Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just random things

Good Morning. Today we are heading out for hair cuts and mini manicures. We have a MOPS playdate at a local spray park. And lunch with Scott's mom. I'm needing to get in the shower. The pool was fun yesterday. Miller did well.
The weather this summer has been so beautiful here. Is anyone watching the Bachelorette? We love it. I was rooting for Graham but think she will pick Jason. Anyway.......we have been walking every night. Trying to tone up.
We are going to the Farmers market today too. My tomatoes are not ripe yet and I need some.
I also need to pick up some flags.....for the front yard.
Dinner tonight is Homemade Pizza on the grill with a side salad of my fresh veggies again...yum yum.
Have a great day everyone...summertime is just flying by us......I'm really enjoying it though.


Christina said...

I liked Graham too but he just couldn't open up. I think she will pick Jason. I am not sure Jessie is really ready to settle down yet and start a family and all that but we know Jason is up to this.

Pizza on the grill, now that sounds yumm-o. I was watching Rachael Ray last week and then made a recipe for chilequilas that she cooked and that was pretty good, I made it last night. A little on the spicy side for the kids though. They ended up eating it and even my son's friend who is 15 and came home from football practice ate it, but I am sure pizza on the grill would of been much more thrilling to two teenagers.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Your days are always jam-packed girl! Sounds like fun though. Hope you have fun and that pizza on the grill sounds incredible! :)

Good luck on the new computer. My laptop died two weeks ago and it's still out for repair. It's like missing a limb or finger, not having it available. I know what you mean about posting photos. I'm trying to wait till my laptop is repaired and returned, because I don't want to load them other places. Always something!

Have a great day and week!

Sandra said...

Have a great day Jen :) Just stopping by since I got my internet back today LOL

I also watch Bachelorette and was rooting for Graham....quite frankly I thought maybe Jeremy would be in there too, I'm not too thrilled with Jason OR Jessie LOL

Chappyswife said...

I've only seen the last 2 episodes of the Bachelorette. I don't know their names, but I would have picked that last guy she let go, just judging from the 2 shows I watched, the attorney from Dallas, but man, the other guys hated him!

I think she will pick the guy with the son. I don't know what she sees in the other guy left.

Pizza on the grill? Well, that sounds delicious!

Kelly said...

Pizza on the grill sounds delicious:-)

Maybe you can share your recipe sometime!