Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another Week


Outside my's sunny yet muggy....all my neighbors are coming home from their weekend get aways.

I am thinking..that today is the first day in awhile we dont have any plans...except for the Bacholettet coming on tonight...season finale..whoo hoo! I also cannot beleive I slept until 9am this did Miller...we must have been exhausted from teh weekend.

I am thankful for..the house we fought so hard for a year ago and now live in...the freedom we have that we just celebrated for and the wonderful God that loves us unconditionally.

From the kitchen....Barb's Pizza casserole and side salad with fresh veggies from my garden and my uncle's garden....pecan pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert left over from the weekend.

I am creating....a clean home for my family to live in.

I am going...not sure yet....who knows..maybe a morning walk.

I am wearing..a prurple Old Navy tank and striped pajama shorts

I am reading....a Journey magazine with devotionals and going to try and start the Mommy Diaires.....anyone read this yet?

I am clean the utility room this gets out of hand so fast.

I am hearing....the dog eat....and Miller talking in to my ears to hear him put words together that I finally understand.

Around the house..beds will be stripped and bathroom needs scrubbed...its trash night....and maybe peanut butter cookies this week.

One of my favorite things..watching my kids chase fire flies in the dark barefoot while eating ice cream.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week..a nail appointment, visiting grandparents, going to the pool, grocery week, my brother is coming home for a visit....maybe the library....and the drive in theater to see Kung Fu Panda.....and walking with friends.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with pictures are still not I have nothing...sorry.
I need 2 year old advice. I realize this wont last forever...but it is summer time and we do need to go into public on Miller wont listen to me in public..he runs from me and if I get on to him he yells at me and screams. This just discourages me from taking him places....I need help moms so lay it out for me.
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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like you guys had a good weekend, and I bet you were tired if you all slept in till 9 AM! I hope you have a great week coming up. I don't have too much on my plate this week, except the dentist. I don't love going, but it's better than the female doctor that I dread so much, LOL!

Pizza Casserole and pb cookies sound great, but I'm trying really hard to NOT turn on my oven much. I didn't see that recipe at Barb's, but I bet it has to go in the oven. I am hoping to do more stuff on the stovetop or in the crockpot this week.

Have an awesome week, Jen! Enjoy the summer and stuff with your kids :)

Sandra said...

Loved reading this Jen :) I've decided to join in and start playing along too.

That Pizza Casserole sounds great!

Hope you have a great monday.


Marye said...

what a great weekend!

I have had 8 kids..and all of them went through the twos...consistent loving discipline will eventually pay off, however if he continues to run for his own safety I would get a toddler leash. SOunds bad, I know, but having a child hurt is far worse.
good luck,

gail@more than a song said...

Two's are hard! When mine were little hubby told me I needed to take them out of the store when they started acting up and discipline them; it was hard to do but it was the best thing for me to do. I know different things work for different people though. And I couldn't let them run off in the parking lot and get hurt so there were times I had to spank mine, if they disobeyed. Consistency is the big thing, hard to do, but eventually it should pay off. It's probably best to take care of it right then when they misbehave; that's why hubby told me to remove them from where we were and take care of it then!
Take heart, it seems like it'll last forever but you do get past it in time!

Nicole said...

I really enjoyed reading your post!! Very relaxing! I am waiting for the Bachelorette tonight too. Can't wait! IS this an every week entry or every day? I have been so far away from blogland, I just am out of the loop now. :)

Amy said...

oh I have so been there with 2 year olds, my oldest use to do that in public. What about asking your child to help you put things in the trolley from a list? Or can you get someone to babysit while you do shopping in peace?


Christina said...

I miss fireflies here. I have seen them. I used to love catching them.

I agree with the poster who said consistency pays off. Just keep doing what you are doing and don't worry if he yells and screams he will get over it when the effect is wearing off and believe me everyone around knows what this is like. Most people have experienced a toddler at one time or another and all are aware they make them way smarter than they used too.

Cobblestones said...

Fireflies!!! I miss fireflies!! I don't know if I've ever seen one here in TX. I wonder if it's too hot. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing your daybook.

Cobblestones said...

Jen, that's exactly what we do. My husband teaches a class on Monday nights so we go to a park close to his office and he can sneak over and meet us for about half an hour...and the kids run off a lot of energy! Picnics on Monday nights are becoming a tradition here :)

Kelli said...

I *love* fireflies! We don't have them where we live, but we went to Tennessee many years ago and saw so many of them. Have a wonderful week!

David and Julie D. said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook. It sound like you have a fun week ahead. When our children were young I would explain to them before we went inside the store exactly what we were doing and I how I expected them to behave. (kind and obedient) Our daughter went through a stage where she would run from me in the parking lot, giggling the whole time. I was very pregnant and couldn't chase her; so we did have to get a toddler leash which connected from my wrist to hers. We called this stage "the teachable twos." Our words to our little ones are so important and we didn't want to insert terrible into their minds. In fact a wonderful book that I read on the subject is Children are Wet Cement by Ann Ortlund.
Have a wonderful week.
Julie D.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

The previous commentors are right in the consistency - not that I'm an expert!! - consistent follow through of discipline.
But, I understand how difficult it can be in public! Judah and Miller are both in the tough two year old stage.
This is what we've done - I rarely go out by myself because I find it hard to keep everyone in line, alone. If I do have to go out, I talk with the kids before we get out of the van or even before we go into the store. I tell them my expectations and what will happen if they are not met.
Next - containment, containment, containment. I dislike the leashes. Sorry. I put Judah in the McClaren and Eliza in the sling, Eve is the only "free" one as she is old enough and very obedient.
Lastly, I bring snacks. And juice boxes. Things to keep Judah's hands busy and his mind occupied. Sometimes a little car or plastic animal will be enough.

Mainly, we go out as a family. That way if and when Judah acts up Daniel can take him out to the van and discipline him. And Judah knows Daniel will do it every time. His outbursts have greatly reduced as he's learned we will be consistent with our discipline - and this is in all areas, not just on outings. We follow through every time. And it's exhausting, but worth it.

I hoe it gets better Jen. I know how hard it is. I'm in the trenches with ya!


A happy heart at home said...

You are one busy lady! I hope you get a little relaxation in this week. Pizza casserole and peanut butter cookies - yum!


Trailboss said...

Marye is right, they are at the age of trying to be independent and it is very very trying. Constincicy is the most important thing. My Daddy taught me that when I was pregnant w/my first child and it has proved to be right. Just remember, soon enough your 2 yr old will be 20 and the younger years will be memories. Enjoy this even though it is hard.