Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Miserable Day

The Carpet guys came and were 45 minutes EARLY......which never happens to me.

The Doctor called today to tell me I tested positive to strep throat.....anti biotic..$110 for the entire family..who has now been exposed.

The panties I wanted at Victoria Secret...nothing in my size...all X Large....this sucked.

The weather outside not so good..very windy....hair in pony tail day.

Get a call from dad...who is retired now and watches the Weather Channel all the time..calls to say we have some really bad weather in the area..be careful....

Get in line at school to pick Madison up only to realize we are under a Tornado Warning and the school is on lock down.....dad calls back and says take cover.....where I ask?

My day.........PRICELESS..........details tomorrow.

I'm exhausted...and need a shower.

We are all safe. Carpet guys come back in the morning and I will be ready.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ugh, you're right - that is a whopper of a bad day. I hope the weather passed and you guys are all right. It just now moved through here a little while ago, lots of wind but that was the worst of it.

So sorry you have strep throat, that's certainly no fun. Take those meds and feel better soon :)

jennwa said...

I hope you feel better. It does sound like a bad day, I hope tomorrow is better.

Anonymous said...

Wow - seems like you have had a eventful day! I pray you feel better soon.

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Org Junkie said...

Yikes, a tornado??????

KJ said...

Well, this is certainly a noteworthy day for you... I can't say that we had any tornado watches here in chilly California and although there are helicopters always circling somewhere, we weren't in lock down! Your Dad sounds cute, by the way...

I will pray that all of you recover quickly!


Susanne said...

Praying that anti-biotic kicks in quickly and you are feeling better soon. Good to hear you are safe.

Sandra said...

Good Grief Jen, what a day :(

I hope you're all doing better today, the tornado watch has to be scary!

Sorry you have strep throat, that is no fun at all, hope you feel better soon!

*~*Cece*~* said...

What a horrible day. I hope you're feeling better & you all stay safe.

The Domesticator said...

Thank God tomorrow is a brand new day.

You can leave this one behind!

Hope you are feeling better.

Christina said...

This post is a definite classic.

Get used to your dad calling with the weather update, mine has been doing it for years now. Don't expect it to stop anytime soon.

The Victoria Secret panties are a blessing in disguise telling you be glad you don't wear an xtra large!

Glad to hear you are all ok. I hate tornado warnings. I used to live in Oklahoma and we had a lot of those. Thank God no tornado for you guys.

Courtney said...

My goodness!!!
I hope today goes alot better for ya!

mom of 2 said...

Yikes! I hope it your day got better after all of that!!

Renee's Reading Corner said...

What a day! I'm adding you to my blog roll, if that's okay with you. Get Better soon!


gail@more than a song said...

I hope today was better for you and that you're feeling better!

A Chelsea Morning said...

Ugh, Jen. I came over to see how you're holding up - what a day. And honestly, I don't know how you're even functioning with strep throat.

Thank goodness for antibiotics. It's a shame they're so terribly expensive, but you'll be better a lot sooner and hopefully the rest of the family will avoid catching it.

Scary weather. Nothing scares me more than the threat of a tornado. Glad you're all safe. Now get some rest.

Hope you feel better soon.

Tina Leigh said...

Good Grief Jen....its Thursday! Where are you?!! Are you OK? I hope your feeling better & the family is OK too. Strep....bad stuff!

smileymamaT said...

holey moley. Glad you're OK, but looking forward to the rest of the "saga!!"

Kristen said...


Linda said...

I struggled with strep until I was well into adulthood. It is NOT fun or easy. Bless you heart.