everyone.....tell me this will get better.

Weekend Re Cap

So far since we spoke last this has occurred....

My Grocery Experience was exhausting...but I made it.

I have vacuumed the entire house.

I have made Taco Soup and it was so so good.

Taken Madison to and from school.

Studied for a Social Studies test with her.

Started on a project with her.

Let the dog outside half a dozen times.

Walked 5 miles at the mall.

Took Madison to and from school again.

Played legos.

Watched Winnie the Pooh at least 3 times

Done 4 loads of laundry.

Cleaned up Miller started throwing up Friday night.

Stayed up all night last night cleaning vomit up over and over again....

I'm on 3 hours asleep.

Vacuumed again.

And now I'm watching Winnie the Pooh again.....while I watch the sun rise....

I have a girls night out with MOPS tonight...pray Miller gets well so I can go and that I don't start least until

Have a good weekend everyone.....tell me this will get better.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grocery Day

Today is Grocery Day. I love getting new groceries but with a 2 year old it is hard sometimes. I go to 2 stores and this makes it hard to keep him interested in what we are doing....he wants to get out of the buggy and I cant do this or he will take a mad man. So what are your tips when taking little ones to the store?

I spend about $250 on groceries and toiletries every 2 weeks......just curious what you all spend. I shop every 2 weeks because when we were in the military that is how we got paid the 1st and 15th....and for some reason....10 years later I still shop this way. It works for us though. I only go back for Milk once.....not bad. SO what do you pay? And how many times a month do you shop? I spend $500 a month......let me know.

I'm off to Walmart...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TV Talk

I wanted to run this by you all. Tonight's Deal or No it....or record it....the girl on there is from my area of Kentucky. I do not know her....but am very excited for her. She is in pink tonight I know watch it.....Lost is coming up in a week....I need to watch the last episode of last season...I cant remember what happened....anyone want to remind me?

We have church tonight....then home to watch my shows.....Madison went to school she is much better. Miller got his hair cut this cute...I'll post a picture later this week.

So sad about Heath Ledger.... I hate it for his daughter.

Have a pleasant day everyone.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Chit Chat

I wanted to show you the pictures of us making the bird feeders....Miller really had a alot of fun doing this.
Probably too much fun as he ate some too.

Some things going on today.....

Madison is home sick. She woke me up at 1am sick to her stomach. Still sick to her stomach, I found her laying in the bathroom floor an hour ago. She said the floor felt good. Poor thing. She is in bed now.

I went to a Pampered Chef party last night and ordered some new gadgets. I learned something too....the cheese blocked you buy at the store...any kind I guess you can cut these up into 2 inches apart on parchment paper on a baking sheet....set the oven to 400 and your timer for 13 minutes...bake and they turn into cheese crackers...and so yummy. Miller loved them......try easy snack and I would say really good with soups or chili's.

Miller gets a hair cut in the morning....finally his hair is getting too long.

I menu planned yesterday and have some new recipes to try and found some old ones I had forgotten about.

My bible study continues tomorrow night....I hope Madison is well enough so I can go.

This is grocery week. Pray Miller does normally takes 2 hours to grocery for 2 weeks.

My parents are doing well. The weather got cold this week. She misses us. We miss her too.

There is a girl in Madison's Sunday School Mckenzie....she has cancer and it doesn't look good. We are cooking for her and her family next week. Say a prayer that Scott and I know how to explain this to Madison. She is a friend of Madison's. I need guidance on this. It kills me and Scott to see her mother suffer through this. Mc Kenzie accepted Christ into her life last year.....the cancer was very un expected.

Nate another child at our church is in remission...praise God...but still under a new chemo and trying to get used to it. Please continue to pray for his family too.

I have a friend due to have a baby any day now....this is baby #3. She has a 4 year old an almost 2 year old.....pray for them please.

I made cookies this morning.....I'm hiding them from Miller.

I guess that is all I have for today. Talk to you later.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Here are my answers

Well....I thought this would be fun. So here goes........this has really been alot of fun.

Meredith at Life at 7000 feet asked me.....What kitchen gadget/appliance could you not live without?

Well......besides the coffee pot.....I use my strainer alot....seems like everyday. If I'm not cleaning veggies for salads...I'm straining pasta or some kind of grease off meat......I wash it daily. I know I'm pretty boring. I cook alot. We only eat out once a week. But I love to do it. And really don't mind. I really enjoy looking at new gadgets in stores or magazines......

Chappyswife @ Journey to the Prize asked me ......
I was wondering what to ask, then I realized I don't really remember what jobs you may have had in the past. If you weren't a (an amazing!) stay-at-home mom & could do anything, what would it be?
Also, you seem to have so much energy. Any tips there?

