Saturday, November 17, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of November 19th...Happy Thanksgiving

Dessert of the week....Banana Bread Brownies

Monday....Slow cooker Sausage bell peppers and onion over brown rice

Tuesday....Grilled Pork Chops (marinated in Dale's)  with bacon wrapped cabbage wedges 

Wednesday.....Ill be cooking at moms all day...tonight will be Taco Bar. I already brown my beef and freeze it in packages. So I'll throw some out with toppings and be done! Its one of the boys favorite things actually. Miller may still want his Wednesday Wendy'

Thursday.....Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey and Dressing with mashed potatoes and green beans, brussels sprouts, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, broccoli salad, cranberry salad, rolls, a relish tray...desserts....coconut cake, pumpkin pies and frosted brownies

Friday.....Black Friday....Eating out. Too tired from shopping....

Saturday....SHOP LOCAL!!! Crock pot Chicken Spaghetti 

Sunday....Thanksgiving at the farm...

Dessert Ideas this week....

Chocolate chip pie
Apple Spice Dump Cake 
Better than anything cake
Mississippi Mud Brownies
Banana Split Dessert 
Blueberry Cheesecake Dessert
Cherries in the snow
Pumpkin Delight Dessert

Day 15 of being thankful.....the leaves changing colors

Day 16 of being thankful....the smell of coffee brewing

Day 17 of being thankful.....fuzzy socks

Day 18 of being thankful.....waves crashing on the beach

Day 19 of being thankful.....happy hour

Day 20 of being sweet husband

Day 21 of being thankful.....our jobs

Gratitude this week.....

What's a tradition that your grateful for?

Week eight of Holiday Cheer....

Its Thanksgiving week! Enjoy this time with family. Rest. Watch some football. Laugh. Look around and know how blessed you are. take pictures......

Switching gears....Black Friday. This is when I get a lot of my shopping done. I also shop online this day too. Saturday I do hometown shopping..local stores. Sunday I'm normally wrapping most of the afternoon. The majority gets done this weekend. 
Start picking up stocking stuffers now. 
Start addressing your Christmas cards this week and go to the post office and get your holiday stamps. Start thinking about your Christmas meal and if you will be ordering a Ham or Turkey and order it. December is knocking on our door......


Friday, November 09, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of November 12th

Dessert of the week...Puppy Chow Mix

Monday....Crock pot Hawaiian Chicken over brown rice or cauliflower rice with a side of steamed veggies

Tuesday....Tuna Casserole with fruit on the side

Wednesday.....Scott's Bday!!! Eating out

Thursday.....leftovers or frozen pizza...may add some toppings to a Cheese pizza

Friday.....Grilled Bruschetta Chicken with sweet potato fries and brussels sprouts (on the grill wrapped in foil with sea salt and olive oil)

Saturday.....Ham and Cheese Sliders with chips

Sunday.......One Pot Chicken Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches

Day 8 of being parents

Day 9 of being thankful......a home to feel safe in

Day 10 of being thankful.....for learning from mistakes

Day 11 of being thankful.....a bed with fresh sheets

Day 12 of being thankful.....Kindness from a stranger

Day 13 of being thankful.....handwritten letters

Day 14 of being thankful....sunflowers

Gratitude of the week....

Write about a happy memory. Share it with someone...

Week seven of Holiday Cheer.....

I decorate this week....Yes..I'm that person. Here is why...Miller's birthday is 11/29 and mine is 12/8. A week apart. And the week before Miller's Birthday is Thanksgiving, and the week before Thanksgiving is Scott's birthday. Four weeks in a roll...BUSY. I never have time to decorate and enjoy. SO a couple of years ago I decided to do it the second week of November. And what a difference it makes. PLUS...I get almost two months to enjoy my tree. 
So....make some hot cocoa...the real kind....turn on some holiday music..and DECORATE!

This week....think about the extra people in your life...

Nail Techs
UPS or FedX

It doesn't have to be much. Even if its a note saying thank you.  Let them know you are grateful for them.


