Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day 7 on the prairie

Well it's been a week today this all started. Scott woke me up and said get a shower..when we lose power I don't know what time it will come back on or what day. That was last Tuesday at 6:30am. I lost power at 7:15am. I got my shower and my hair dried. But the cinnamon rolls in the oven did not get done. SO the kids ate cereal. Miller and I went about our morning. Madison awoke at 9am and I noticed the house starting to get cold. Miller was getting bored so I put CARS in the computer for him to watch. Madison and I started to watch the sleet come down. It had come down all night....the trees were leaning. I really started to wonder how much longer we would stay in our house. By noon I had made peanut butter sandwiches and bananas sliced with milk. It was cold..the house was 61. We ate...and I decided to pack us. We left out at 1pm to Scott's grandmas house. She still had power and lives on the same block as the hospital so I knew if she lost power she would re gain it fast. The trees were across the roads and people were going around them. I had never seen anything like this. The roads were drive able..but nerve racking. Tree limbs were falling in front of us as the temps were rising. We got to mamies house and got unloaded..she still had cable and power...the kids settled in really fast. I made some fast phone calls and emails knowing what lie ahead that night while we slept.
My last phone call was to my momma at 9pm by cell phone. We had lost power and had candles lit everywhere. We also had a gas stove to warm us through the night. Scott got home late..and we went to sleep. I could here the tree limbs all night hitting the house and falling..sounded like rifles going off. Then the rain came....then the freezing rain...and low and behold the sleet...the sound was like something on a movie. And then. Silence. I knew it was snowing.
We awoke to a winter wonderland. It was beautiful...but dangerous. We had to boil water for coffee. I felt as if we were on an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Oh how I took those books for granted. It was so cold.
Scott left for work. What normally takes 20 minutes to get from our house to mamies house took him little over an hour.
That afternoon I had got the kids together and took off to the house. The roads were a little clearer.....our town was devastated. I cried. I could not believe this simple word ice could do so much damage. Cell Towers were down and I had no communication with anyone.
I got to the house to see nothing was damaged...by this day....it 50 in the house. I left and tried to get to my moms. Two trees laid in the way. SO we turned around. Madison cried.
I knew they were fine they had gas logs and the grill to cook on. We got back home to realize that the house was too cold..so we would have to make beds in the living room at night for all of us and close the doors. It worked...alot of quilts.
Thursday we got out again to see the house...still sitting waiting for us to come home. I went to a friends house as our trip was to start on Friday to Gatlinburg. I couldn't drive to her so I hiked thru the snow. It wasn't that bad. I got to them. They had cell service so we made some calls and decided to call the trip off and reschedule. That we did.
I went back to mamies.
By Friday morning mamie got power. So life seemed a little easier. Although my nerves were shot and patience gone. 2 kids and an84 year old woman can make you un easy at times. But somehow I made it. On Saturday I had my first melt down. I cried alot. Sunday I was angry still no power at the house......power coming on all around me ...still none at my house.
Monday. No emotion. Miller has pink eye. I'm packing to go to my moms house as they have power and live closer to my home. Madison is supposed to go back to school tomorrow. We will see. As of yesterday I still had no power.
I know we are lucky/blessed to have a roof/power/gas/food. But this situation will get to any mother of young kids. My house is my life this what I do for a living. A homemaker. Yesterday my home was 45 degrees. It is cold and lonely and sad and all I want to do is clean it and love on it.
Miller's fish died. It got cold. I went back everyday to feed it. I just couldn't take the aquarium with me. Lucky is with us and doing fine.
Today the wind is blowing hard. SO trees and power lines that didn't come down may today. We are supposed to have snow flurries also. I could care less.
I talked to God last night. I had forgotten to talk to him throughout this whole thing. I awoke feeling better. I have hope because I know he has taken care of us.
I know he is our God and he will be there for me.
So say a prayer for us if you get a minute. We made National news last night...Paducah Ky....I couldn't believe it. The National Guard said this area was considered close to Katrina...I was in shock.

As I type this Miller sits here with me saying...I wanna go home.


Tina Leigh said...

AWWWWWWW Jen!!!!! I am soooo sorry! Again I cant imagine what your going thu....we just dont have that kind of weather here. YES I have been praying for yall. This to shall pass....it will make for some unforgettable memories for your family. I will never forget the hurricane that tore up all that I had ever known in 1979! It gives you a healthy respect for nature! Oh Jen...I love you girl!

Simply Catholic said...

I am so sorry all this is affecting your family. (pink eye is so annoying and painful on top of everything else too)

God bless.

Sandra said...

Sorry Jen, this has to be so tough for you guys....when it rains it pours huh?


Trailboss said...

It is tough Jen but remember....This too shall pass.

Barb said...

I don't even know what to say, Jen, except I'm so sorry this happened and I'm praying you can get back into your own home, with power and heat, soon.

Lesa said...

Someone on the radio this morning said that people from Kentucky are tough! We know how to take care of ourselves and our neighbors. Hang in there girl - there is a brighter day coming! Tomorrow will be day number six that we have been out of school. Yes - we may be in school come June - but at least we will be safe and warm then!

Chronicles of Teresa said...

I have been praying for you since this whole thing started! and your house will be fine it has been patiently waiting for you!!
love ya!

Ann(ie) said...

prayers en route girlie. HUGS!!!!