Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What a week. We have been so busy. Here is what has been going on.

1. Scott was off Tuesday which throws my whole day off. I love for him to be home but I have to put it in my mind not to get carried away with house work.

2. Got my hair and nails and eyebrows done on Wednesday. That was nice. Enjoyable.

3. Also did some shopping for me and Madison which is always nice too.

4. Miller has an ear infection which put us at the Dr yesterday. He got the flu mist on Tuesday. He had a soar throat....which drained into an ear infection and when he got the flu mist it triggered the darn cold...aghhhhh! Madison is still congested so the Dr gave me something for her as well. I tell ya between Halloween and St Patrick's Day it doesn't look good for us.
So they both have new medicines.

5. Scott gets off at noon today. He is coming home to help me get the house together....both sets of parents are coming tonight for trick or treating.....our menu looks like this..
Chili with the fixins
Hot Dogs over the fire pit
Rotel cheese Dip
Halloween Spider Cupcakes
and smores

6. Our local power company is giving free caramel apples to their customers so we need to run and get those today....along with cleaning up the house, pulling out our fire pit and cleaning it up. Miller is going to paint the rest of the pumpkins outside...we have 3 carved already. We have worked on the letter P this week by seeing things that start with this letter and pointing them out.

So that is what is going on here....Baby Cooper is doing really well. May be coming home soon. So keep him in your prayers.
I hope you all have a Happy Halloween....Miller is going to be a bat and Madison a hobo.....Enjoy your time tonight. Have Fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Kim and Cooper

Be still and know that I'am God
Psalms 46:10

My dear friend and her new baby

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Daybook

For more day books go on over to see Peggy @ The Simple Woman

For Today...October 27th

Outside my is chilly. Our temps are getting down into the 30's this week....welcome fall. It is still dark....

From the learning rooms...we are focusing this week on the letter P for Pumpkin...we are doing a pumpkin craft and painting the rest of our pumpkins on Friday.

From the kitchen this week...Ham and Broccoli Pot Pie, Salmon Patties, Salisbury Steak just a few things this week for dinner

I am wearing...white pajama pants and tank

I am cookbooks...getting ready for grocery lists and menus

I am talk with my friend who had the baby today. Scott's dad had a wreck yesterday morning so we got called away and could not go to Nashville. But several of our friends went and it was good. ( Scott's dad is fine...really banged up...but good)

I am creating...Christmas menus and holiday ideas

I am hearing...Madison coughing...

Around the house...Bathrooms to be cleaned first off....floors to be to be cleaned.

One of my favorite things...tiramisu and coffee with caramel creamer and cream on top!

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...gymnastics....volleyball starts back this week two days a week...Miller gets a hair cut and the flu mist....we have story time at the library this week...I have a nail and hair appointment, the grocery store, my bible study.. and having parents over for chili on Halloween....and a baby shower and possibly going to Nashville to see my friends baby...

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing.....

The Girls
Madison, my mom and me...another day at the beach

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Life

We are off this morning to see new life after Sunday School. 8 of us leaving for Nashville to travel to see this sweet new baby....the baby we prayed so hard for for 3 years for our dear friends. Momma and baby are doing well.
He weighed in at 4 pounds 5 ounces....
I cannot wait to see yet another one of God's blessings...
Talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, October 24, 2008


What a wild past couple of days we have had. My girlfriend who is pregnant....was taken by ambulance to Nashville (Vanderbilt University) with preeclampsa. She had been on bed rest for a week so far. Yesterday morning she called to tell me she had HELLP Syndrome. My mother had this with me. A very serious disease. She is only 32 weeks along. The baby was born last night at 8pm.....and was breathing on his own....and lungs were strong. Momma was doing well also.....I have been on my knees praying for almost 2 days now. The same for my church and close we are headed down to Nashville this weekend. Praise God.

Madison has been sick. She did make it to her reward day at school and even felt well enough for church that night. But came home with a high high fever...103.8. So we headed off to the Dr. yesterday morning to be told she had a sinus infection. Another anti biotic and cold medicine she is on. Tonight we have the debut of High School Musical at a local performing arts theater...some of her friends are in it so we are doing dinner at her favorite restaurant and the play. Fingers crossed she feels up to have already been purchased.

Tomorrow she has a birthday party at the local Cinemark to see the opening of High School Musical 3. Hoping she feels up to it.

We had the tile in my kitchen re done also yesterday as some of it was starting to crumble. So on top of everything else in our lives going on I had 3 men in my kitchen working.

Today Miller and i are hanging out. I dont want to go anywhere. I just want to some laundry.....and maybe clean out my closet and go through summer clothes in the kids room and switch out for fall/winter. I'm tired. But I'm so glad my dear friend pulled through and her baby boy is doing well. She has prayed for this baby for 3 years....this is their first.
So say a prayer if you can that the baby continues to get stronger and my dear friend does as well.