Friday, November 02, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of November 5th

Dessert of the week....Pumpkin Fluff serve with graham crackers

Monday....Chicken Cordon Bleu Noodle Bake with green beans on the side

Tuesday.....Chicken Piccata over cauliflower rice with asparagus

Wednesday....Chicken Tetrazzini  with a salad

Thursday....Ravioli Soup

Friday....leftover soup with a grilled cheese

Saturday.....Spaghetti and Meatball night, I'll eat mine over a spaghetti squash

Sunday.....Chicken and potato chip casserole with fruit on the side

How to make your house smell like Fall.

Make your neighbors, co workers, friends or family members a sweet treat and attach these cute note cards to them

Harvest Mix

Traditions during Thanksgiving

Its November..the month of being thankful, grateful and blessed....

I'm going to give you guys my day by day of what I'm thankful for each week

11/1...Today I'm thankful dates with friends

11/2....Today I'm thankful for ....good hair days...yep

11/3 Today I'm thankful lights...

11/4 Today I'm thankful for...My children's faces when they open a present

11/5 Today I'm thankful for.....pumpkin pie....

11/6 Today I'm thankful for....that person who opens a door when my hands are full...thank you...

11/7 Today I'm thankful for.....not having to set an alarm clock on weekends....YES!

Gratitude of the week.....

Whats something you are grateful for, that you didn't have a year ago?????

Week six of Holiday Cheer....

I start shopping in October and I wrap as I go. Its less stressful for me and my kids can't find the presents. I set up a wrapping station in the spare bedroom (Madison's old room...she has an apartment at college) and I have all the things I need. Tape, wrapping paper, labels, ribbon, boxes, bags...I normally take a week night after work and run to the dollar tree and hobby lobby and load up. I usually do not spend more than $40-$50 bucks in supplies. Rarely do I go back unless its for tape or a specific gift that is hard to wrap. 
I like to listen to Pandora Maria Carey Holiday while I wrap as well. 

So this week....find a wrapping station. Stock up on supplies. Inventory what you had last year. Go over your Christmas Card list and addresses. People move so update your list. Start a stocking list. Start thinking about meals in December. Appetizers, Desserts, Baking items. Conduct a list and add ingredients to your grocery lists. It will be here before you know it.


All of the of new movies premiere at 8pm/7 c.
  • October 27th: Christmas at Pemberley
  • November 3rd: Christmas Joy
  • November 4th: Road to Christmas
  • November 10th: It’s Christmas, Eve
  • November 11th: Christmas in Love
  • November 17th: Christmas at Graceland
  • November 18th: Mingle All the Way
  • November 21st: Christmas at the Palace
  • November 22nd: Christmas at Grand Valley
  • November 23rd: Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe
  • November 24th: Christmas Everlasting
  • November 25th: A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
  • December 1st: Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
  • December 2nd: A Majestic Christmas
  • December 8th: Homegrown Christmas
  • December 9th: Christmas Wonderland
  • December 15th: A Gingerbread Romance
  • December 16th: Entertaining Christmas
  • December 22nd: Christmas Copy
  • December 23rd: Christmas Made to Order
  • December 25th: When Calls the Heart Christmas
  • December 29th; Focus on Love
Freeforms Christmas 2018 shows!!!


Monday, October 29, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of October 29th Happy Halloween!!!

Dessert of the week....Salted Carmel Snaps

Monday...Tilapia with Quinoa and roasted veggies

Tuesday....Steak Tacos in the crock pot

Wednesday.....Halloween.....Chili with Hot Dogs, Nachos, Caramel Apples, Boo Brownies  and lots of candy!!!!

Thursday.....Chicken Enchiladas Soup

Friday....Leftover Soup and grilled cheese

Saturday....Pizza Lasagna  with a chopped Kale Salad

Sunday.... .. Crock Pot Sausage, Green Beans and Potatoes  with texas toast on the side

The Great Pumpkin comes on Wednesday night at 7pm...dont miss it!!

Ghosts and Goblins Spooks Galore, Scary Witches at your door...Jack-O-Laterns Smiling Bright Wishing you a Haunting Night......Happy Halloween my friends......

Week five of Holiday Cheer...

