Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes life gets a little wild

The weather here has been kind of nuts lately. It's been 80 degrees for the last couple of days and now it's 35 this morning. I wish Mother Nature would get it together.
It's been really busy around here. May always gets busy for me.
I have a mile long check list between school activities and non school activities, church assembly's and family life....it's going to get wild.
I'm trying to take it one day at a time...but that gets hard.
For instance just this week I have gymnastic car pooling, church and decorating after church for a brunch, MOPS Spring Brunch, grocery shopping, a Spring Carnival at school, making sure Madison's class has snacks this week for testing, organizing Teacher App Week for next week....and Madison has something pretty big going on next week that I will let you know then. We also have Derby Day (aka The Ky Derby...the most important 15 seconds in sports history) going on Saturday...I need to make my bets and look at the horses....along with Madison singing Sunday night and I'm working the nursery that morning. SO you can see why I'm taking it one day at a time. Other wise I would be nuts. Literally.
We are off today for a play date with friends. Lunch at the park. It's not that warm today so we may not stay long.
Our weekend was great..dinner out with friends.
Speaking of dinner I'm making Taco Pizza tonight...something quick as I have car pooling. American Idol is on tonight and it's getting good.
I'm still walking every day....trying to stay fit. Well, I hope you all have a great week.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Seize the Day!

I had a peaceful quiet day yesterday. ALL.BY.MYSELF. Yes.....Miller went to my mamma's for the day. And I got my nails done. Had a massage and did some shopping. Ate lunch by myself and then laid in the sun by myself. It was a nice peaceful day.
I don't get many of those. The beginning of the week started out kind of rockie. But as Wednesday came near....it slowed down. With it being the end of the school year and all room mom's become very busy.....we have Carnival's to help organize, end of year parties, graduation's, teacher appriciation week, and well the last day of school. All in one month.
Along with things going on in my home...I have my counter tops being laid soon and cabinets being prepped for painting soon and the outside trim work getting prepped to paint.
Things are getting a little stressful. So yesterday when I had that entire day to myself....it was nice. It was nice to drink my Sonic drink without sharing it. It was nice to walk into a department store without handing out snacks or grabbing up thrown toys off the floor. It was nice to just be in the presence of myself.
I encourage each of you busy mom's that are going through what I'm going through with toddlers or school aged kids..to take a day...and do it for yourself. Without this you cannot focus on yourself.

• Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart.
Erma Bombeck

Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake Rattle and Roll

At 4:36 this morning I awoke to my bed shaking and bed posts swaying. I just laid there. The last Earthquake I experienced was about 7-8 years ago and it felt like a sonic boom. SO I laid there this morning to REALLY experience this Earthquake. Scott hit me saying Jen.....it's an earthquake...Madison came running into our room....and I just laid there.....what a crazy feeling. The earth under us moving and grumbling like a hungry stomach. It was so quiet...and felt as if the earth could swallow us up at any moment. Yet I lay there feeling it and listening. 5.4 and located about 2-3 hours from my home. And from a fault I'd never even heard of.
I grew up in this region taught about the New Madrid Fault.....back in the early 1800's it rocked our area....and I have always been told this Madrid would hit us again. So as I lay there this morning I felt the earth move....and it wasn't for like 5 seconds...it lasted a good 30- 60 seconds.....how amazing. Something God only has the power to do.

Today is grocery day. And I need to do laundry and straighten through the house. I have had such a crazy week. Gone almost everyday.
Yesterday was MOPS...it was alot of fun...we learned how to make Creative Activities for our pre schoolers....this should be alot of fun for the summer.
Tonight....we are going to dinner with old friends of ours....L and I have been friends since middle school so this will be alot of fun.
This weekend....we have a Sunday School Potluck Saturday night. Sunday is supposed to be nice out...Scott is playing golf and well...I may just lay out in the sun.
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Talk

It's supposed to be a nice week. The rain is finally leaving. The temps are great but supposed to end in the 70's by the end of the week.
Madison goes back to school today. I awoke early. We have been sleeping until nearly 8am....so nice. This morning I was up at 6am. I start walking again with a friend today. We meet after we drop the girls off at school and walk about 5 miles. We take the boys with us...our boys are very close in age...so are our girls. I start sit ups again today. Not so much fun.
The week flew by. Friday we shopped and Madison got new clothes for spring. We had a quiet weekend though. Madison went to the movies on Saturday and Scott worked in the yard...mowing and pulling weeds. Miller and I cleaned and watched Mickey Mouse.
This week will be busy. I'm making my grocery list and menu plan. The house is cleaned and laundry is caught up. We have a MOPS meeting this Thursday and we are going to dinner Friday night so this is exciting. Wednesday's are back to Miller going to his meme and grannies houses....hooray...for me.
I do have school projects to work on this week.
Volleyball is over for Madison and Scott's last game is tomorrow night. So life will get back to normal. We booked our family vacation finally. You will hear more about it later.

