Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday...or Hump Day...whichever.

Well another day. Yesterday didn't seem as bad as I thought. It was busy....but we got through it. Today I have a Dr appointment nothing serious..a follow up. And a whole lot of errands to run. Things to pick up for our trip, some fall decorations to buy for the house, little stops along the way. Lunch out....and enjoying the weather we are having.

Miller is going to mom's today so I can get alot done. I ended up ordering his pirate costume on line yesterday....and cant wait to see it when it comes in. Taking Madison after school to try some on.

Made Apple Dumplins for the school picnic last night and brought not one home...they were so yummy! I love fall. And Scott got to run by and eat with added treat.

I hope you all are enjoying the weather where you are....if you would like the apple dumplin recipe...go on over to my recipe blog...they were yummy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Days like this

Good Tuesday morning. The weather here is awesome right now. Sunshine and cool temps. Great Great weather. Today Miller goes to school and I'm looking for Halloween Costumes...have to finalize this before Disney.

We got our pictures made at church last night for the directory...why dont these shots ever turn out good? Yuck!

Scott was informed at work he will be working 12 hour days until we leave for! That means a whole lot of running around for myself.

Tonight I will miss Madison cheering in the playoff games so I can be with Miller at his first school picnic. Sometimes us moms have to sacrifice. But that is life and that is being a momma. She understands. Speaking of Madison...she got her school pictures back yesterday and as she hopped in the car....she said i got my pics back and momma....I'm pretty for the first time in 7 years (meaning school picture years)....I teared up as I have always thought she was pretty...funny what they say...even if they are 7th graders.

I hope you all have a great day.......I think today and Thursday are my busiest days this week. Enjoy guys!

Monday, September 28, 2009


For more day books go on over to see Peggy @ The Simple woman's day book.

FOR TODAY ..... Monday....September 28th, 2009

Outside my window....the air is cool this morning..the sun is rising. Monday has begun.

I am thinking....of my day. And all we have to do.

I'am praying children

I am thankful children and the love we give one another.

From the learning rooms....the weather has been so nice..we will be exploring outside this week.

From the kitchen....Greek Pizza, Chicken Casserole, Homemade Bread, Peanut Butter Cookies, Sausage Rice Bake...Sausage Cheese Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls for Sunday School this week.

I am wearing.....tank and yoga pants

I am creating.....lists to do before our trip to Disney!

I am where and playing.

I am reading....nothing....little devotionals

I am hoping....the week wont be as crazy as it looks on my calender.

I am hearing...Spongebob

Around the house...laundry, vacuuming, making beds, and dusting..bathrooms later in the week.

One of my favorite things...sitting on the porch with Scott talking.

A few things this week..... Cheer practice, two games, gymnastics, preschool, teaching my class Wednesday night, searching for Halloween Pirate costumes for the kids, lunch with a friend, picnic in the park with Miller's class, church pictures, choir performance for Madison, Last home football game, pumpkin patch with the kids...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...still haven't down loaded any pics...:(

Monday, September 21, 2009


For more day books go on over to see Peggy @ The Simple woman's day book.

FOR TODAY ..... Monday....September 21st, 2009

Outside my is dark. And very wet and quiet.

I am thinking....of how sick Scott has been. High fever no other symptoms.

I'am praying for... my family.

I am thankful many bible studies our church has to offer.

From the learning rooms...playing alot of games. Miller loves High Ho Cheerio, the match game and tic tac toe....I'm looking for Chutes and Ladders this week to teach him.

From the kitchen....Baked Ravioli, Chicken Pot Pie, Taco Soup, Steaks on the grill one night and Mini Brownies

I am green pajamas...I love getting new pajamas and throwing out the old.

I am creating...I finally finished my Disney Binder.....3 weeks to go.

I am pick up dog food, and a few movies for Scott.

I am reading....Women who care...still...its been crazy so I havent got to read much.

I am family stays healthy.

I am hearing....the television on already.

Around the house...bathrooms are a must, laundry, making beds, dusting, and cleaning floors, cleaning out some drawers in bedrooms...starting with mine.

One of my favorite things...all the fall creamers coming out.

A few things this week..... Cheer practice, one game, gymnastics, preschool, Prayer at the Pole Wednesday morning at church, teaching my class Wednesday night, searching for Halloween Pirate costumes for the kids, lunch with a friend, putting together our outfits for church directory pictures, and hanging out with Scott while chaperoning the school dance this weekend.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
No picture this week...i need to download some new ones!

