Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vacation Time

What a crazy couple of  weeks.  We have had ballgames and soccer games left and right. Meetings at school, picture day, baby showers (4 of them!), nail appointments, hair appointments, a Girls Night out, Homecoming tomorrow night, a birthday party, a shopping trip, bible study, concession stand duty, a meeting for a youth mission trip to Romania, carpooling and dog sitting. YES.....I'm ready for a vacation. We leave next week and I cannot wait to get my toes in the sand and sit and stare off to no where. I cant wait to eat out and shop and watch my girl parasail for the first time. I cant wait to walk the beach with my love and to watch Miller jump into a pool 5,459 times. I cant wait to drink little umbrella drinks and watch the sunset  every single night. I cannot wait to sleep past 8am. Eat dinner when we want...smell the ocean breeze...sit on the balcony and look for dolphins....not worry with make up much...wear pony tails on the sandcastles...go see where we once lived and what it looks like at Corums for breakfast and order Heavenly Hash....the best breakfast thing out there but the worse possible thing to eat! I just cannot wait for vacation! I even enjoy the ride down there. I'm so ready to rest and enjoy the family and make awesome memories!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A letter to my girl...

Over the next twenty years a lot is going to change. You are so ready for the next change in your life. In 1st grade you couldn't wait for 5th grade then you couldn't wait for middle school and then high school and now just being an upper classman...Soon it will be college and then that degree and husband. Slow down and enjoy this life. Being a kid is what its all about.

Remember to keep hanging out with Miller. I know you don't have alot in common. He is just 6 years old. I know you don't get alot of time with him at home and you are both going in different directions...but sit with him and hang out when you will miss this one day. These days are gifts for you both. They will soon be gone.

Friends are going to come and go. They just do. I can count two friends that I I have been friends with since middle school. I still have them in my life. I'm one of the lucky ones. A true friend loves you know matter what. A true friend never judges you nor turns on you. A true friend will be there 20 years later. You will figure this all out. It will be hard...but the ones that dont stick around you will thank later. Keep asking yourself will this matter in 5 years?

You will have a serious boyfriend or first love soon. And you guys will date awhile. Me and dad will hopefully like him. I'll pray daily you wont get into any trouble, but eventually you two will break up and your heart will go into a million pieces. You will have to go through this to make yourself wiser. If I could just get a magic wand and give you wisdom without heartbreak I would. But that would be too easy. Those moments when you become wiser from sad times are given to you from God. They are actually a gift. And by the way...that boyfriend will always be in your heart and you will pray for him daily for the rest of your life and you will thank him for helping you be who you will become. I hope you two will remain friends.

You will travel all over the world and do mission work when you can because you are such a giving soul. And you love to be with children.  You have wanted to go to Africa since 3rd grade to help orphans. You once told me when you were younger they were all God's children. You made me smile.

You will eventually get married have your own children and come for Christmas. Your life will be busy and happy. All of a sudden your plans change from Friday Night football games to car pools and concession stand duties and that is ok. You will be a wife and a mom. There is no greater JOY in this world. You will smile and say mom was right all along and that it does all work out.

You will have hard times and rough patches. Again.....they will make you wiser and most important stronger. You are a wonderful child growing up in this world.  Your choices are yours. Be smart. Think them through.  I'm praying for you. I always will be.