Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lunch with friends

I love going to eat lunch with my friends. There is nothing better than good food, great conversation and laughing.  I have some wonderful women in my life.  I'm very thankful for them. There are four gals that go to lunch with me once a month. We have the best times!! Talking about our daily happenings whether it be talking about our kids and their soccer games or classes they should have took, or a mole we are suspicious about, or a new exercise  that we have tried or what's for dinner....we always end the conversation in laughter or tears. Friends are important to have. They share everything with you. They hold us accountable. They listen when no one else will.

I love my friends. I thank God daily for them.
Tell a friend today how much you love them!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The weekend is about to get busy for us. Soccer tournaments and places to be. My mom brought us Krispy Kreme yesterday! Score!
This morning I'm watching the sun rise while I drink my coffee. Madison is off for the weekend to play soccer and miller is still sleeping. The house is quiet. Scott just left for work. Moments like this I enjoy. The little things.
I'm working on menus and new projects. Next week I'm hoping to get into a more routine schedule.
A big hometown football game is tonight. Big rival. I'm looking forward to fall. I love football games, cooler temps and enjoying family and friend time.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week. I guess because its so close to the weekend. Tonight is game night for Madison. She is really excited. So am I!

So we are now looking for Scott a new vehicle.  His is not fixable. I'm sure this will be a new adventure for him.
He has driven the same truck for 15 years. We bought it right before Madison was born and it has been a great truck. We knew we were going to buy something new for him next year but I guess God has different plans for us.

I got my hair done today. Folded two loads of laundry, laid in the sun...and cleaned up the house. The temps are high today it was very warm out.

I'm going to try and start writing on my food blog next week. I have been putting recipes in binders and trying to get them organized. My menu plan has taken off. I send it to almost 600 people around the world. Its crazy! I may eventually try and put a blog together for my menu planners. I have also found some great new blogs out there with awesome recipes!

Grocery day is tomorrow. I hope you all have a great evening!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's a beautiful morning. I'm drinking my coffee and watching the sun rise. I have laundry going and cinnamon rolls baking. I'm gonna go for a run after I take Miller to school. We had a crazy night last night. Scott got side swiped but a big truck. He is ok. But getting that phone call. That's why I need to go for a run. To shake it off.

I need to clean my desk up. I need to fold laundry. I need to make some phone calls..... I need I need I need!
I really just want to sit here with my coffee and rest.

On the bright side besides soccer practice tonight we will all be here for dinner. First time since Sunday!

Routines and schedules get messed up. I'm glad that I'm getting older so I handle them getting messed up a lot calmer.

How do you handle it when things get shook up?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I came back

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on this blog! I upgraded and lost my old blog. I was so sad  ..sad at not getting to see my Old look.  Then I realized maybe I needed a new look. I have been blogging for six years now. It was time for a new look. I still miss my old look. It was so me!!

If any of you know how to find the old look please email me and let me know. So as I said before I spent most of yesterday working on this blog. Working on the template. Which color where what to add what not to add. Blogger has sure changed since I first started.

Today I will be getting Miller to school. Picking up my new front door hanger from a friend who made it. I'll try and post a picture. Cleaning thru the house. Preparing dinner. Picking up Madison from school getting her to and from soccer and getting miller to baseball.

There are so many new shows coming on this fall. We are excited about several.

Guys with kids
Just to name a few.  Some that are coming back too that we loved last season
Two broke girls
As you can see we love tv shows! I know it's probably not the healthiest thing for us but it works for us as a family. This is when we can sit down and laugh together and share something in common.

We had a storm pass thru last night. It was really an intense one. We needed the rain so we were all excited too see it! Watering the flowers everyday this summer has worn on me a little.

My running isn't going well for me. Finding the time has been hard. I guess I need to make the time!

I'm ready for fall temps. I love summer time but this season has been so hot that I'm craving for cooler days.

I hope you all have a great day! Stay safe and smile!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm back!

FOR TODAY...Monday August 13th
Outside my window...storm clouds are moving in and school busses are going by
I am thinking...about blogging again. The kids are back in school so I think I will enjoy it again
I am thankful for...shelter in times of storms
I'am blue shorts and a UK t shirt
I am remembering...High school days. My 20 year reunion is next month and I'm going through old photos
I am take Miller to school and run by the pharmacy
I am reading...50 shades of Grey
I am hoping...that this rain we are getting stays all day!
On my out my closet today!

From the learning rooms..still picking up school supplies. This is the first full week of school
Noticing that....the summer went by too fast
Pondering these words...Back to School :(
From the kitchen...homemade cinnamon rolls this morning
What are we doing this week.....Soccer practices every night for Madison, a JV and Varsity game for Madison too, a hair app, a nail app, a lunch date, baseball practice for Miller, and soccer games this weekend
Around the house..laundry, cleaning out my closet, making beds, and preparing dinner for tonight
I'm going to start writing again. I think it will be good for me!