So today is walking.......and playing with Miller. Finishing my grocery list. And working on school projects while he naps. Dinner tonight is Cordon Bleu Casserole with a Mandarin Orange Salad with almonds. I hope you all are having a great Monday so far.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break

Good afternoon! What a week we have had. We went and saw the Backyardigans on Saturday and boy were they great. Miller was so good. He just sat there and watched all of it. I couldn't believe how good he was. Afterwards we took him to lunch. We celebrated with Scott's family Saturday night turning 84 was a huge deal...we ate dinner out and she looked great.
Sunday we had church and lunch out at our favorite Mexican resteraunt with all our friends. It was really nice. Miller did well. Monday we worked in the yard landscaping all day. My parents came over for dinner we grilled and it was really a nice evening. We had steaks and green bean bundles and Paula Deen's Twice Baked Potato Casserole....for dessert Madison made a Turtle Cake...and yes it was so yummy.
Tuesday we ran errands with Scott and Madison got her shot. She turned as white as a ghost nearly fainted and vomited twice before we could get out of the office. Yes...I'm telling the truth. It was horrible. But she did it. We took the kids to Burger King afterwards and then came home to cat nap.
Wednesday mom had Miller all day and Madison and I had lunch and went to the salon. We had manicures, pedicures, hair cut, colored and even had sparkles put in it....she even got her eye brows waxed for the first time....and they look great. She had a great time...when we left she thanked me for the most perfect day...I just laughed. I made Sandra's Cheesy Tortellini in my crock pot and let me tell you how great it was...wow.
Today we are in for alot of really bad storms...although so far all we have had are high winds...who knows what we will end up with. Today is our down day though. I have made a batch of peanut butter cookies....by the way does anyone have a really good recipe for these cookies because I cant find a great one yet...so please share it with me. Dinner tonight is Baked Feta Chicken with corn on the cob and sweet peas and carrots.
Tomorrow Miller is going to Scott's parents house and I'm taking Madison to lunch and a movie. Then to the mall to shop some. I need a new pair of white pants...and I love the dress pants at the Limited. Madison wants to look at bathing suits. We'll see.
I'll try and post over the weekend to let you know how we are doing...hope you all are well.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Girl Talk

So today is Friday. Thank God. It's been a long week. Probably because I havent been that busy. I'm going to the grocery later. Mom is going to watch Miller so I can go. Miller and I have been together everyday for over a week. I think he is getting tired of me. So I'm sending him to hang out with Meme later. Did you ever think you would be excited about going to the grocery by yourself? Well I'am.

Madison won her Volleyball Championship last night....whoo hoo lets here it for the girls! She was so excited.They got medals. So now Volleyball is over. Scott is still playing and has 2 more games though. Spring Break starts tomorrow. Scott is off 3days now. I may not post much next week because she is off and well....we will be making memories....we do have alot planned. And even a down day included in there.

I'm taking Miller to see th Back Yardigans Live tomorrow. He has no idea but loves them. I cant wait to see his face when they come out on stage. Tomorrow is also Scott's grandmothers 84th birthday. We are going out to dinner with the family.

Madison has to go in for her tetnas shot this week also. She is scared to death. I have told her it is no big deal...but she cant get over the drama of a shot.

I guess we will do some yard work this week too. I booked our condo for our family vacation. I'll let you know more about this place closer to time.

It rained hard here last night and we had alot lightning and thunder. It woke Madison up and she was scared. Miller slept through it all. The rain is supposed to move out this afternoon and give us some much needed sunshine for the weekend.
Thanks to all of you for being so nice yesterday. Just one of those days I guess.
Miller and I have been home quite a bit this week too......sometimes too much of your house can be just too much. I enjoy being home...but need public places to get me though the week....

Well....I hope you all will have a great week. I'm making Chicken Enchiladas tonight. My Baked Ziti was fantastic if any of you would like the recipe let me know.....Have a great Friday friends.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I'm a little down today. A little tired. I really don't have alot to say. It's raining here. That doesn't make things any better. We are watching Pooh. I plan on cleaning. Maybe catch up on my soaps. I hope you all are having a better day than me. I have alot on my mind.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Grab a tea and lets chat

Hey everyone. It's Tuesday. I have been busy this morning. Miller and I have been finger painting and working on his ABC's. He loves the letter B. I have been doing laundry in my new washer and dryer. Busy Busy....making phone calls making appointments and just living life. I'm making sloppy joe's for lunch for us and will be preparing Baked Ziti with a salad for dinner.

Madison is off next week for Spring Break we have such a great week planned. Scott took off 2 of those days also. We plan on playing some golf at the club..(her and her daddy) and having our toes and fingernails done at the salon with me of course. I have some great meals planned for this week too.....we are going to do a picnic one day at the park. We don't really go anywhere for Spring Break as the weather is still cool in most places....we can do cool here. So we try to make the best of her week for her. It's quiet around here this week. Which I LOVE quiet.

I hope you all are having a great week. What are you doing for Spring Break?