Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Morning Talk

It's early this morning. I have my MOPS retreat going on. We will be discussing the entire year and I love doing this. I will be gone all day. We met last night for dinner and fellowship and it was nice...we have a goal.
I was told last night by one the girls on leadership with me that when she came to our group I was the first one to talk to her and show her around. (I don't remember this as I'm Hospitality Leader and I talk with everyone) But she told the ladies last night when I introduced myself there was an energy about me that wanted her to know more about Jesus. She knew by the way I carried myself I loved Jesus and wanted the world to love him too. I have never had anyone say this about me or to me....I was speechless...for once.
For today please pray for our MOPs group that we can lead more ladies to Christ and that they can learn to love Jesus as I do.
I would work 100 Saturdays if I could lead one more woman through that door.

Have a great day everyone....I'll report back on Monday on our new and exciting year of MOPS.


Org Junkie said...

That's awesome Jen!!

Sandra said...

Jen, that's wonderful :)

Debra Lane Designs said...

Have Fun!!

Karen said...

This post makes me so wistful for the days when I was involved in our church's 'mom's group' called Time Out for Friendship. It was the best thing I could've done for myself as a stay-at-home-mom. That's so wonderful about your leading the other mom to Christ. But I'm not surprised. I'm sure you'd had that effect on a lot of women, but don't know it.

{{hugs}} Karen

Mike said...

Hope you have a great week. The greatest.


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Kim said...

Amen, Jen! This is so exciting, I cannot wait to hear more!

Christina said...

What an awesome testimony to the person you are. That must of totally made your day. Congratulations you deserve it and I pray lots more are led to Jesus through you and your group.

Bev said...

The ultimate compliment - and enough fuel to keep you going for another year I'm sure.

Christy said...

that is wonderful!!! Have fun!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It sounds like you have an amazing MOPS group! It's so important to have a solid group of "mom friends" and it seems like that is what you have.

How incredible what the woman said about wanting to know Jesus because of you! That did your heart good and gave you some fire, didn't it!!

Hope the retreat was a blast!