Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things About Me

1. I love Southern Living Magazine

2. I love Gap jeans

3. I enjoy hanging out with Scott

4. I keep the Today Show on all morning but I never watch it.

5. I cant stand it when people leave their Christmas lights up and on until Valentines Day

6. My daughter goes to the same school I went to as a child.

7. I love to watch it snow while drinking Hot Chocolate

8. I only go to the movies about 2 times a year...we wait until they are out on DVD

9. I drink Crystal Light On The Go Tea with Lemon

10. I watch the History Channel and the Travel Channel all the time.

11. I hate Math

12. I have always wanted to ride a train to Chicago

13. I have 3 gift certificates for Massages and have not scheduled any of them yet.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Meal Plan Monday and some chatting

It's Meal Planning Monday over at Laura's go on over and visit with her and everyone else and maybe you might get an idea or two.

Monday......Jambalaya and Salad

Tuesday.............Sausage Bean Soup with cornbread

Wednesday.......Leftover Soup

Thursday............Steaks, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans with almonds...Homemade Bread

Friday.........Girls Night Out......Dad and the kids will order out

Saturday.......Grilled Chicken Pasta with Strawberry and Mandarin Orange Salad

Sunday.......Appetizers I have looked at from Overwhelmed with Joy's Super Bowl Sunday Favorite Appetizers

Today...I'm cleaning the house and starting to de clutter things.......see we have 3 couples who would like to come see our home and we haven't even put a For Sale sign in the door I need to start getting it together. That means cleaning out closets and cabinets and boxing things up. Can you all give me some tips on trying to sell your house? Anything I need to know to make it look more bigger or cleaner.....or desirable? You let me know. Hope you all are having a great Monday.....the kids are better...well Madison is....Miller is still whining with a stuffy nose and coughing he is on a steroid so I guess this is making him feel yucky.
But for the most part this week I'm getting back into the groove. Off to clean I go.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Favorite Ingredients Friday .....Super Bowl Style

I'm so sorry it has taken me until mid afternoon to post this. We have been at the doctors office...Miller has croup and a soar throat now and still has this virus causing his fever to hit 102-104.....AGHHHHH! Us mommy's are like super hero's ya know? I'm running fever of 101...and Madison is finally normal and is now on a decongestant. The doctor wouldn't let her participate in her Cheer Leading clinic nor her Soccer game this weekend. She is pretty bummed.......really sad. He said she would just get too high strung and the fever would come back. Enough about us.......
Here is my appetizers for Super Bowl Edition......
Thanks Overwhelmed for doing this....

Lil Smokies

Lil Smokies...2 packages
1 bottle of your favorite BB Q sauce

Cook on low in your crock pot 2-3 hours....don't for get the toothpicks


1 package of frozen meatballs
1 jar of grape jelly
1 small jar of mustard

Add all together in a crock pot...cook on high 4-5 hours.....yummy

Dill Pickle Dip

1/4 cup Dill Pickle Juice
1 8 ounce cream cheese softened
diced pickles many as you want
1/2 cup of sour cream

Blend cream cheese and sour cream and juice together....add pickles and stir with spoon....serve with Ruffles plain chips.....yummy

I do a Vegetable Pizza that looks like a football field.......I use whole olives as the football could dress this up anyway you want. I use the veggie pizza recipes in any book....I decorate it like a field very cute.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

4-6 Chicken Breasts shredded
1 bottle of Ranch Dressing or Blue Cheese
1/4 cup Hot sauce....or less your choice
Mozzarella cheese
Pizza Dough

Roll pizza dough out and prepare oven to 400. Boil Chicken and shred....Add to a skillet with hot sauce......saute. Put your favorite dressing on dough like sauce.....then add chicken mixture and cheese last...cook for 20-25 minutes.......yummy....tastes like your favorite hot wings....serve celery if you would like.

Hot Chicken Mushroom Dip

2 cans chicken
1 8 ounce cream cheese
1 ca cream of mushroom
1 can of sliced mushrooms sliced

Put all in a crock pot cook on low 2-3 hours and serve with Wheat Thins

And for a dessert

Double Doosies

Take a package of Soft Batch Chips A Hoy
1 can of cream cheese frosting

Make the spreading the frosting and making sandwiches....these are always a great hit.