Have a good weekend. I will try to get around to some blogs today. It's just been crazy around here in the last 2 days.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miller at the beach

Miller loved the beach....more than I thought actually. Last year he couldn't get enough of the pools....but this year it was all about digging holes.

And he couldn't get to far out in the water as each wave would knock the little fella over...he still loved it though.

Here he is taking time for a picture. He and daddy are digging a hole...very important stuff for a 2 year old.

This is what all the hard work was for.....good job Miller!

And this photo was taken one night when we did a picnic at sunset on the beach...Miller is dancing....shaking his butt.....he is so darn cute....

More pics to follow later this week...say a prayer for Madison..she has a high fever and may miss her field trip today.......she cant catch a break.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Such a good week

We love watching the sunset.....I could sit on the balcony with a glass of wine every night and watch this over and over again. This picture is from our balcony.

This was the last night at sunset....we had several made...nothing to get too excited over..but we had fun.
Miller wouldn't cooperate really well.

This was a set up in the condo's lobby...we had eaten out this night at Jimmy Buffet's Margartiasville.....the kids were on a sugar high and goofy.....

We stayed at a place called Splash and they had a in door water park..coolest thing I had ever seen.....Miller was a little scared of it so Scott was on it alot....

Scott and Miller bonded this week. It was so sweet to watch....those boys love their momma's but they look up to their daddies.....

More pics to come this week..................enjoy your day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mondays daybook

For more day books go on over to see Peggy @ The Simple Woman

For Today...October 20th

Outside my's a chilly fall morning. The sun is rising slowly....

From the learning rooms...Miller loves to paint so we are working on colors this week by using our paints.

From the kitchen this week...beef pot pie and Mexican casserole..grilled chicken,Salmon patties, these are just a few items on our menu this week.

I am wearing...purple sweat shirt and shorts

I am reading...fall magazines

I am get some new dress pants for Miller today....he has only one pair that fits.

I am creating...Christmas lists....yes....I'm trying to get my notebook for the holidays in order as well this week.

I am doors across the street as people are taking thier elementary children to school.

Around the house...laundry needs to be folded and put away. I need to dust all furniture and mop floors this week and get bathrooms in order

One of my favorite things...hayrides and pumpkin patches

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...gymnastics (by the way she got her back hand spring down on the floor finally) going to the pumpkin patch again tonight (our familys bank is sponsering a cook off and hayride) my sister comes home for a week today so some running around with her....lunch with a friend, a trip to the library, dinner with Madison and her best friend and her mother friday night and then taking the girls to see a play (high school musical) then over the weekend...Madison has a birthday party to attend....a halloween party at the club for both kids....and church. I'm exhauseted now.

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing.....

me and Scott out with some friends for dinner.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A give away

My dear friend Sandy at 4 Reluctant Entertainers is giving away this wonderful gift for her 2 year anniversary go get you a chance in for it...go know you want that candy bar!!!

Friday's at Suzanne's

I have been reading Suzanne at Living to tell the Story for at least 2 years now. Love her. She is just an inspiration to read. I always leave smiling. Anyway.................she has started something new at her place. Fridays Favorite Five.....looking back on your week and reflecting on your 5 favorite things. So I thought I would join in this week. It looks fun.

1. This sounds silly...but Miller and I stayed home two whole days not going anywhere. This is just music to my ears as we go so much. So this is such a high light when I can stay in pj's for awhile and hang out with him and just not worry with things outside my door.

2. Mexican Food....had lunch with Scott by ourselves on Wednesday and ate at our favorite Mexican place...Los Amigos.....yum yum yum!

3. Pumpkin Spice Creamer....finally found it our Walmart. It's in my coffee as I type. I love this one so much. There is also a new one I had not seen before called caramel apple...this one will get tried next time!

4. MOPS...such a wonderful ministry for mom's who have pre schoolers. Ours started out with eight mothers and now we are up to fifty....just a true blessing.

5. This sounds silly but...I love reality tv so all the shows this season have been really great. I love sitting on the couch watching all of them.

This was alot of helps you to reflect on some of your favorites things over the week. I cant say I do this often. So it's nice to sit down and think about it.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. We have a Chili Supper and Hayride to attend all day tomorrow. This will be so much fun. I love going to the pumpkin patches and hanging out and doing the hayrides and games for the kids....then heading to a friends house for a chili supper...even better.
Madison has another school dance tonight.....dont worry...are you ready???? Scott is chaperoning......yep! She is also staying the night with her best buddy. So things are good for her.
Sunday is church.
Our MOPS night group starts Sunday night also....fingers crossed.
Enjoy friends!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cooler temps

I believe today will be our last warm day...the high is set at 85. The cool fall air comes through tonight. Our lows this weekend will be in the high 30's.....It's crazy that temps can change that fast.
Today Miller goes to my mom's and I have some errands to run. I look forward to my time alone each week. I can always re focus and re fresh myself as a mom.
My bible study is tonight. I'm enjoying it as well. MOPS is tomorrow. It will get to be a bit crazy this week.