Start your Christmas Bucket List....ask your spouse and kids what they want to do this holiday are some ideas...

  1. Go ice skating
  2. Drive through town and enjoy the Holiday decorations
  3. Make Christmas cookies
  4. Go sledding
  5. Take a picture with Santa
  6. Make hot cocoa
  7. Go Christmas caroling
  8. Surprise your neighbors with cookies
  9. Take a Christmas train ride
  10.  See a living Nativity scene
  11. Watch a Christmas movie
  12. Send Santa a letter
  13. Celebrate Advent with an Advent calendar
  14. See the Nutcracker ballet
  15. Visit a big City and enjoy the holiday lights
  16. Make homemade gifts
  17. Attend a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
  18. Give handmade gifts to service people
  19. Hand out care kits to the homeless
  20. Read a Christmas story
  21. Wear Christmas pajamas
  22. Light a holiday-scented candle
  23. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater
  24. Donate food or time to a local shelter
  25. Adopt-a-family for Christmas
  26. String popcorn for the tree
  27. Make a Christmas ornament
  28. Build a snowman
  29. Make a Christmas craft
  30. Decorate a gingerbread house
There are so many things you can do. 

This week...finalize all travel plans. Order your holiday cards. Have your freezer foods prepped and ready to freeze. Get ready to decorate! 


Friday, October 19, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of October 22nd

Dessert of the week....Champagne Cake

Monday...Tuscan Garlic Chicken over pasta,,,this looks like a lot of ingredients but its really not so scary...and well worth eating.

Tuesday....Teriyaki Chicken Casserole with egg rolls (store bought rolls)

Wednesday...Slow cooker Buffalo Sliders with waffle fries

Thursday...Tamale Casserole with a side salad

Friday....leftover night

Saturday...Mexican Shredded Beef in the crock pot...we will shred this and have a taco bar with it.

Sunday.....BBQ Ranch Grilled Chicken with grilled asparagus and mushrooms with onions, assorted new potatoes boiled

And Some More Fun Things You’ll Want To Do This Fall

51. Have a family game night
52. DIY fleece blankets
53. Play hopscotch
54. Make a pumpkin dip
55. Go on a nature hike
56. Stuff a scarecrow
57. Make cinnamon toast 
58. Go backyard camping
59. Jump in leaf piles
60. Watch a fall movie
61. Enjoy a foggy morning walk
62. Burn some new candles
63. Do a random act of kindness, it will get you into the Holiday Spirit 
64. Go thrift shopping
65. Watch a new show
66. Make Chili
67. Try a new coffee flavor
68. Visit a haunted house
69. Enjoy your friends
70. Make apple cupcakes

Happy Fall Y'all, 

Week four of Holiday Cheer....

Lets Talk Freezer Meals...I don't freeze a whole lot of meals. I fear they will taste like freezer burn...BUT...there are some things I have tried and they work well so I thought I would share these tips with you guys.
Do this will be a game changer in December when you are too busy to cook...

1. Frozen ground beef.....I take 1-2 pounds and brown it, drain it and put them in individual freezer baggies and date them. So easy to pull out and make tacos or spaghetti in 15 minutes. 

2. Chili. I always make a double batch of chili and freeze the second batch. Morning of...pull out and put in the fridge to thaw...warm on stove. 

3. Chicken pot pie filling. I mix it all up and freeze it. Morning of, slide it into the fridge to thaw.  Once you are home you can add it to a pie crust and bake or add it to a casserole dish and top with biscuits or crescent rolls. (you can use cream of potato instead of cream of chicken if you want) 

These  are my go to Holiday Freezer Meals. I do them every year...and they help me out on those busy nights. 

Start adding to your menu plan now so you can start picking items up. 


