Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So it's Tuesday. Miller didn't go to school yesterday. We stayed home. His cough is getting better and you can tell he is feeling better. But the steroid at times makes he feel different..Today is the last day for it and I'm glad.
My mom came home yesterday. I'am so GLAD. She helps me so much with the kids so we can actually have a life so I was thrilled to see them make it in okay. They had fun and I'm happy they can go and do the things they do.
Madison's birthday is Sunday and I have nothing for her. She has asked for one thing. Volleyball socks...that is it. So I need to hit the mall this week. Maybe mom will go with me.
I'm getting my herb garden together this week too. I' looking forward to growing the herbs...Miller is going to help me prepare it..that should be interesting.
I'm making a meatball pasta dish with a salad tonight. And making a cake for a friend who helped me out of a jam today. I made fresh granola yesterday...yummy. We love it so much.
Cleaning bathrooms today and vacuuming....I need to work on Esther as my class is Thursday.
I'm also working on our MOPS Tea Party..I'm doing an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party and getting some great ideas. I need to start working on them soon.
Today I will work on our Disneytrip...we are not going until October but planning a Disney trip you have to plan early...if you all have any tips I need to know throw them at me....I'm researching all kinds of things.
Well...i dont have alot more to talk about....talk to you soon.


Tina Leigh said...

Glad Miller is feeling better. The steroids can make you feel jittery, increase your heart rate. They are good when you need them but just nothing you want to say on forever.

Trailboss said...

Glad your sweetie is feeing better. My stepdaughter played volleyball and loved it. My niece played too, she got a scholarship for college by playing. She was really good.

I have no advise for Disneyworld except to say that I wouldn't go! I hate crowds. hehe

Krista said...

Good Morning Jen! Sounds like you've got another busy week. I'm glad your Mom is home. I know you enjoy those lunches with Mom, and I'm sure the kids enjoy the days they get to spend just one on one with Grandma! I always did. I think The Happy Housewife.com went to Disney in January and she blogged about everyday. It was very interesting. Check it out. BTW, I am hosting a giveaway this week to celebrate my 1st blog birthday. Come by and enter!

Kim said...

HOw is the Esther class? I hear great things about it!

My father-in-law's birthday is Sunday too, it is a great birthday:) I hope you find what you are looking for for her.

I love herb gardens I should be better about keeping one.

Sandra said...

Glad Miller is feeling better Jen :)

You're always so busy girl, how do you do it and not drop from exhaustion?


Lovn Livn said...

We love Disneyworld and travel there about every other year.

Go online to review all the restaurants at Disneyworld if you are staying on site and have booked the dining plan. Decide where you would like to dine each day and book the reservations as soon as possible. It is worth the time as you might not get to dine at some popular spots if you wait. The character spots are really nice, especially Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary. The Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge is unique.

Make sure you use your Fast pass option and sit and rest or see another attraction while you wait for your time at the Fastpass attraction. Avoid the lines if possible to make the most of your days and nights. Don't miss Fantasmic and It's a Bug's life! Enjoy!

Barb said...

How sweet that all she's asked for is volleyball socks. Not that I have a clue what volleyball socks are and I have a daughter who played volleyball for three years!

You need to share your recipe for homemade granola. :-)

Michelle said...

Yay for having your mom around! Grandma's helping hands are always nice :) Glad Miller is feeling better too!

Christy said...

I am glad Miller is getting better! We have had the same sickness at my house and it makes it so hard when your little one is sick!

I have a blogged linked to mine, I can't remember the title!! but her name is Ashley and she is practically a Disney expert. she has some info on her blog as well as a link I believe.

Martha said...

We live less than 1 hour from Disney, and spend quite a bit of time in the parks. If there is anything that I can do to help you out with planning, please let me know.

An Alice in Wonderland Tea Party sounds fun.

October is a great time of year.

Martha said...

Me again... I love that all your daughter has asked for is volleyball socks... my daugther got an IPHONE as an early gift, just got some new converse high tops, and still wants to know what OTHER big gift she is getting. She will be 12 on 3/4. She wants a PUPPY - NOT! We will be spending the afternoon at the Disney park of her choice, taking advantage of the $75 gift card she will get in lieu of free admission on her birthday!

Christina said...

Steroids tend to make kids a little agitated so I am happy for Miller that he is almost off.

It seems like kids get to a certain age and they aren't sure what they want for holidays, until after the occasion of course. Hopefully you will find some things that you think she will like. It gets harder when they are like this. At least when they ask for things you have something to pick from.

I love Disney. I think the thing we liked was called the fast pass where you push the button for a ticket and then return on the time the ticket has stamped, somewhere an hour or two later and you go on a special line and get right on. At first I thought this wouldn't work out, but somehow it did so once you try it you will never go back. They also have where you can swap kids. Mom can go on a ride with their child while the other parent waits in the waiting area and as soon as mom is back dad can go on the ride with his child right away. It's fun since the kid who is old enough gets to ride twice and both mom and dad get to enjoy. We only did this on rides we really wanted to both try. The best tip is probably if you stay in the park you can go in an hour earlier, before the gates open, this is good for two reasons, one is because it is not real hot yet and two is because you can get some things out of the way before your youngest child gets too overwhelmed. Sometimes paying a little more to stay at Disney is worth it since you get in the park for free and early. You can tell I went to Disney a lot, thanks to relatives in Florida about 20 minutes away from the park. I also once drove to Disneyland while living in Wa. That was an experience. I'm still partial to the one in Florida. Also eating out of the park is not necessarily cheaper since they charge through the teeth. There are Macdonald's and things though.

Chronicles of Teresa said...

Epcot is AWESOME!
not boring like I thought it would be...don't skip Epcot center! so interesting! and fun.