Friday, February 06, 2009

Some of my favorite things.

Suzanne @ Living to Tell the Story hosts this each Friday and I love it....go on over to visit her.

1. Electricity. Something we take for granted...but yes..when I got the call we had it was like hitting the lottery. So it is my up most favorite thing this past week.

2. Fancy Cakes by little Debbie. We ate 3 boxes this week. Snowed in can do this.

3. Coffee. I was unsure I would even get a cup on Day 1 of all of this. But Scott's Grandma had little coffee bags like tea bags and we boiled water and viola....this girl got a hot cup of coffee.

4. Quilts. They not only kept us warm...Scott's grandma gave us 3 she made and her mother made. This meant alot to us.

5. Little House on the Prairie books and DVD's. We read several of them and watched the first season when we got power at grandma's. Madison loved them so much.

Although the last week has taught me we all take simple things in life for granted...I will begin to appreciate these things and include them in daily prayer to thank God for them.
I cleaned all day yesterday. And have several errands to run today. Life is getting back to normal. Madison and Miller go to school on Monday. Miller starts pre school. One day a week.
My parents left this morning for a month in Florida. So life will be challenging for me. Scott is still working 12 hours days. But I'm thankful he has a job.
I have great friends who check on me and love me and I'm thankful for them as well.
This week God showed me it was okay to let go and be real. He showed me how to be a little patient when the time was right. And he taught me that life is not on my clock but on his. And I'm okay with that.
Enjoy your weekend. Scott is off on Sunday finally. So we will have some much needed family time.


Brenda said...

You almost had a day without coffee??? Horrors!!! Thank goodness for those little inventions. I have plenty myself since we have frequent power failures. :)

The Correspondent said...

There's nothing like a natural disaster to make you yearn for the simple things, eh?

I'm glad you're getting your regular life back again.

Susanne said...

I loved this whole post, Jen. Thanks for sharing it and reminding us that we really do take so much in our daily lives for granted.

A day without coffee? I think I would have cried. ;v)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like you came out on the positive side of this very trying experience, Jen! Good for you :) And oh, to have those homemade quilts, how wonderful!

Hope you guys have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. :)

Barbara H. said...

I am so glad for electricity, and heat and light t the push of a button.

LOVE Little Debbies -- and coffee -- an quilts (though I don't have any homemade ones -- so glad you do!) -- and Little House, both the books and DVDs

Trailboss said...

It's been a heck of a week huh Jen? We finally got power back last night and what a relief that is.

My family loves Little House also. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Islandsparrow said...

I'm glad to read that things are getting back to normal for you - it sure makes you appreciate the everyday things that we often take for granted doesn't it?

Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

I simply cannot go a day without a good cup of coffee! I love your blog name!!

I also really like what you said about being on the Lord's time....good thoughts....

Barb said...

It's true that we take the simplest things for granted, until we suddenly don't have them. I'm glad you're back home again. It sounds like things are finally going to get closer to normal. KY has been all over Fox News - it's just shocking, the damage that was caused by the ice storms. I hope spring arrives very soon for all of you.

Jerralea said...

Thanks for the reminder to not take every day life for granted. We just went through some days of no electricity. I'm so thankful to have it back!

I love quilts and have three that my grandmas made me. So glad you got some, too!

Tina Leigh said...

I read "The Long Winter" this week...I thought I had read it before but I couldnt remember any of it. It was really good. You have had a long couple of will be good to get back to normal.

ellen b. said...

Oh I'm glad things are looking up for you! Now I have a little suggestion for you to keep around anyplace where the power could go off at the worst times possible...a french press coffee maker. Oh the times this wonderful invention has come in handy so that I could still get my hot coffee fix...Make sure the flashlight is handy so you can find it in the cupboard too :0)

Karen said...

Wow, great lessons in this post. Thanks for reminding all of us to be grateful for all those everyday things that we take for granted. How wonderful to have the quilts. Everytime you snuggle under them, you'll remember this time and give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

Enjoy your family time on Sunday. You guys have earned it!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Great perspective!!! Thanks!

Karyn said...

Great reminders to all of us to be thankful for everyday things.