Have fun with whatever you will be a great game!
For more go visit's great she is doing this!!!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

One More Thing

Get your printers ready or your ink friend Overwhelmed With Joy is hosting Favorite Ingredients Friday...Super Bowl Edition Tomorrow...don't forget to join in! I know we are going to be doing appetizers this day!

Thursday 13

It's Thursday goes.

1. I love to watch people in airports. Wondering where they are going who they are going to see...why they have to get there so fast.

2. I love to eat Cotton Candy with my kids.

3. I enjoy getting mail.....esp when it's a card from a friend....I also enjoy sending cards to people.

4. Scott and I have a heated mattress pad with dual sides and our own controllers so we can be as warm as we want without burning the other one up.

5. I wish I could take up golfing so Scott and I could share a hobby together.....yet I find the sport incredibly boring.

6. I love to watch Ellen DeGeneres in the afternoons...I seldom ever miss her. I think she is so funny.

7. I hate confrontation....and some people use this against me.

8. I love to relaxes me. I love to make things from scratch

9. I used to smoke cigarettes when I was in high school....age 15-21...I quit when I got pregnant....glad I did.

10. I drive a Jeep's black.

11. On my wedding dad said if I wanted to back out he could get me out of there in 10 questions asked...he liked Scott...just thought I was young with my whole life in front of me....and I was the oldest of 3.......I was only you know I declined his offer. And I'm happily married.

12. Both my Babies were big...Madison was 9.1 pounds 20 inches long and Miller (one week early) 8.9 pounds 22 inches long.....and yes I had them natural.

13. I love genealogy as most of you know and love to go through old cemeteries searching for different people.

Now sweet Miller is running a 104.8 temp.....he is sleeping right now and I got it down...Madison is running about 102.3.....please pray for a quick recovery as I hate it when they are sick.
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My first Works for me Wednesday

This is my first Works For Me Wednesday...I check in every week...but never post here goes.

With winter here...all I can think of is Vacation, Vacation, I thought I could share this with works for me!
I love to it....and love to plan my vacations..... save some $$$ and stay in a nice place....I'm a nut with itineraries.....but I wanted to share some travel tips with you.....

* The best website for booking condos. Vacation Rentals by Owners. You really save $$$ this way.

*For Disney lovers...this web site is a must Deb's Unofficial Guide to Disney.
When we went 2 years ago...I had so much info from just this website...she has everything you need. Honestly. If you need a list of items to take...I can get this for you.

*Bed and Breakfast Lovers.....go to this
This website is great and check out their recipes....AWESOME!

* I use Hotwire to book hotels.....and always have great

*And don't ever forget to check out this website before leaving for the BIG

For more WFMW go see Shannon......@ Rocks In My Dryer

* One more thing to add.....Madison woke up with a 104.7 fever this morning and congestion...Miller is also sick...I took them to the doctor and they have a virus....with a cold...the virus a form of the flu......not the flu though. She is in bed on cold and cough medicine and lots of Motrin and Tylenol.....Miller is asleep he however is not as sick as my sweet Madison...Say a prayer she and he heals fast.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Good Morning Walk

Good Morning everyone! I just got back from walking....its 5:30am. seems early but really its not....Scott just left for the gym...and Miller just woke up...he is sleeping in his bed all night. Hooray!
It is a beautiful morning...the sun hasn't risen yet but its nice out. Yes...its 30 degrees...but dressed appropriately you are fine.

Today I have a friend from high school coming to visit me with her baby...I'm very excited to see her and P. I hope Miller behaves. I need to do the laundry on the couch before she gets here.

Madison has gymnastics tonight.....she is doing really well in school.
Don't forget American Idol is on tonight.......I cant wait. Happy Tuesday everyone...I know this is short but I have alot to do before F gets here with P.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meal Plan Monday and some chatting

It's Meal Planning Monday and thank God Laura @ Organizing Junkie does this she keeps me accountable.....