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of October 15th

Dessert of the week.......Apple Pie Biscuits

Monday.....Baked Crab Popper Bites with 

Tuesday....Broccoli and Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes and this salad

Wednesday.....Bacon Chicken with sweet potatoes and steamed asparagus with mushrooms

Thursday...any leftovers in the fridge or frozen pizza with chips

Friday....Eating out

Saturday....Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Casserole 

Sunday....Zuppa Toscano with Shubert Rolls to dip in it

And Some More Fun Things You’ll Want To Do This Fall

32. Attend a library program
33. Learn the history of Thanksgiving
34. Have a fall photo shoot
35. Make a breakfast casserole
36. Try a new pumpkin recipe
37. Update fire alarms
38. Wear a warm stylish scarf 
39. Eat candy corn
40. Eat Candy Corn and peanuts together...tastes like a payday 
41. Attend a football game
42. Go on a bike ride
43. Volunteer at a food pantry
44. Burn a pumpkin Spice candle 
45. Bake apple dumplings 
46. Go through summer clothes
47. Get a fall creamer in your coffee
48. Create a fall scrapbook
49. Watch the sunset
50. Make a caramel smoothie

Week three of Holiday Cheer...

Decluttering....yes you heard it. Before we can start adding newly purchased holiday decor to the house..we probably need to declutter some rooms. The room the Christmas Tree is in and the kitchen. These two rooms will be where you will be spending the next two months in everyday. Along with friends and family. So lets get started. Get your calendar out...lets mark off 2-3 hours a day or 1-2 hours an evening...for a week. One week. The family can eat sandwiches or frozen pizza. They will survive. I'm sure paperwork is starting to stand in areas. Go thru it. Shred it. Throw it away. 

1. Trash Can/Recycle
2. Donation Box

And go. The things you do need to keep...organize them. Your Kitchen...start with cabinets...organize bowls, pots and pans, wipe down counters, clean your floors. Sort thru paperwork. Clean out drawers. Wipe down baseboards.

Keeping your house clean and de cluttered will help you want to decorate it without feeling like you have too.


Saturday, October 06, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of October 8th

Dessert of the week....Trisha Yearwoods Zucchini Bread YUMMMMMM!

Monday....Philly Cheese Steak in the crock pot with tater tots

Tuesday....Crock pot Beef tips and Gravy over mashed potatoes or cauliflower rice for me, asparagus on the side sautéed

Wednesday....Taco Chicken with black beans and brown rice


Friday.....Sheet Pan Sesame Chicken and Veggies...very easy

Saturday....BBQ Tostadas and a side salad

Sunday.....Meal prepping for lunches for the week this day. Will just make hot ham and cheese sandwiches for supper with chips.

Busy moms or busy ladies/gentleman.....Prep this  ahead of time and life can be faster throughout your week.

Some More Fun Things You’ll Want To Do This Fall

16. Create a leaf project with all the leaves falling
17. Eat corn on the cob
18. Visit a farm
19. Drive through the country
20. Bake a pie
21. Go horse back riding
22. Make granola/trail mix
23. DIY a front door wreath
24. Visit a fall festival
25. Make pumpkin bread
26. Paint or carve pumpkins
27. Create your Halloween costume
28. Go on a hay ride
29. Have a picnic in the park
30. Rake leaves for a neighbor
31. Make candy apples

Week 2 of Holiday Cheer...

The Christmas Budget......take a look at your budget and what you plan on spending. Remember the extra, travel expenses, charitable donations, decorations, entertainment on. Write it down. If you can start picking up extra stuff now then do it...baking goods...pick up extra stuff at the grocery to save you when you go in December. Put extra cash back. Hide it from yourself. 
Start "The List". People you buy for. You will probably write this list 3-4 times before December. Start getting an idea of what your budget is for each person. Make a plan. 
If you have carpet cleaners come now and schedule them. Mark off your calendar what day you will be decorating and stick with it. Mark off a day to bake...stick with it. Get a plan on Christmas Cards. Whether you have them done professionally or your neighbor takes them..get a plan now and mark it on your calendar. Trust me...these three dates marked now will leave you stress free in November. Decorate,Bake,Pictures.....😊


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of October 1st

Dessert of the week.....Cake Batter Blondies

Monday......Low carb Chicken Alfredo Casserole, fruit on the side

Tuesday.....Egg Roll in a bowl....this is wonderful the next day for lunch

Wednesday.....Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta I will use wheat pasta in this