A Travel Agent...and own my own Agency. My dream would be to own my own Bed & Breakfast and this is our goal one day.....but if I could work would be a travel agency. For fun I surf condos and hotels all over the world. I actually help friends and family book their trips for free now. My aunt is looking at islands right now and I have been helping her. I love it....almost addicting...always looking for a deal. Although Scott and I have always wanted to own a B&B on the ocean big enough for our children and parents to visit during holidays and enjoy the time with us.
On energy...I'm driven this way. I have Type A personality.....I take Vitamin C and Zinc and walk 2 days a week. I try to keep my metabolism going...I think that is the key to energy.

Barb at A Chelsea Morning asked me this......
OK, here's one. Besides sitting on the beach with book I sent you :-), what would be your dream vacation? Where would you most like to go in the whole world?

The world? That is big.....Ireland. Scott is Irish and I would love to rent a country home for us and the kids for a month and re trace his roots......sitting in a chair with a glass of wine watching the countryside watching my kids play in the fields would be a dream come true. Yes Ireland.
In the United States......California....and we plan on doing so in June....a dream come true.
Also...Savannah Georgia....I love history. And to be able to walk down those

Michelle @ Michelle's Family life asked me.....
Do you like to cook and bake or is it a chore?

Yes....I love to cook. Sounds is NOT a chore to me. I love just sitting down and looking for new recipes.....its actually one of my favorite things to do. I love to to bake also....there you have it...I'm a geek.

Karen @ Over the Back Yard Fence asked me.....
What's your favorite book of all time?

I don't read alot.....I know I'm different. But I don't. If it's not Guidepost or Chicken Soup for the Soul....or just a great magazine....I don't do it. Although...Barb challenged me and I read A Gift of the Sea this past fall. It was great. I won it on her blog. I actually sat down and read the whole thing. I haven't read many books in my day. I really enjoyed Little House on the Prairie Series when I was young......I did read The Bridges of Madison county when Scott and I got married....I really liked that mom has challenged me to read a book while she is gone....Tending the Roses.....I have read 3 pages....maybe I should go read that now.....

Gail @ More than a Song asked me.....
What's your favorite Bible verse?

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

There is a story behind this. I had a dear friend Elizabeth. She passed away from breast cancer 10 years ago. I had never had anyone that close to me die. She was a really good friend. Before she passed she gave me this verse framed and it is hung in my home.......and I believe in this verse so much. She passed away in January. My MIL had a dream that May about Elizabeth.....she came to her in a dream and said I was pregnant. 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with MIL never told me of this story until after Madison was born.....I believe Elizabeth is watching over my family and helps give me hope for my future.

What was your childhood like?

My childhood was really good. I grew up with great parents. We had a great friends were great. We didn't struggle. I can never remember not having anything. We went to church. It was a great childhood.

How would you spend a day without the kids?

I would want to go out of town.....or to a Spa for the day. Getting a pedicure would be nice too. But most likely I would grab Scott up and we would drive down to Nashville for the day and eat at Demo's.......maybe go to some shops and come home....

Laura @ Organize Junkie asks.....So since you know I have hair issues what is your favorite hair product?

Got2b Defiant Pomade...Controlling Styles....I get it at Walmart. It's like a wax. I put it on my hair after I dry takes the friz out of my hair. Then I hot iron my hair.....sometimes curl it with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I use Rave Hairspray....pretty plain....but my wax is my favorite.

Mimi @ Listen to your Grammie asks.......
Have you lived in Kentucky all your life???

Sorta. I was born here...went to school here....but when Scott and I got married we moved to Panama City Beach Florida. Scott was in the Air Force...we stayed there for almost 4 years. Then moved back to Kentucky. I bleed blue.

Annie @ Life is short.Take part in Happy Hour and Pattie @ Stolen Moments asks me ..........

1. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

  • I would have a child between Madison and Miller. I wished we would have. I know we didnt. But if I could change ANYTHING that would be it.
2. If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

My mother's mother. My grandmother. She passed away when my mother was 21 and I wasn't born yet. It was very unexpected. Massive heart attack at age 47..leaving 9 children behind...4 at home still. I always ask questions about her....but would love to meet her.

3. Are you a Starbucks fan or do you boycott them?

I LOVE Starbucks.....I always get something to drink there when we pass them. My favorite drink is a Raspberry Cappuccino with heavy cream......or a White Chocolate Frappacino.

Karla @ Looking Towards Heaven asks.....
When are you coming to

We usually go to Nashville in the summer or Christmas.....I'll let you know......

