Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Re Cap

So far since we spoke last this has occurred....

My Grocery Experience was exhausting...but I made it.

I have vacuumed the entire house.

I have made Taco Soup and it was so so good.

Taken Madison to and from school.

Studied for a Social Studies test with her.

Started on a project with her.

Let the dog outside half a dozen times.

Walked 5 miles at the mall.

Took Madison to and from school again.

Played legos.

Watched Winnie the Pooh at least 3 times

Done 4 loads of laundry.

Cleaned up Miller started throwing up Friday night.

Stayed up all night last night cleaning vomit up over and over again....

I'm on 3 hours asleep.

Vacuumed again.

And now I'm watching Winnie the Pooh again.....while I watch the sun rise....

I have a girls night out with MOPS tonight...pray Miller gets well so I can go and that I don't start least until

Have a good weekend everyone.....tell me this will get better.

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