Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just talking

Good Morning. I awoke this morning and watched the sun rise while drinking my coffee. Scott took Madison to school so Miller and I had breakfast together and started on a project. We made pine cone bird feeders for the birds and hung them. Miller had peanut butter all over him. Quite cute I may add. He enjoyed himself though. He is playing with legos right now as I take a computer break.

Today we are going to organize some kitchen cabinets. For some reason some of the cabinets are all out of order. And this drives me nuts. I want to watch Martha Stewart today. I missed her yesterday. I enjoy her from time to time and really love all her tips.

American Idol starts tonight. We are really excited for this. Madison has gymnastics tonight and we are hooked up with a car pull....this helps alot.

Alot of you asked about Madison getting anchor at school. She is a part of the News Team. She loves it. She started out as a reporter and they have filmed a bunch of things. She also enjoys doing cameraman. Her group actually won an award last year and they are going to state in the spring. Anyway she decided to take a shot at anchorman. She tried out last week because someone stepped down....we worked all night on a skit to talk about. She aced it and got the job. She started yesterday and loved it. She even had a teacher send her a note saying she did an awesome job.....she works hard at things she loves. Maybe journalism one day...who knows.

My parents are still on the road today I spoke to them twice yesterday and they had made it to Florida. They should arrive at their destination today.

I stayed put yesterday after my walk. Did some laundry and cooked. Today after I do the cabinets I think I will clean baseboards.

I'm off to fold some laundry and decide what is for dinner. I hope you all have a good day.
My bible study starts tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to this.


Christina said...

I love to make those pine cone bird feeders too. I'll bet Miller thought that was pretty cool.

Glad to hear your parents are doing fine on the road.

I am watching Idol too, I love this show.

I'm also doing some work in the house today. My kids are all back to school. We have a long break because they are on year round modified calender, leaving only a small summer break so they are off for 4 weeks in Dec to Jan and they all just went back today.

I think that is so cool about Madison. Maybe one day we will see her on tv. It would be great to have some more Christian journalists out there.

Tina Leigh said...

Glad your folks are making out OK. Must be nice, huh. I've been washing & cleaning today also. I had to clean a freezer this morning to put 1000 pounds of pecans in that I had cracked out. The freezer smelled like SHRIMP! Nasty! Been washing clothes, cleaning rooms, blah blah blah! Sounds like you & MIller had fun this morning. I am hoping Danny will bring the "Little Package" home this afternoon. Maybe I will have all the cleaning done & can spend a good day playing with her tomorrow. It has been cold here today, 53. BURRRR! See ya Later.

Tina Leigh said...

Oh & what Bible study are you starting? tinastone1971@yahoo.com

Courtney said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful morning!
I too am organizing & cleaning today. Oh & if you read my post for today you'll see I'm sooo excited for American Idol.

jennwa said...

I am glad your parent are doing well on their trip.
I love American Idol too. It is weird how excited I get about a T.V. show.

That news program at school sounds fun. We had something like that in my High School, but I never took the class.
Have a great day.

BClark said...

Hi there, Karen said to come visit because you are cool, she's right!!
I know you had a ball with the pine cones, nice memories for you little one. I made suet blocks for the first time this year, simple cheap and the birds like them, success!
Wonderful that your daughter has found a passions for something she is good at. I wish you and your loved one well, Barbara

{Karla} said...

I've been a bad commenter lately and so I wanted to let you know I'm glad you are feeling better and that your parents are having safe travels.

I hate when I read a post and then don't get over to comment for days and days and days!!!


Mel's World said...

From one KY gal that was transplanted to FL to you, another KY gal, I will keep an eye out for your family while they are in the GREAT state of Florida!

Mimi's Toes said...

I found you thru Lori's blog. You have such a cheery feeling, which I like. I felt at home. I love coffee as well....Happy Tuesday. I am also a Mimi...but spell it different.

mom of 2 said...

American Idol...we'll definitely be watching! These first few episodes are always so funny!

A Chelsea Morning said...

Hi Jen,

You sound so much better! You were sooo sick, I'm glad you seem to finally be getting over it.

It's funny how animals and birds love peanut butter, isn't it? I just made Chelsea a batch of dog biscuits with peanut butter in them this morning and I think she'd eat the whole jar in one sitting if I let her. LOL

American Idol. Finally! Quality TV returns! I wouldn't miss it if my hair were on fire. :-)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, what Madison is doing with her news job is very cool! Good for her and it should give her all kinds of confidence and skills. You're right, maybe she'll be a world famous journalist one day :)

Girl - you're making me feel awful. You're up there making pine cone feeders, walking regularly, cleaning out kitchen cabinets AND cleaning baseboards?! Good grief, you must be channeling Martha, LOL!! Good for you, I need some of that energy to rub off on me though :)

Have a wonderful day!

Ann(ie) said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! American Idol tonight....WOOT!!

Julie said...

I love the design of your site. As soon as it loads, the blueness of it...and then that cup appears....wow! how soothing!!

Did you design it yourself?

Karen said...

Go Madison! She's learning some great skills at a young age.

Send some of your housecleaning motivation this way! My inlaws stopped in today -- which they never do -- and I saw my house through their eyes --- ugh. I need to get to work on it.