Thursday, May 31, 2007

We are finally gone

We are at mom's. We handed the keys over early. Can you believe a pipe busted under the house the day before we handed the darn keys over?????? Scott took a half a day off to help the guy fix it.....I went into over time stress alert.
It's kind of weird being at my mom's home again. I keep thinking I have a curfew or something.
We close next week still....and I get to go shopping for new floors and furniture this up coming week. The kids are adjusting better than I thought. Although my dog is confused. I think Miller thinks we are going home and keeps saying go go go ?????
I hope you all are well....I just got internet running at mom's and our own phone line.....(it's a good thing I sleep with the phone man...LOL) For those of you that dont know this..Scott works for AT&T......I'll come visit you all this weekend....Have a great Friday

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm reflecting on my week everyone. Let's see...I'm moving. My house is upside's hard living out of boxes and suit cases. We had our Yard sale and I made over $300. That was nice. We went to church this morning. We are going to a friend's house for dinner tonight for some distraction. Considering my kitchen is packed. I'm trying to look ahead and see my new home and well....maybe in about a month I will be half way settled in it. We still close on 6/8.
The days are flying by. We move in with mom permanently in a couple of days. We have sold my bedroom set so we are on the floor......

Madison is having with drawls from us not opening the pool. She is going to miss that this year. Hopefully we will be putting one in at the end of summer.
I still have bathrooms to pack and my closet......almost done. I'm tired. I'm okay though...I know this is pat of the hardship to our dreams......

One piece of advice..dont let your husbands pack the iron too early or you will be forced to go to church I did this morning......have a great weekend everyone!
Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Official.... We Are Moving.....Now Say a Prayer

Today....I'm having a yard sale...yes I have lost my mind. I don't know why I do this. You have a yard sale and say "I'm never taking my time to do this again for about $100"...and wham you do it again. Yes....I'm stupid. And to top that off...I'm doing it again tomorrow. It's official.....I'm an idiot.

We are however moving........Hooray. On the dark side.....we give up our home next Saturday morning....and cant get into our new home until June 8th. So for one week.....we will be homeless. No I'm with good ole mom. Scott and I are sleeping on our mattress and box springs for now...since I sold our bedroom suit this morning at 6:30.....yes..the paper said starts at 7am...they were in my driveway at 5:45......are they normal? NO!

My house looks awful right now......stuff everywhere. Scott is off this weekend until Wednesday and we should be completely out of this home by Thursday. So I will be in and out.

One thing I need from you all.....Miller has been put on Zyrtek and Singulair...for his allergies. Now they are putting him on an anti biotic and cough medicine since he is coughing so bad. I'm not familiar with allergies.....but he has been coughing, runny nose and eyes itchy and this normal and does it ever get controlled? It is driving us crazy. No one in our family has allergies.......any advice? He seems miserable.

I hope you all have a great weekend........I''ll be out with the crazy people in the morning...LOL!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Morning

The home inspection passed.....hooray. I got to spend some time in the house yesterday morning. I measured the rooms with my dad and took alot of pics......I'm so behind in packing. I tell ya.....packing is wearing on me.
So we went to Olive Garden last night and Miller was perfect. He was so good....and then mom rewarded him with CHOCOLATE CAKE...grandma's are bad like this. He was up until 10pm...thanks mom....appreciate it......
Today, I have to go get my nails done.....we are running some errands and doing some packing.
I'm supposed to be shopping for new floors for the house....I haven't done this yet.....good grief.....
I have alot to do ....and my yard sale this weekend....
Have a great Tuesday everyone...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Coffee

Come on in and grab some coffee...the creamer is Carmel/Vanilla and yes I have a whole pot.....Good Morning.
I wanted everyone to know we got our house...YES.....I'm finally breathing. I'm so excited...I have been surfing the internet for different ideas for decor....and will be furniture shopping soon. Thank you all for believing in us and praying for us.

Madison is home for summer break....HOORAY....we took just her to dinner Friday night for staying on the A B honor roll all year...I'm so proud of her. We started packing her room yesterday cant even tell we started it. LOL!

Miller had to go to the doctor on Friday he has allergies and they put him on some medicine.....this makes me sad....we don't have any allergies in the family... anyways......he didn't sleep well last night....on the brighter side of my mom Madison and Miller are going to see Sesame Street Live today........this should be fun. Miller has never done anything like this before.

Scott is cleaning the attic out today while we will be gone. Not so fun. Everyone is sleeping right now the house is quiet....kind of about an hour it will be loud and full of life...and you know what I wouldn't change it.....I need to get ready for church...our home inspector goes to our home tomorrow I will keep you posted.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Random Things about me

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning tagged me or 7 random things about me....Hmmmmm. Here goes.

1. I could sit on the beach and stare at the ocean for hours......days if possible

2. I love to cook. Anything. Anytime. It helps me to de stress

3. I have to have creamer in my coffee....doesnt matter what kind...just need the cream

4. I would love to travel around the world...with my family.

5. When I get stressed anything I eat well, you can imagine......

6. I'm in a bidding war for a new house right now......pray I win.

7. I do genealogy on the side to keep my mind focused on other things.

There you have it......7 Random things about me....I tag.....anyone

Typical Tuesday

I'm packing today. Almost 9 years at this house. 13 years of stuff. WOW! Earlier.....Miller and I went outside to play..while it was cool. We just came in. Everything I pack he un say its cute and funny...I say....AGHHHHHH...packing with a toddler...good grief.

Say prayers today....we put our last final bid in. We wont know anything until Friday. I have been thinking of doing my bedroom in Red....any ideas out there ladies???????

Have a great day!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The bank

The bank came back......there are 2 so far offers......they want us to give our last final offer no later than Tuesday.....and will let us know who gets the house on Friday. Another stress out.
Today..I'm taking Madison to school. It's her teachers birthday and we have her a geranium and of course we cant take this on the bus. I'm going to start packing today and getting some things together for our yard sale. Maybe I will keep my mind off it. ANy suggestions on keeping my mind somewhere else are greatly appreciated. I have lost 5 pounds this past week. I know senseless but that is what my body does in times like these. I'm going to try to blog more.
I'm going to get a Starbucks this morning....yummy.
I hope you all had a great Mothers Day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not your typical Thursday for me

Good Morning. Well, we have been dealing with a repo house for about a month now. They gave us our price and we did up our contract...gave some earnest money...and waited.....well....another person sent in a contract too. Now we are in a bidding war. It sucks. I feel like a train wreck. We gave our best price last night and now we wait to see who has the best price. That person gets the house. I will never fool with a repo home or the bank again. It has literally torn us up. The home we thought God led us to is slipping away before our eyes. There is another home on the market we go see get my mind off things. We may not here from the bank for 72 hours.......say a prayer for us. It has caused us to be in bad moods......when life is so short and we should just be rejoicing that our home sold so fast. I'm totally sick over this. Buying a home is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Having babies was easier than this. By the way has anyone been watching Lost this season? What was last night's episode all about? I was totally Lost the entire night.....kind of freaked me out........and Idol....a sad night for Lakisha. Have a great day guys...I will keep you all posted.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Not alot to say

Well, the house has sold and we are homeless. No......just kidding. But we have to be out the first of June. A little scary.
We are done with soccer..thank God. It was driving me nuts...all the practices...all the games. They placed second in their tournament...not bad.
My mom has talked me into having a yard sale....yes I'm crazy. Everytime I have one of these I say I will NEVER do it again. I do.
Miller has been sick again. Croup. We are on steroids again.
I sound so negative don't I? Well....I dont have alot to say.....have a great Tuesday everyone.