Monday..........Burrito Pie and salad


Wednesday.......Grilled Havarti Cheese with steamed vegetables and linguine pasta

Thursday........Salmon Patties, Greens, and Scalloped Potatoes...Homemade Bread

Friday.........Buffalo Chicken Pizza Homemade....salad

Saturday......Eat Out

Sunday.........Tater Tot Casserole with fruit

Dessert of the week....Chocolate Frosted Brownies

Today I'm cleaning bathrooms.....and mopping floors. Maybe a load of laundry....Sunday afternoon we cleaned out Madison and Miller's organized them. We are getting the kids clothes ready for consignment....Miller's is done...I have to tackle Madison's this week.

I have bought letters for Miller's name to go on his wall and I plan on painting those this week. My friend Sue is going to help me.

I started walking this morning.....5am....with my neighbor 2 to keep that extra weight off now that I'm not breastfeeding the way the weaning is going well...I'm not engorged but soar...I don't think I'm clogged up....I'm not hard...just tender to touch...I don't think its mastitis because I feel fine. Taking Sudafed to dry up.

Also...looking for a good tropical drink recipe...preferable with something extra in it.....but a virgin is fine too......something fruity would be nice.

Anyone got any Valentine recipes out there? I'm looking for Madison's party at school..I'm making chocolate molded heart suckers and rice krispie treats on sticks....but need another idea...they will gt cookies and any ideas Mommy's?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Girl Talk

Good Morning! What do you think? The banner? Well, until I can figure out how to put Girl Talk on it this is it for now. I like it.....grab a cup of Joe and sit. I hope you all are well today. It's Friday! TGIF!!!!!!

I'm home today. Cleaning. Got alot of running this weekend though...Saturday morning we are off for acting lessons, then shopping, then a chili supper at church that night. Sunday is church...and lounging the rest of the day...hopefully. We are supposed to get snow Saturday night...we will see. I know alot of you are getting some bad weather right now.

So my parents are traveling to Florida for some golfing. They love this. They wont be back until February.
I have alot coming up with appointments..I know I will make it though.

I'm still planning Madison's Valentine Party at school, our Valentine Banquet for church and I have our monthly MOPS meeting coming up....I'm doing the devotional...wish me luck.

I have been planning our vacations throughout the week. We have one planned for October to in May for St Louis...possibly Chicago for a day......and one to New York at Christmas with my mom Christmas shopping and Madison....I love planning trips..this is what I should be doing all the time....

I have also been on line this week looking for a lock for our lazy susan in the kitchen...Miller wont leave it alone...constantly in it taking spices and running from me with them. So cute. Aggravating...but cute.

Madison had a great report card...and her conduct this year is awesome...everyone says she has matured so much and it is totally different from last year. I love this year.

Has anyone watched Men in Trees...or Brothers & Sisters....I love these shows and am addicted to them. I tivo them and watch them throughout the week. You ought to try them...

The weaning has been a success....I'm still full....wish it would go away....I may need to take some Sudafed to dry up faster. They hurt a little bit. Thanks for your prayers and advice...I just wish it was gone now. The fullness is aggravating. Miller has done really well. He is such a big boy...still teething though...he was up and down last night...not alot of sleep...his teeth and all.

It's my brother's birthday today...he is 31...Happy Birthday...he is in San Diego on business.....

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend.....I leave you with this...

In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends....Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday 13

Thursday 13......Thirteen Things About Me

1. I love to eat breakfast out......I love the smell of it in a restaurant

2. Our best vacation ever was to Disney World....we had a great time!

3. I love to watch My Name is Earl....Joy cracks me up!

4. I love to go through old plantation homes in the south

5. I wear jeans alot but prefer velour jumpsuits...I own like 5 of them

6. I'am a huge Nickel back fan

7. I make Strawberry Freezer Jam in the spring with my mom every year

8. The new Bacon by Oscar Meyer that is already cooked you just heat it up for 15 seconds is awesome.....thank God someone invented this

9. I have been wanting to can tomatoes with Scott's grandma before she passes..but she claims that tomatoes are too cheap to I may not get to do this

10. I'm going to start back on my genealogy once a week....looking for an hour or two every week...may turn something up

11. I have different colored scarves for my leather jacket..purple, green, red, black, white, cream, pink...I love wearing them when its cold outside!

12. I like to have my post on Blogger up before 8am every morning....

13. I have to sleep with 2 pillows.....and 2 blankets at night...with the blankets tucked in.

There you have it.....I hope you have a great Thursday 13!

