Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 5 at Epcot

We started the day at Epcot. Here are the kids in the sharks mouth from Nemo. This was a great picture of them.

We made our way thru the countries. Here is Miller being funny. The kids were bored during the countries.

Madison, Miller and me in front of the Golf Ball.

The American Adventure is to go to Disney World!

In Kids Cot.....take a break coloring a mask.

The gardens here are beautiful.

We did dinner this night at the Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios....the food was great and the theme of the restaurant was alot of fun..."elbows off the table please"
We ended our evening watching the show Fantasmic...a must see....dont miss this great show for your kids!!!

Our host...Mickey.
We rode Soarin this day and it was cool...we also watched several shows...we didnt get to do Test Track as a down pour came and they stopped the ride....but we had a good day..

Tomorrow....our last day in Disney...Hollywood Studios.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 4 Animal Kingdom

Good Morning Miller. We started day 4 at Animal Kingdom. Miller was exhausted from the night before (the Halloween party). So the first hour in Animal Kingdom Miller slept. Here we are in between Asia and Dino Land.

Me and It's Tough to be a bug guy....

My mom and Madison riding a roller coaster in Dino Land.

Miller is still asleep....wake up buddy!!!

Finally he wakes up....dino land riding with Madison and momma.

My beautiful Madison.

Miller and Pluto at the Garden Grill for dinner. This restaurant was cool.

Miller and his hero....Mickey.

Miller with Chip...I think.

Madison and Chip...

Miller with Dale I think.....the night ended with being at Epcot watching was awesome...

Tomorrow..Day 5..Epcot.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Magic Kingdom day 3...The Halloween Party

Argg Mate's.

The Halloween Party at Disney World is a private party you pay separately for. It was awesome. We stayed close to the hotel this day and played in the pools. Miller loved the slides and we napped all afternoon...the reason behind the "take it easy day" was because the Halloween party started at 7 and ended at midnight and we wanted Miller and Madison to be well rested so they would have the best experience ever. And they did.

Madison and Miller in front of Mickey's Toon Town Fair....we rode so many rides and met with Minnie over in this area this night...

She was so nice to the kids...and her costume was awesome.

There were two parades..we chose the last one at 10pm. It was the coolest parade ever...we had front roll seats and Miller had a blast.

Mickey Mouse waiving at us...

Jack Sparrow...Miller loves the Pirates.

The wicked queen....when the villians came in they were dancing in the streets....Carella DeVille from 101 Dalmations came and got right in Miller's face and blew him a evil one...but fun...I thought he was going to come out of his was so funny.

The kids with Captain Hook and his Mate.....

We ended our night over by the Pirates of the Caribbean....the ride was so awesome. The kids did really good....we love Magic Kingdom. If we could live there we would. A great night...and the kids were still going at midnight.
Trick or Treating at doesn't get much better than that for a kid.

Tomorrow..day4 Animal Kingdom....stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2 Magic Kingdom....

We started at Magic Kingdom to try and finish the park....we started in Fantasy Land. We were there all day..between the rides and just could not be accomplished...we wanted to hit everything. And we did. We did It's a Small World, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, saw the Mickey's Philarmagic Show (a 3D show with Mickey) was a great day in the are a few things that went on....

Scott and Miller riding Dumbo......

Scott waiting in line with his mouse ears on....
he is so cute....

Madison, myself and Miller on the carousel......I love these rides....

Autographs were a BIG thing to do.....Miller liked Daisey....she was a nice duck he said...

We ate at Chef Mickey's....and of course got our pictures made with all the characters...Miller's new BFF...Mickey Mouse himself.

Minnie was awesome....very flirty.....I liked did Miller.

Miller laughed and joked with Donald Duck....he stuck around awhile..I think he liked our family..

The kids with Pluto....Miller is hugging these people for dear life.

Goofey liked me. :)

And he liked the kids too.
Here are the kids in front of the restaurant.
This evening we headed to Downtown Disney......we ate dinner at Earl of Sandwich and it was so hot this night.....still in the 90's at sunset....we found the Lego Store where miller could have stayed for hours...and yes we germ x'd his little hands once we left....we also hit the Girradeli Chocolate Factory and it was awesome...they do give you a free sample when you go in the doors...we left Madison with my brother to do Disney was 1/2 off that night and she loves all the computer animated stuff...they had some bonding together.

We ended the night at sunset...a family shot over the water....a great second day at the World.
Day 3 come back.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Disney...Magic Kingdom Day 1

Sunday morning began at 8:30 at Magic Kingdom. We walked down Main Street and saw all kinds of characters. This day we only did Adventure land, Frontier land and Liberty town. 3 towns was enough for one day. We stayed in the park until 9pm that night....a long day.

Here are the kids in front of Cinderella's castle.

Our character dinner at The Crystal Palace with Tigger and Pooh...

The Spectromagic Parade at night was amazing....we loved it.

Madison in Liberty Town pretending to be a fugitive....we were waiting for the afternoon parade.

The Famous Mouse himself.....watching Miller see him was Priceless....

Scott and Miller taking a break on the Walt Disney World Railroad....

Me and the kids flying on the Magic Carpets of Alladin....

We also road Splash Mtn...and the Rocky Mtn Roller coaster and a dozen shows were seen. It was a great first day...we had lunch at our favorite spot..Pecos Bills and got all our snacks in. Miller rode in the stroller and there were no tears that melt downs....just alot of fun. The way a first day should be.

Tomorrow......Day 2 of Magic Kingdom.

Monday, October 19, 2009


For more day books go on over to visit Peggy at The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Monday...October 19th

Outside my window...there is light frost on the ground. The sun is rising slowly. A new day.

I am thinking...of how vacations are so important.

I am thankful for...Scott and the kids. I'm so very lucky.

I am wearing...pajamas....

I am remembering... Miller's face when Mickey Mouse walked up to him for the first time last week. It was priceless to see his glow.

I am going... No where today. Getting back on schedule..

I am reading...little devotionals.

I am hoping... that God grants peace with a couple I know.

On my mind...fall...and the holidays.

From the learning rooms... talking about pumpkins this week...carving and painting some.

Noticing that...God is in control. And we must give all our problems to him. He will work them out on his time table.

Pondering these words...M I C K E Y M O U S E......

From the kitchen... Chili, Chicken Quesadilas, Pasta Bake, and something it from a friend...we watch the Biggest Loser on Tuesday Tuesday Nights will be Salad we are doing a grilled chicken Caesar one night...dessert this week.....Peanut Butter and Chocolate brownies.

Around the house...stripping sheets, cleaning tubs out and laundry....vacuuming and dusting....the house sat for 10 alot to do. Also switching closets over....

One of my favorite things....drinking coffee in the morning and talking to God.

From my picture journal..Hollywood Studios.....Disney World 2009.
I will talk about our trip each day starting tomorrow with pictures....have a good day!