SmileymamaT @ Another cup of coffee and may get something done asks.....
Have you ever bought your coffee from the Dollar Store??

No I have not. I'm pretty funny about my coffee. I like Folgers and Starbucks. I go back and forth on them. I do however got to the Dollar Store alot....and buy alot there just not coffee.

Kelli @ There is no place like home asks.......
What would your perfect day be like? From morning to night.

Perfect day. Morning.....waking up sipping coffee watching the sunrise at the beach. Listening to the birds. No hurry on life. No rush with kids....just taking my time through life. Around noon having a spinach strawberry salad with some Sweet tea and mint.......with Scott. Afterwards going to a local spa and having a Swedish massage done and a pedicure and a chocolate bath while listening to Kenny G. The early evening getting ready for dinner with Scott. Dining at a favorite resteraunt with a glass of wine. Ending the evening with a big piece of Chocolate cake and cappuccino with a raspberry I had the kids with me......which is just as perfect....we would start out in Disneyworld.....and the rest would be magical....watching their faces would be perfect in itself.

There you have it....a little more about me......I really enjoyed doing this over the weekend. It was alot of fun. I hope you all have a great day. it is 17 here this morning.....brrrrr. We are supposed to get a Winter Storm possibly is out of school today and we are hanging out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

What do you want to know?

So there are several people doing this (Barb and Bev) and I thought what the hey. It could be good for the weekend. I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and most of you know alot about me.

But if you have any questions for me....ask...I'll answer you this weekend....I cant believe I'm doing this....go ahead ask away.

This originated at Life at 7000 feet

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It finally did it!

Look what we got last night. We were so excited. It was so pretty falling. Although it is gone now. It melted fast. Miller loved it. We had a MOPS meeting this morning so we didn't get to play in it. But I got my snowed. I love the way it looks.

Our MOPS meeting was nice. I really enjoy this group of women.

My bible study went well last night. I think I'm going to enjoy it. It's on parenting. Miller enjoyed his class last night.

Today after MOPS Miller and I met Scott at his grandmothers house for lunch. It was nice. He fell asleep on the way home. He is napping now.

I haven't finished watching American Idol from last night. We caught up on Biggest Loser first. So maybe tonight we can catch up. Although the Apprentice and Earl are on.....real tv baby.

I'm walking in the morning with my friend Christi. Maybe making some returns while there.
I have been cleaning alot this week. I cleaned bathrooms yesterday. This afternoon I need to mop floors.

Scott is off all we have big plans for family time. Not much to say....I'm coming by to see you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just another day

Today I have cleaned my Dining Room and put away my Christmas Dishes...I kept them out as they are so pretty to look at in the China Cabinet. I have now put my original china back into the cabinet and the room is normal again. I did however leave the Red Candlestick holders with red candles as Valentines Day is near. I have cleaned both bathrooms and have a load of laundry going. I still need to sweep floors and vacuum before lunch time. Miller and I are going to make Dreamsicle cookies today too. Beds are all made. The house is quiet. Miller is playing in the floor with blocks. He loves blocks and balls.

We have had only Cardinals on the pinecone bird feeders this morning. 4 to be exact. They are such beautiful birds. Not a whole lot happening today.

My bible study starts tonight. Miller goes to his class too. He is finally old enough to go to Mission Friends class.

Idol was pretty funny with the guy in the yellow suit singing deep....and the crazy lady who lives with her mom in a one room studio. She was nuts...although I felt so sorry for Temptress and her sad...she was such a sweet young lady. I did love the last women...she reminded me of Sheryl Crowe. I liked her though. We haven't watched Biggest Loser...but really enjoy the couple thing.

I'm looking forward to the Apprentice..I like Gene Simmons....and Lost is coming on in a couple of weeks...finally good tv is back on.

We have church tonight and eating leftovers. The weather here is really cold. 22 this morning....I wish we would get some snow.....well...what are you all doing today?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just talking

Good Morning. I awoke this morning and watched the sun rise while drinking my coffee. Scott took Madison to school so Miller and I had breakfast together and started on a project. We made pine cone bird feeders for the birds and hung them. Miller had peanut butter all over him. Quite cute I may add. He enjoyed himself though. He is playing with legos right now as I take a computer break.

Today we are going to organize some kitchen cabinets. For some reason some of the cabinets are all out of order. And this drives me nuts. I want to watch Martha Stewart today. I missed her yesterday. I enjoy her from time to time and really love all her tips.

American Idol starts tonight. We are really excited for this. Madison has gymnastics tonight and we are hooked up with a car pull....this helps alot.