I just had to say it......what the heck was American Idol all about last night? The Holler Monkey? That was hilarious...mean but I laughed so hard. The dude with red hair...what was this all about? And the one guy that was just weird looking.....that couldn't sing...the geek...oh my gosh.....hilarious....last night was too funny. Am I being too mean? I thought it was classic.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yada, Yada, Yada

Good Morning it's freezing here. It's 15. It's soooooo cold.
I picked this picture because it was taken in Hawaii and well, who wouldn't want to be there right now? Today I get to go to the salon and get my nails done...yada yada yada I know. But I love getting this done...its very relaxing. Miller is going to mom's...and I have to get my jeep serviced. Not alot going on in my neck of the woods.
American Idol was just hilarious last night....I mean what was up with some of those people? We would pause and rewind alot. We laughed so hard.
Scott just left he had to be at work early. Madison is still asleep and Miller is in the Tupperware cabinet.
The weaning is going okay...I feel much better about it. Thanks to all of you who talked to me about it. We are teething really my question of the day is Does anyone have any great methods for teething relief? Any advice would be appreciated....
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The next milestone please....

I cannot wait.......we are so ready for this.
Season Premiere Tonight & Tomorrow 8/7c!
If you have never watched it...give it a try you will laugh your socks off...good comedy.
We have watched every season but one.....and we just really as a family enjoy this. There are some people that really think they can sing.....too funny. Don't miss it!

I just love this looks so relaxing. I wish I was there sitting with a glass of Sweet Tea or wine...I could take either.....this weaning thing has gotten me down in the dumps. I'm almost done. I'm not swollen anymore. But yesterday I was sad. I know he needs me for other me I know this. But its the end and what if I don't have anymore kids...I will never experience anything like this again.....and he wont burn my 500 calories a day this means I have to get my butt up and go work out...this I can do maybe it will take my mind off the weaning. I do miss it and I know this will pass....I felt very needed though...and I do with all my family.....Its just a breastfeeding mom thing I guess.

Madison goes back to school today so we will get back to normal. We watched the Golden Globe Awards last night and really enjoyed watching them walk down the red carpet. Well, it's off to make breakfast......have a great day and don't forget to watch American Idol tonight!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Monday and it's raining.

Good Morning. It's raining here and has been since late Friday night.....I wish it would stop...I'm ready for the sunshine. Well, Madison is out of school today...and I have BIG news. Miller hasn't nursed since Friday night. Yes, I'm a little sad. He asked for it Saturday night and I said it was gone and gave him a cup of milk....he is almost 14 months now and I'm ready for the next step. Last night he didn't ask for it....I just have to go through a whole new step of getting him to sleep now. But you know what? This is all he has know for 1 year and I cant expect to change all of this in 2 I have been really patient...and well, he has slept all night for 2 nights...lst night from 8pm until 7am which was wonderful for me. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Madison even is sleeping better. With all the rain here, Scott has been working some over time...remember he works for the phone company.
Today we are going out with mom....lunch and shopping. I'm going to post my Meal Planning Monday look for it. The girls lost their soccer game Saturday. They played really hard...Madison got hit in the face with the ball...drama. She is trying out for a part in her acting class for a play...she is already in a play at school coming up. This week....I have some appointments and errands to run. Nothing huge. My parents leave for Florida Thursday so I'll be seeing them off. She has never been away from the kids this long. I booked our condo in Florida for fall break and am looking forward to this trip. Hope you all have a great Monday...

Monday...........Chicken & Dressing Casserole...salad

Tuesday...........Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, Lima Beans, Corn Bread...and corn


Thursday..........Taco Salad

Friday...............Tater Tot Casserole and fruit

Saturday...........Chili Supper at Church

Sunday..............Eat out

I do have a question for you all out there.....I have to get some games together for the school Valentine Party for Madison...I need at least 4-5 games.....I have 2 picked out.....a candy heart stacking contest.....and one where you blindfold one person and sit them in front of the class and point at someone else in the class quietly they walk up to the blindfolded kid and say I LOVE YOU in a disguised voice and the other kid has to guess who it is.......this game is alot of fun to end the party or start the party.....any ideas are welcomed.......

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Girl Talk

Well, it's Friday pull up a chair and something to drink...lets talk...