Enjoy your weather wherever you may be. This week may be becoming tell me where you are from and what the temps are where you live..... even the lurkers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Daybook

For more day books go on over to Peggy's at the Simple Woman....

For Today...
October 13th

Outside my Window..the sun is shining and the air is crisp....the high today will be still good shorts/capris weather.

I am thinking...Halloween costumes...we have Miller's but trying to come up with something inexpensive for Madison as she will be handing out treats only.

From the learning rooms...we are working on memory...and potty training....he does really well with the memory game.

I am thankful for... family vacations

From the kitchen...pumpkin pie out of the oven....bread rising and fresh peanut butter cookies cooling on the rack....lunch is veggie soup and dinner tonight is a chicken pasta dish with a mandarin orange pecan salad.

I am wearing...I'm ashamed to say still in my pajamas....need to go change

I am reading...The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

I am get the house vacuumed and furniture dusted....

I am menu plan for the next weeks ahead

I am hearing...Monsters Inc on Disney for Movie Time Monday

Around the house...laundry is done. Bathrooms need cleaning and windows need cleaning along with dusting and floors...

One of my favorite things... apple cider curled up on the couch with a good movie.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... gymnastics....a dr appointment for me...nail weekly bible study....2 MOPS meetings...a hayride with friends...and a chili supper for Sunday School...Miller has a music class and lunch with Scott's mom....

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our vacation

There is just no better place for me to sit and relax than the beach. The ocean smell the sounds of the waves crashing along the to my ears. We began our 11 hour journey last Saturday morning very early...4am to be exact. The kids slept and me and Scott and my sweet mother (who joined us) drank our hot coffee as we traveled the long dark early morning highway. Our van was packed to the hilt with suitcases, bags for the kids, coolers, snacks reading materials and everything walmart has sold in beach toys/swim toys. We also had packed movies, and CD's to listen too. We had a nice drive down....lunch at a Mc Donalds in Alabama so Miller could run and stretch his legs while we ate. And he tuckered himself out with a nap finishing our trip which ended up at about 3pm finally there. We loaded the van onto 2 luggage carts and headed up to our 3rd floor 2 bedroom condo. We stayed at place in the west end of Panama City Beach where its not that busy and loud anymore....our amenities where pretty cool with a water park inside the area and a lazy was cool. Miller and Madison loved it...we also had a bowling alley.
It rained on Tuesday and Wednesday and we had lunch out and drove one day to Mexico Beach and to Tyndall Air Force Base where we once lived and Madison was born and hung out for the day. And the next day we drove to destin to shop....which we did. We went out to beach at night with flashlights and the kids had a ball looking for sand crabs....we swam at night and stayed up too late....we cooked breakfast in the mornings and ate on the was all so nice.
We ate wonderful...Margaritasville one night and Cheeseburger in Paradise one night..yum yum! We did quite a bit of Sea food....and Carrabbas too. We hit target the last morning ad Starbucks a couple of times. Along with the tiki bar with many Strawberry Margaritas and a few Pina Colodas. The sunsets where breath taking and the stay too short.
I hate to leave the last day....I hold on to that last sunset and sunrise....
The kids had so much fun. They played and we all enjoyed our stay. Mom and I had some alone time to talk about Aunt Glenda and laugh and cry. It was good for us.
Our journey ended yesterday coming home taking us 13 hours as we got caught in Nashville in a 2 and 1/2 hour pile up.....not a good subject but at least we can laugh at it now....thank God for DVD
We had so much fun and I love going to the beach each year. A wonderful highlight to my life. Tomorrow is back to normal. And that is fine...with fall in the will make it easy for me.
It's always good to be home!

Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm heading out

It's Friday and what a week we have had. Stressful between studying for 5 tests and reading to make a goal like we have never read....I'm exhausted. It's time to go on a vacation. We head out to the ocean early in the morning. I'm running errands today and packing and cleaning up little messes and finishing know the stuff you have to do to get out of town for a week.

I will be checking in throughout the week..I have a few posts I have done to review my summer that I promised pictures of. I hope you all have a great week....I'm going to soak up some Florida sun read a good book have a few tropical drinks and smell that ocean water....

In every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth. - Rachel Carson

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Alphabet Game

Gail at More than a Song did this and I thought it was cute......It’s time for some alphabet fun. The goal of the game - List 10 things you love that begin with the letter you are assigned. Gail gave me the letter “S”.

1. Scott my husband of could I not list him.
2. Sunsets and Sunrises....I could watch them everyday.
3. SUV's..Scott wants me to look at mini vans but I'm a SUV girl.
4. Shoes....high heels, open toed, boots, you name it any color I love shoes
5. Shopping.....I could do it daily...but my pocketbook wont allow me to do it.
6. Sex in the city...the movie and the series too...I love Carrie Bradshaw
6. Snowy days
7. Soups that cook all day long
8. Strawberry Limeade from Sonic
9. Sonic (that was a given)
10. Starbucks

Anyone can play along...this was fun.