Alot of you asked about Madison getting anchor at school. She is a part of the News Team. She loves it. She started out as a reporter and they have filmed a bunch of things. She also enjoys doing cameraman. Her group actually won an award last year and they are going to state in the spring. Anyway she decided to take a shot at anchorman. She tried out last week because someone stepped down....we worked all night on a skit to talk about. She aced it and got the job. She started yesterday and loved it. She even had a teacher send her a note saying she did an awesome job.....she works hard at things she loves. Maybe journalism one day...who knows.

My parents are still on the road today I spoke to them twice yesterday and they had made it to Florida. They should arrive at their destination today.

I stayed put yesterday after my walk. Did some laundry and cooked. Today after I do the cabinets I think I will clean baseboards.

I'm off to fold some laundry and decide what is for dinner. I hope you all have a good day.
My bible study starts tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to this.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Their gone.

And their gone. They left this morning. I'm a little sad. They told us goodbye at church last night. When mom went to explain to Miller they were going on a little vacation...Miller looked at her and said..."me go to meme" which then broke my heart. I know it's only 6 weeks...but it's a lifetime to me. Pray they are safe.
I know they need to do this. I just spend so much time with them.

Today I'm going walking with a friend. Running some errands. And will come back here to prepare dinner and do some laundry. Madison started as anchor this morning for the school news cast. She was really excited.

My week should be pretty busy. I'm going to dive into some projects to keep my mind occupied.
I'll be around to talk later with you. Have a great Monday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's the weekend.

This morning it's cold. Not snow cold...but frost cold. The sun peeped through my curtains and woke me. Scott had already left for work. The kids are asleep and the house is so quiet. Yet in an hour it will be utter chaos. But that is okay. The sun is shining today and that is what matters.

My week has been really hard with me being so sick. But I think I'm getting better. They wanted to do a chest X Ray and I told them lets wait. I'm feeling stronger. I guess the anti biotic is kicking in. I went to the grocery store yesterday and it didn't even tire me out. Scott took me to dinner last night...Outback style. I ate really well. We had a nice kids.

My parents leave on Monday. This is making me sad and nervous. But it's going to happen. So I need to just get over it.

This I'm thinking we may just hang out here. We don't have many days when we can stay home all day. No where to go. I think we may straighten through the house....I may let Madison make some great dessert and help with dinner....we may watch some movies and just rest. Tomorrow is church and we will probably have my parents over for dinner. Madison sings tomorrow night at church so we will all be there for that.

Next week is a new week. Madison starts back to gymnastics and I start walking again. Things will slowly start going back into schedule. My bible study starts next week and I have a MOPS meeting. So...busy busy.

My carpet is down and looks great. I'm glad that is over with. I have picked out some curtains for my dining room and will order those this week.

Miller and I will start on some projects this week....our pine cone/bird feeders. I look forward to doing these with him.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Talk to you all soon.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Thank you all for your concern and prayers. I'm still sick. Running a low grade fever now. I'm still coughing and my chest hurts. They have me on a steroid and anti biotic for strep. I'm home now resting. Trying to rest. Miller is at mom's. Please pray I get through this as my parents leave next week and I need to get over this sickness. Scott has been really good to me. He is sick too.
I just need some energy.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Miserable Day

The Carpet guys came and were 45 minutes EARLY......which never happens to me.

The Doctor called today to tell me I tested positive to strep throat.....anti biotic..$110 for the entire family..who has now been exposed.

The panties I wanted at Victoria Secret...nothing in my size...all X Large....this sucked.

The weather outside not so good..very in pony tail day.

Get a call from dad...who is retired now and watches the Weather Channel all the time..calls to say we have some really bad weather in the careful....

Get in line at school to pick Madison up only to realize we are under a Tornado Warning and the school is on lock calls back and says take cover.....where I ask?

My day.........PRICELESS..........details tomorrow.

I'm exhausted...and need a shower.

We are all safe. Carpet guys come back in the morning and I will be ready.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Update....I'm back from the Dr......I have stomach virus and Bronchitis. They are checking me for strep & Mono.....just what I needed. I feel tired. They prescribed me prednizone and NO antibiotics......he said no more of those...that it would need to work it's way out with the steroid. And I have Carpet people coming rest for me.

Today I'm going to the Dr at 1pm. I don't feel great at all. Still having throat problems. My cough is worse and now some other symptoms you must not want to know about. I just feel really lousy. I'm going to lay down and will post later what I cough cough.....