I have alot to say today....first of all.....I need a banner for Girl Talk does anyone no of anyone that can make me one or show me how to make one? Let me know.......I'm in need of assistance.

I had fun on my lunch with my friend yesterday.....we are planning a Girls Night Out...which is in much dire need. I love girls nights them...dinner, drinks, and a movie.....

Alot is going on in my household this weekend....I have a Women's Club meeting Saturday morning..Madison has acting lessons...she has soccer practice and a game.....along with I would say Mom's Taxi will be going strong.

We are having sleeping problems in the house again. Madison wont go to sleep...she slept maybe 2 hours last night...I don't think she had any caffeine last night...I went over her diet and don't think she snuck anything. She was up and down all night long...Miller has been waking up around 1-2 am for the last week...I put him in bed with us and he goes right back to sleep...I DON'T nurse him...He is just down to evenings before bed. SO Scott is pretty grumpy this morning he didn't get to work out because he so tired...and I'm sleepy too. Madison will be hit the hardest when she is sitting in math class today around 2pm.....any suggestion out there?

I went to Walmart yesterday and had alot of groceries....when you go to the grocery (Walmart) do you let the cashier put them in your cart? The last couple of times I get some over weight women who wants me to do I do....then I want to say...can I get my 20% of your check now? What are your feelings on this?

We are supposed to get alot of rain this weekend..I hate that much rain...and of course we will be going alot. Then the temp is supposed to drop to 16 on Sunday....which wont be good at all.
I'm going out with mom today....running some errands...going to World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond....need to look at some different household items....Monday Madison is out of school so we thought we would take a trip to the cemetery to see Papaw Dub.......we need to do new flowers anyway. Madison has only been back one time since he passed away.

Well, its off for a shower.......have a great weekend friends......

The Only way to have a friend is to be one...Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thursday 13 & A Meme

13 Things About Little Ole Me......

1. Yes. I'm a blonde......everyone thought I was a Brunette....nope..I'm blonde...with low lights

2. I do however have brown eyes...

3. I like to eat banana and peanut butter sandwiches

4. I require at least 6 hours of solid hard less or I'm very crabby

5. I don't like to read but enjoy surfing the internet..or watching tv

6. My favorite ice cream is Peanut Butter and Chocolate

7. When it comes to traveling even the smallest trips I tend to organize everything even bathroom breaks....I'm little crazy in this department...and dont let anything get off schedule!

8. I drink my coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars

9. I dont miss working

10. I want me and hubby to go away to a Bed & Breakfast for our anniversary this year

11. I love listening to Miller sleep.....

12. I love watching Madison get off the school bus and run down the driveway..the energy and excitement she has is great!

13. One day I want to take my family to Ireland...of course with an itinerary.

Also CeCe at Lovin Laughin Livin tagged me for 5 things you dont know about goes..

1. I have a glass of wine every night to wind down from my day of changing diapers, cleaning toilets,checking homework and running a car pool. Need I say more?

2. I have many hats at church...I organize the Welcome Center schedule all year, I head up the parties\get togethers in Sunday School, I help with organizing refreshments in Sunday School, I'm Hospitality Leader in MOPS...and a Discussion Group Leader in MOPS, and a Care Group Leader in Sunday School...I also help organize food sent out to new mothers, and funerals......

3. I'm still breastfeeding and need to quit...hopefully soon...I'm supposed to be a size 6 but am a 4 right now...scared I may slip into a 2 any day now.....any tips on weaning are accepted...with a smile.

4. I clean my baseboards every month...I'm weird on this I know. I mean I get on the floor with Pine Sol and water and scrub them.

5. I just discovered Madison's CD of Carrie Underwood and love it...I took it out of her room and listen to it all the time....LOL!

Now whoever would like to do this...go for it...I enjoyed it.

Hope you all enjoyed today........have a great day I'm off to the grocery and lunch with a friend...Happy Thursday!

Monday, January 08, 2007

May I introduce us...Scott & Jenny......

Here we are going to the Grown Up my friend Jess calls it
We had a great was a night out without kids all dressed up...

Here we are in Nashville, Tn at Demo's eating
dinner with our friends......we had a great time.
We have such wonderful friends....

Here we are in front of the BIG Christmas Tree at Opryland was HUGE!!!!!

