Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Morning.

The sunrise this morning in my back yard.

Good Morning. We were up early this morning. Madison had book club at 7am sharp so we left at 6:45 for drop off. It was so early. Miller was still in his pajamas. So Miller had his second day of preschool yesterday and Madison was out of school for Presidents Day. So after we dropped him off she and I ran some errands. We enjoy our moments together when its just she and I. We dropped off our consignment clothes and ran to the post office and went into a few specialty shops down town. We love our down town area. Its so historic and quaint.

So our town is still not "looking" normal. Limbs are piled high at the end of everyone's yards as far as you can see. Some people are burning them. You see smoke for miles. I was told the Farmers Almanac predicted this storm and that they have predicted another one. Now I have NOT read this...so I hope its a rumor. That was a hard week for us. Scott is still working 13 hour days and is so tired. I try and make it as easy as possible for him when he gets home....dinner is always ready...a beer awaits him and I'm normally asking the kids to chill out when he walks through the door. Yet you can see it in his eyes....the exhaustion. This Sunday he is off. I think I may just let him sleep in. I may just take the kids to church myself and let him rest. I plan on cooking his favorite meal that day...Mexican Lasagna. And hanging at home with him.

Today is cleaning day for me. I have bathrooms, and closets to tackle. Some laundry. Floors to be cleaned. We are having leftovers tonight..Chicken Divan. I may make some cookies later. My Shortbread Thumbprints....love these. And I will be working on Esther today...Its tough being a Woman.....I haven't looked at it in a day or two.

My mom and dad are coming home next week and I cant wait. I miss them.
I get my nails done tonight. SO that will be nice. I have pick up with gymnastics this afternoon. So I'll be out and about with kids.

I guess that is all for now. I hope you all have a great day.


Tina Leigh said...

When I went back to school full time to get my RN, Danny was the only one working, of course. We were tying hard to save money to buy a "place" and to get me thru school & raise 3 boys. Danny worked some long hard hours. He would sometimes work 24 hours strait, come home & sleep a few hours & go back again. I remember him coming in wore slap out. I would run him a hot bath & if I left him alone for 5 minutes he would be asleep in the tub. (he would kill me if he knew I told this) I would bathe him! Yep! Sounds corny or weird or whatever but I did it. There was no romance going on here, just washing my hard working fella. Your post today reminded me of those days years ago when Danny was working his butt off for us. Those things you are doing for Scott...they are precious acts of love girl! Now dont tell anyone I told you this! LOL!

Krista said...

I love having those girl days with my daughter. We went shopping last Saturday after her ice skating lessons, and had a blast.

Trailboss said...

You are a good wife and partner. Scott is a lucky guy. You know this but I want to say it anyway. Everyone in this area appreciates SO much the work that everyone is doing to get our town back to normal. It will be a while but know that he is doing a great service to many people.

Karen said...

It's nice having "girl" time isn't it? We're both so blessed to have daughters.

Loved TB's comment. Obviously, Scott's efforts are appreciated by you community.