Friday, June 29, 2007

Favorite Ingredients Friday...The 4th of July Edition

I love this holiday. To know we are free and so many men and women risked their own lives for us. Doesn't that feel good?
My dear friend Overwhelmed with Joy is hosting a 4th of July Edition for Favorite Ingredient I though I would share my favorite for the fourth.
My mom always has a cookout....ALWAYS.
Sometimes we are out of town...but she always does it when we get back or before we go.
She makes a great Guacamole Dip.

Gracie's Guacamole Dip

6 soft avocados...make sure they are soft...that is the key.
1 cup of real mayo
1 cup of sour cream
2 tsp of Tabasco sauce
1 small ripe tomato chopped
1 cup of chunky salsa
Mash avocado's then mix everything together...serve with tortilla chips.......

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My little man a fireman?????

I thought this was adorable and wanted to share. Scott and I took Miller on a tour of the Fire Department...........needless to say he loved it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have been over at Rocks in my Dryer looking at her Works for me Wednesdays......we are living with my parents for the summer and well Madison gets really bored. We have been going alot lately to Lowes, Paint Stores, Decorator's house Carpet get the idea. And well, she is going nuts. She goes to Tennis on Monday and Wednesdays and on Thursday's goes on little trips for the day with the youth at church. SO>.......why is it she is bored. We always go to the mall or the library or a museum on Friday's (I like to have it their day on Friday's) so when Tuesdays come around I like to clean the bathroom we are using at mom's and clean our bedrooms. Madison feels we should goes do something NOT related to the house. If we don't do things for the house we will never get in the house....any suggestions out there? I went Shannon's web site because she always has great ideas and had Boredom Edition 2 weeks ago. Does anyone have any ideas or websites? Please let me know.

Monday, June 25, 2007

We are moving right along

The house is coming along. We are painting rooms and have set up the hardwood for 3 more weeks to be put in. The carpet guys haven't called on a date yet. But that is okay. The formal living room is done and painted Tee Pee Brown it's kind of a light Chocolate.....very rich looking. The trim is white. The Dining room is a Cottage White and the trim is the same o course. Madison's room is Satin Pink Pixie Dust.....we are striping her walls a hot Pink called Flamingo. I may stripe them tonight. Miller's room is a going to be a jungle. My friend S is doing it and I have to meet with her this week. My room is going to be the color Wooden's prettier than your average wooden spoon...LOL! he family room is Parisian Taupe along with the hall and foyer. It goes really well with the fireplace. It also brightens up the room. The kitchen's finally has the walls finished. The drywall wasn't done and Scott's dad finished it for us. Its going to be the color Faded Clay. I'm going with a Tuscan look. I go look at lighting this week. I never thought lighting was this hard to deal is! I'm ordering Madison's bedding today.
She has tennis today. I'll run errands while she is there. Things are falling into place. We go look at counter tops next weekend.
I feel as if we are building a home. I know once its done it will be so worth it.
I haven't come to visit you all in awhile. i get so busy. I'm sorry. One day I will post everyday and visit you and it will be normal again.

Monday, June 18, 2007

10 Things I need to get done today!

It's a quiet morning. The kids are still sleeping. Mom is outside watering her flowers. The dog is with her. I'm sitting at the kitchen table with my coffee and writing down all the things I have to do today. This is what is going on.

1. First of all I got my water bill the final one after the water leak...$446.00. I hit the roof. Since Scott fixed it and not a professional all we have to prove it was a leak is a receipt for $3 at a hardware store. So I'm going down to the water company wouldn't want to be that clerk.

2. Madison has tennis today and I plan on going to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up my master bath stuff. This part will be fun. And I have a 20% off coupon.

3. I need to deliver my Mary Kay to about 6 different people. $$$$$$$!!!!!!!

4. Miller has a hair cut appointment. He is shaggy again. Sweet but Shaggy.

5. My sweet E gave me a gift certificate to Star bucks for picking her son up at Bible School 2 weeks ago so me and Madison may run and get us a Frappuccino since it has been so hot here lately.

6. Calling a local church today to enroll Miller in Mothers Day Out in the fall. Is that mean? To be a stay at home mom and still need a babysitter to get things done?

7. Signing Madison up for Gymnastics for the fall.

8. Today is Scott's moms birthday and I need to get her one more thing. Guess I'm going to Chico's.

9. May swing into Pet's Mart while I'm over there so Miller can see the animals He loves animals but calls them dog dogs.

10. Enjoying this moment of things being quiet. My coffee is still hot. And things are calm. In about 20 minutes life will get crazy.

Happy Monday everyone.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The New House

Good Morning everyone. We are at mom's. It has been going really well. We CLOSED on the house...hooray! I'm posting a picture of the front...of course this picture shows it has been empty for 8 months and the shrubs have taken over... Scott has been pulling up carpet and nails and cleaning gutters out. We are buying the hardwood this week and getting bids on people putting it in for us. I have to pick out carpet today. I'm meeting my sweet friend D who is a great decorator at the house tomorrow to go over color schemes and ideas. She is a hairdresser but does this in her spare time and is great at it.
I have tons of colors to go over with her. It's getting very exciting. I go this week to buy my furniture. I have picked out a new bedroom suite and dining room suite and Family room pieces. This part was rather fun and believe it or not my kids have been great furniture shopping.

This week I have to pick my final colors and start painting......get someone to put in my carpet and hardwoods. Shop for new light fixtures.......and possibly start slowly moving in.
I can't wait to start posting pictures for you all.

Madison starts tennis lessons tomorrow.....she finished Vacation Bible School Friday.
We didn't go to church this morning we were too tired.

I hope you all have a great week. I will check back with you all.