Thursday.....Beef Kabobs on the grill with veggies  small new potatoes steamed with parmesan cheese (my mom made this up years ago..take red potatoes and quarter them toss in parmesan cheese and butter and microwave or bake until done 3-5 minutes


Saturday.....Pork Ribs in the crock pot with baked beans and potato casserole and deviled eggs

Sunday.......This recipe is what Miller calls "Tomato Cheese Chicken"...or I call it Mozzarella Chicken....either way both my kids love it and its cheap. Ill serve this with green beans and either a wheat pasta or over cauliflower rice (bought frozen)

Chicken Breasts...thawed
Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
1 can of tomato sauce...enough to cover all chicken

Add chicken to a baking dish, cover with tomato sauce...bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes until chicken is done. Add heaping scoops of cheese to each breast, bake another 10 minutes or until its melted.
Serve alone or on pasta of choice

A list of Freeforms  31 Nights of Halloween this month
Halloween Wars on the Food net Work
A list of all shows for Halloween
Here is your super scary shows....
Classic halloween movies
And of course The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown will air 10/31/2018 at 7pm and I never miss it.

I love fall. Its my favorite time of year, I love over dressing, sipping warm beverages and getting cozy. I took some time and came up with a Fall Bucket List...

Some Fun Things You’ll Want To Do This Fall

1. Make apple cider
2. Visit a corn maze
3. Go apple picking
4. Play backyard football
5. Visit a family member and take them banana nut bread
6. Roast marshmallows
7. Go hiking
8. Read a good book outside
9. Make Rice Krispies treats
10. Go to an orchard
11. Host a bonfire
12. Go apple bobbing
13. Make a "Thankful List"
14. Have a popcorn movie day
15. Go pumpkin picking

Week one of Holiday Cheer...

Did anyone know its 86 days until Christmas? I'll send you tips each week to get ready. Do you own a Holiday Binder? Its not expensive. You can get one at the Dollar Tree. Section it off into categories....

1. Misc Ideas...we will come back to this later
2. List of people to buy for
3. Gifts/Stores/Cities
4. Travel
5. Scheduled dates..decorating/carpet cleaners/grocery
7. Activities locally...get involved without being tired
8. Christmas Cards
9. Gratitude/ Giving
10. Checklist

This week get your binder together and split each section up with the 10 categories above. You can write in as many as you want. You can decorate your binder. Keep it where you are most comfortable planning. Could be a sofa or the big chair in your living room. Could be the desk in the kitchen....wherever you feel the most excited about planning a stress free holiday. Jump in....the holidays are coming. 


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Menu Plan for the week of September 24th

Its been awhile. Enjoy.

Dessert of the week.....Peanut Butter Pie

Monday.......Smokey Mountain Chicken with roasted red potatoes and green beans

Tuesday......Portobello Mushroom Pizza with fun toppings.....Miller will eat a small stuff crust Digarno

Wednesday.....Glazed Salmon with a salad and quinoa.....Miller will not be eating this lol. He eats Wendy's on Wednesday nights. Don't ask.....sometimes you just pick and choose your battles.

Thursday......Lasagna Roll ups  with any leftover salad

Friday......BBQ on the River....its like a Holiday here

Saturday.....BBQ on the River ...again

Sunday......Easy Kielbasa Skillet Dinner  with a side of fruit

I'll be giving you a lot of October ideas next month so be looking for them.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Menu Plan for the week of January 16t

My MacBook has been down and it has all my blog stuff on it. So, I've been gone for over a month.
I'm finally back though! New Year! New recipes. I hope you enjoy!

Dessert of the week....Graham Cracker Strawberry Parfaits

Monday.....Crockpot Meatball and Tortellini Soup with Texas Toast

Tuesday.....leftover soup and grilled cheese or peanut butter and honey

Wednesday......Taco Pizza and chips and salsa

Thursday......Sloppy Joes in the crock pot with french fries...Madison's request

Friday......Crockpot Beef and Broccoli over rice with Egg Rolls ( I buy my egg rolls frozen)

Saturday.....eating out

Sunday.......Chili Dog Casserole ( Low carb)