Here we are at Opryland is truly amazing

Meal Planning Monday

Today I'm going to do Meal Plan Monday......I haven't done it in awhile....

Monday...Tuna Casserole & Fruit Salad

Tuesday....Chili and Mexican Cornbread

Wednesday......Manicotti & Salad

Thursday..........Southwestern Chicken Stew and leftover Mexican Cornbread


Saturday......Poppy seed Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, and Rolls

Dessert this week will Cherry Cheesecake.......

For more Meal Planning go on over to see my dear friend Laura @ Organize Junkie.....

So how is everyone today? I'm good. It's supposed to be a beautiful morning.....I start exercising today...wish me luck. Sit ups and walking. Then I'm going to clean the house...yuck...but someone has to do it...vacuum and cleaning bathrooms.....dusting you get the drift.

This past weekend was a blur. Madison had two soccer games Saturday night.....they won the first and lost the second. She did really well with her acting lessons at the Theater...she loved it. We ran around and did a few errands before coming home.

This week is rather slow...I'm having lunch with a day....and this week is grocery week....and mom and I are going to look at different home furnishings......not much this week.

My parents are leaving for Florida for 2 weeks and I'll be forced to do things by will be fine.

Thanks for the all the Chicago in put......but we have decided not to do that.....still trying to come up with something for Memorial week....we are booking a condo in Florida this week for should be fun. I know we will go to St Louis Memorial week for Six Flags, the zoo, there are so may thing to do here.

Well, hope you all have a great Monday...say a prayer for Barb over at A Chelsea Morning....Rob is having surgery this afternoon......Happy Monday!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Girl Talk

Well, I haven't done this in a couple of Good Morning Gals....whats up? I have my coffee. This picture just made me post it. I have always wanted to go out west in the winter...Colorado, Wyoming..get a cabin with the family and snow ski....maybe one day I will. I just think this is beautiful....

Well, lately...everything has been okay since we got over the stomach bug...the house has stayed germ free....
I had my first MOPS meeting yesterday and it went GREAT! What a great group of women God put me with, we had such a great time and well, I had to pray in front of 9 of them and I was very nervous about this but I did it...God got me through it, and I felt so much better. This group of women are going to have a wonderful time together. And the Leadership team is awesome..I just love these women.

Miller is sleeping through the night FINALLY. He woke once last night but we got through it.
He hasn't had any ear problems since the surgery...which thank you for your thoughts and prayers on this.

We got through Christmas and New Year...and I'm so glad its over. I love the holidays but it gets way overwhelming.

This weekend we are soooooo busy. Tomorrow Madison starts acting lessons down at the local Theater....and she starts in door soccer.......and of course Sunday we have church. Soccer will last the whole month of January......then Volleyball starts in February then soccer starts back in March....and acting lessons goes on until the end of March, I will be one busy taxi cab...and gymnastics will continue through it all. Cheerleading wont start until August...thank God.

Today......going to do some returns from Christmas and going to have lunch with my mom. It's raining and yucky today....

I do have one thing left to ask you guys......we are planning vacations for the year....and we know we are going to Florida in October and am planning it now.....BUT...we wanted to do Chicago in May....does anyone know anything about this town and what would be best for kids..where to stay that is affordable and what not to miss.......I would appreciate any advice.....

I hope you all have a great weekend......and I'll see you on Monday.

Dinner tonight is Pork Chops, Green Beans, Homemade Bread...its rising now...and scalloped Potatoes....I made a Derby Pie yesterday afternoon for our dessert...yummy.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Super Man?

I'm here to fight for truth, justice and the American way...Super Man...1950

Enough said.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007


It's a new year......and boy do I have new years resolutions. I'm going to start walking with some friends 3 days a week. And I'm going to make myself get on a schedule.....make myself. And just be a more happier, giving person. I also want to start reading the bible more. I think I will make myself get up early in the morning for my devotions.

Well, the last couple of days have been terrible. We have all had the awful stomach virus....each one of us like dominoes got it. It was the worse thing I have ever had...and yes my stomach still aches because of it and we still have low grade fevers.

We didn't do anything last night...watched Pirates of the Caribbean part 2 and hung out. No big partying here. Not even a glass of champagne.

I wish you all a healthy, prosperous 2007.....and I look forward to spending time with each of you.