Friday, September 18, 2009


For more Favorite things go visit Suzanne over at Living to tell the story....

1. Watching Madison cheer at our local football game. She does such a great job. I'm so proud of her.

2. The cooler temps in the mornings and evenings have been nice. Not so nice on our allergies but nice enough to sit outside and not be eat up by mosquitoes.

3. Grocery shopping alone. I know this sounds funny. But taking kids to Walmart is not a happy feeling. So I got to go yesterday by was a favorite!

4. Huge Ham Hoagie Sandwich a friend made last week....I made it last night...Oh My is awesome.....

5. Survivor, The Office, The Biggest Loser...all my favorites are back...finally!

We have been super busy this run run. Today me and Miller are cleaning up the house and playing. We may go for a walk here in a bit. We have a jam packed weekend...Scott and I are running tomorrow...we are going to the drive in tomorrow night with some friends to see the Disney movie UP....friends over for lunch Sunday....a new bible study Scott and I are doing Fireproof Your Marriage...looking forward to doing this. I hope you all have a great weekend..and Congrats to our local..Kevin Skinner for winning Americas Got Talent..he lives only 20 minutes from us....hooray for the Hometown Boy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today I'm cleaning. Something that is getting harder to do each day with Miller. He wants me to play with him all the time. So I decided i would take him to school on Tuesdays and instead of running errands...which I can do on Wednesdays...i will come home and clean.

2 hours gives me time to get things in order doesnt it? I'm needing to vacuum, do some laundry, make beds, dust all furniture and sweep floors. I did get bathrooms done yesterday while he watched a movie...but the rest of the day was spent outside, playing the wii and playing Go new favorite pass time.

What do you do to get things done around the house with little ones....

Monday, September 14, 2009


For more day books go on over to see Peggy @ The Simple woman's day book.

FOR TODAY ..... Monday....September 14th, 2009

Outside my window....the sky is a pink color with the sun rising. The air is cool and it is very quiet.

I am thinking....of how sleepy I'am this morning.

I'am praying for... my family.

I am thankful for.....for Madison's mid term grades...they were great...

From the learning rooms...singing. Miller loves to sing we are singing around here alot.

From the kitchen....Chicken and Dumplings, Baked Ravioli, Taco Bake, Strawberry cookie pizza as dessert

I am wearing..light pink pajamas

I am creating...a binder to put all my Disney info in.

I am where...except to pick up Madison from cheer practice...again...

I am reading....Women who care...

I am get bathrooms cleaned today...fingers crossed.

I am hearing....Madison get ready.

Around the house...bathrooms are a must, laundry, making beds, dusting, and cleaning floors

One of my favorite things...laughing.

A few things this week..... Cheer practice, one game, gymnastics, preschool, nail appointment, lunch with a friend, searching for Halloween costumes, varsity home football game, drive in with friends, church, bible study begins Wednesday night, and dinner with friends.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Miller looking cute.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Where I have been

I haven't posted in awhile. We have been so busy. With Madison cheering we are gone every night during the week. It's crazy. I make lists and cross off and go. I like to control everything and when my week gets out of control with events, games, appointments, etc I get aggravated.
This week is crazy so i thought i would share a few things with you..

* hair appointment for me
* game tonight at home
* picture day for madison
* lunch with a friend
* cheer practice
* church starts up tomorrow teaching 3 year olds
* pre school twice
* wine tasting with a gal pal
* gymnastics practice
* tailgating before a football game
* a party at a friends house
* a dance for madison to go to
* sunday school picnic
* helping a friend greet at church for Financial Peace...
* trying to figure out our wardrobe for family pictures at church
* searching for pirate costumes for the halloween party at Disney that we will be attending
* music project for school
* housewarming gift to be bought.
* madison a new mattress

that is just this week. one week. so that is where i have been. alot of you have emailed me on a personal note on my tests i got back. im problems. Thanks for being so concerned and for the prayers.
Our Sunday School class is growing so much...we have 27 on roll. Praise God. Its a great bunch of people. We have activities planned out and really have enjoyed making new friendships.
I have been finalizing our trip to disney World in 4 weeks. We are headed out for 10 days....going to St Augestine Fl then heading down to Orlando to meet up with Mickey mouse. This will be Miller's first trip...cannot wait. I have searched the internet now for a year looking for all kinds of tips.....

It's raining here hard now...I need to get Miller to school...hope you all have a blessed week...I'm going to try and come see you all one evening.