Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Talking a little

We are headed out this morning for a golf lesson...and some last minute 4th of July decor. We are going swimming after lunch.....I'm making Kelli's Pepper Jack Chicken in the crock pot today which I convert into fajitas.....yum yum. We had a great day yesterday hanging out with MOPS moms and having lunch with Scott's mom.
Everyone asked about my grilled is quite simple....I buy a Digarno Pizza...cheese and let the kids top it....some toppings I like are sausage, pepperoni, ham and pineapple, supreme is fun too....we grill it for about 30 minutes..and I whip up a yummy fresh salad with it....we love it.
I hope you all have a great day today....


Kelli said...

Have a wonderful day, Jen! I was thinking about making that chicken again soon. I like the fajita idea!

Karen said...

I think I could start a whole new recipe file, just from your blog. Your meals sound so delicious! I'm not sure what our weekend plans will be. My son has a baseball tournament, so we will play it by ear. I'm not used to not having plans for the fourth, so it feels a bit weird;o!

KrisinTN said...

Sounds like your enjoying your week! I am very excited because Charlie & I are headed out today to Gatlinburg TN. We are staying until Monday. The kids will be joining us on Friday so that gives us a couple of days to ourselves.

Sandra said...

That chicken sounds yummy, I'll have to try it :)

Have fun at the golf lesson and can't wait to see or hear about your 4th of July decor :)


Mike Golch said...

This sounds worth a try.Thank you for the idea. Big Time Hugs and God's love headed your way! That's my story and by golly I'm sticking to it.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a great idea with the pizza! I know my kids would LOVE it!

Glad you had a nice time yesterday with all your activities. You guys have so much fun together, don't you! :)