Friday, January 04, 2008

Just chatting

We had a fantastic day at MOPS yesterday......Spa Day. It was great. I urge any mom's of pre schoolers to look your local MOPS group up and JOIN! We had mini massages done and Satin Hands by Mary Kay and Satin Lips......we had great fellowship and fantastic food. I really enjoy our group we have. And I have the BEST Mentor mom out there.

On to other dad is retiring today. He has been working for over 40 years......and today is the day. They are having a reception at noon. My mom is going. He is a little nervous though. They will be leaving for Florida in 2 weeks. This of course makes me very nervous. My parents are huge supporters of my little family and help us alot. But I realize they must too have a life. Pity Party for me though.

Remember when I moved into our dream home last July? We went in and totally gutted this know if you have been reading me long. Well......the carpet in my hallway (which we replaced all the floors) has seams coming up. SO a carpet inspector came out to look at it....before Christmas. And guessed it....they are replacing I'm thinking the hallway is being big deal. NO. The entire house is being replaced...the carpet they put down has a malfunction they called it. 2 words.....HOLY CRAP.
Now I have to pick things up from the bottom of my closets this weekend...they are doing this on Tuesday. And......have Miller out of here due to his allergies. Pulling carpet up will bother him. So we have some errands to run that day and then we will hang out with my mom and newly retired dad. Scott will be off this day to hang out at home...he can work in the garage.

We have started talking to Miller about potty training....he seems a little interested...but not so much. Who knows. We did play with play dough today for the first time. Good Times.

Friday Night Lights starts back tonight. This will be good. Love me some
The Celebrity Apprentice was pretty good last night. I'm backing Gene Simmons all the way. I know I'm sick. For some weird crazy exotic reason....I like him.

I have been visiting some new blogs....look over at my sidebar....pretty good stuff. I have some others in my blog lines....will add them later.
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some of my favortie things....

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens;
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens;
Brown paper packages tied up with strings;
These are a few of my favorite things.

I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite things.....

The way the kids get so happy to see Scott after a long day.

Miller snuggling with me before he falls asleep

Sitting on my mama's front porch watching a storm come up drinking iced tea

Starbucks Coffee...the taste and smell

Eating out for lunch

Walking down the beach with Scott

A good glass of wine

Talking with a friend on the phone

Girls Night Out

Dinner with Scott

Playing with Miller



Old Plantations in the South


The smell of my Willow Wick candle burning in my bedroom

Mexican Food & Margaritas

Watching Movies with my kids and hubby

The sound of waves crashing on shore

Blizzards at Dairy Queen

The color red and pink

A new pair of shoes

Raspberry anything

My Dining Room

Shopping with my mom

Dinner with friends

Laying in the Sun on a hot summer day

Cooking...yes I love to cook

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things with you this new year. If your new to my site you can get to know me best this way. I look forward to a wonderful New Year.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years

Resolutions? No but maybe some projects and a few goals. I know this past year I started reading my devotions and was quite faithful at it...but then life seamed to get into the way and well I quit. This year this is my main goal. To do my devotions as soon as I get up with coffee in the morning. I know with the help from God I can do this. If I can Blog daily I can do this.
Projects you ask? parents and Scott's parents (who left this morning) are going to Florida...Scott's parents go until May and this year my parents are going. See my dad retires Friday after almost 40 years of work at the same place. Scared...I believe he is. But...he is ready to spend countless days with my kids I know.. parents leave mid January...scare you may ask...I'm terrified. I'm never away from my mom for more than 2 weeks at a time. If you have been around my blog for awhile....she and I do something weekly she watches Miller at least once a week for me...they watch the kids so I can have a social life..quit laughing Jessica.....and's going to be all gone for a month and a half..some of you say that isn't very long and its not really....but my mom and I are verrrrry close and well...I'm a big baby. Okay projects you said? Okay I have an armoire that I want to paint red and then black over it.....this will probably take 2 days to do....then I want to paint my fireplace mantle black.......I need to get back into my genealogy and I plan on homeschooling Miller a little this winter/spring for pre school. He is only it shouldn't be very hard. I have some crafts planned for me and him and a few field trips.....this should all keep me busy while my parents are off living it up golfing in southern Florida. I'm really happy for them don't get me wrong...just being selfish.

Today for New Years....I'm making a Roast with brown gravy....mashed potatoes, turnip greens, black eyed peas and a hammock, deviled eggs, and a homemade Coconut dad's favorite. Yes we are a little southern. We are having a family dinner in the dining room and Madison is going to mama's for the night and spending the day with mama tomorrow. Miller and I are just trying to heal from our sickness over the holidays so we are hanging here. Scott is off today and watching some football.

I hope you all have a great New Year...I have met some great new friends out there and will share them with you this week sometime......