Monday, January 21, 2008

Here are my answers

Well....I thought this would be fun. So here goes........this has really been alot of fun.

Meredith at Life at 7000 feet asked me.....What kitchen gadget/appliance could you not live without?

Well......besides the coffee pot.....I use my strainer alot....seems like everyday. If I'm not cleaning veggies for salads...I'm straining pasta or some kind of grease off meat......I wash it daily. I know I'm pretty boring. I cook alot. We only eat out once a week. But I love to do it. And really don't mind. I really enjoy looking at new gadgets in stores or magazines......

Chappyswife @ Journey to the Prize asked me ......
I was wondering what to ask, then I realized I don't really remember what jobs you may have had in the past. If you weren't a (an amazing!) stay-at-home mom & could do anything, what would it be?
Also, you seem to have so much energy. Any tips there?

A Travel Agent...and own my own Agency. My dream would be to own my own Bed & Breakfast and this is our goal one day.....but if I could work would be a travel agency. For fun I surf condos and hotels all over the world. I actually help friends and family book their trips for free now. My aunt is looking at islands right now and I have been helping her. I love it....almost addicting...always looking for a deal. Although Scott and I have always wanted to own a B&B on the ocean big enough for our children and parents to visit during holidays and enjoy the time with us.
On energy...I'm driven this way. I have Type A personality.....I take Vitamin C and Zinc and walk 2 days a week. I try to keep my metabolism going...I think that is the key to energy.

Barb at A Chelsea Morning asked me this......
OK, here's one. Besides sitting on the beach with book I sent you :-), what would be your dream vacation? Where would you most like to go in the whole world?

The world? That is big.....Ireland. Scott is Irish and I would love to rent a country home for us and the kids for a month and re trace his roots......sitting in a chair with a glass of wine watching the countryside watching my kids play in the fields would be a dream come true. Yes Ireland.
In the United States......California....and we plan on doing so in June....a dream come true.
Also...Savannah Georgia....I love history. And to be able to walk down those

Michelle @ Michelle's Family life asked me.....
Do you like to cook and bake or is it a chore?

Yes....I love to cook. Sounds is NOT a chore to me. I love just sitting down and looking for new recipes.....its actually one of my favorite things to do. I love to to bake also....there you have it...I'm a geek.

Karen @ Over the Back Yard Fence asked me.....
What's your favorite book of all time?

I don't read alot.....I know I'm different. But I don't. If it's not Guidepost or Chicken Soup for the Soul....or just a great magazine....I don't do it. Although...Barb challenged me and I read A Gift of the Sea this past fall. It was great. I won it on her blog. I actually sat down and read the whole thing. I haven't read many books in my day. I really enjoyed Little House on the Prairie Series when I was young......I did read The Bridges of Madison county when Scott and I got married....I really liked that mom has challenged me to read a book while she is gone....Tending the Roses.....I have read 3 pages....maybe I should go read that now.....

Gail @ More than a Song asked me.....
What's your favorite Bible verse?

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

There is a story behind this. I had a dear friend Elizabeth. She passed away from breast cancer 10 years ago. I had never had anyone that close to me die. She was a really good friend. Before she passed she gave me this verse framed and it is hung in my home.......and I believe in this verse so much. She passed away in January. My MIL had a dream that May about Elizabeth.....she came to her in a dream and said I was pregnant. 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with MIL never told me of this story until after Madison was born.....I believe Elizabeth is watching over my family and helps give me hope for my future.

What was your childhood like?

My childhood was really good. I grew up with great parents. We had a great friends were great. We didn't struggle. I can never remember not having anything. We went to church. It was a great childhood.

How would you spend a day without the kids?

I would want to go out of town.....or to a Spa for the day. Getting a pedicure would be nice too. But most likely I would grab Scott up and we would drive down to Nashville for the day and eat at Demo's.......maybe go to some shops and come home....

Laura @ Organize Junkie asks.....So since you know I have hair issues what is your favorite hair product?

Got2b Defiant Pomade...Controlling Styles....I get it at Walmart. It's like a wax. I put it on my hair after I dry takes the friz out of my hair. Then I hot iron my hair.....sometimes curl it with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I use Rave Hairspray....pretty plain....but my wax is my favorite.

Mimi @ Listen to your Grammie asks.......
Have you lived in Kentucky all your life???

Sorta. I was born here...went to school here....but when Scott and I got married we moved to Panama City Beach Florida. Scott was in the Air Force...we stayed there for almost 4 years. Then moved back to Kentucky. I bleed blue.

Annie @ Life is short.Take part in Happy Hour and Pattie @ Stolen Moments asks me ..........

1. If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

  • I would have a child between Madison and Miller. I wished we would have. I know we didnt. But if I could change ANYTHING that would be it.
2. If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

My mother's mother. My grandmother. She passed away when my mother was 21 and I wasn't born yet. It was very unexpected. Massive heart attack at age 47..leaving 9 children behind...4 at home still. I always ask questions about her....but would love to meet her.

3. Are you a Starbucks fan or do you boycott them?

I LOVE Starbucks.....I always get something to drink there when we pass them. My favorite drink is a Raspberry Cappuccino with heavy cream......or a White Chocolate Frappacino.

Karla @ Looking Towards Heaven asks.....
When are you coming to

We usually go to Nashville in the summer or Christmas.....I'll let you know......

SmileymamaT @ Another cup of coffee and may get something done asks.....
Have you ever bought your coffee from the Dollar Store??

No I have not. I'm pretty funny about my coffee. I like Folgers and Starbucks. I go back and forth on them. I do however got to the Dollar Store alot....and buy alot there just not coffee.

Kelli @ There is no place like home asks.......
What would your perfect day be like? From morning to night.

Perfect day. Morning.....waking up sipping coffee watching the sunrise at the beach. Listening to the birds. No hurry on life. No rush with kids....just taking my time through life. Around noon having a spinach strawberry salad with some Sweet tea and mint.......with Scott. Afterwards going to a local spa and having a Swedish massage done and a pedicure and a chocolate bath while listening to Kenny G. The early evening getting ready for dinner with Scott. Dining at a favorite resteraunt with a glass of wine. Ending the evening with a big piece of Chocolate cake and cappuccino with a raspberry I had the kids with me......which is just as perfect....we would start out in Disneyworld.....and the rest would be magical....watching their faces would be perfect in itself.

There you have it....a little more about me......I really enjoyed doing this over the weekend. It was alot of fun. I hope you all have a great day. it is 17 here this morning.....brrrrr. We are supposed to get a Winter Storm possibly is out of school today and we are hanging out.


gail@more than a song said...

I enjoyed reading this Jen! Very fun.
Didn't know y'all had lived in Florida for a bit or that Scott was in the air force, what does he do now? I love Jer. 29:11 too and like your story with it.
Enjoy your day!

A Chelsea Morning said...

I'm impressed that you answered all these questions in one post, Jen.

You should read the Little House series now that you're an adult. I swear, they're even sweeter the second or third or even fourth time around. It's amazing how complicated our lives are now, compared to the simple way Laura and her family grew up.

Great answers and it's really nice to know all these things about you.

Tina Leigh said...

This was interesting! Savannah...well I grew up in South Alabama & Mobile is my favorite when it comes to old Southern Cities. When I moved to South Georgia & went to Savannah for the 1st made me home sick for Mobile. If you do ever come to visit Savannah, you better let me know! It is about an hour from me, I could meet you there. Oh & the best time to visit is in the spring when the azaleas are blooming! Old Savannah is at its best with blooming azaleas & blooming dog woods!

Sandra said...

Loved all the answers Jen, it was fun getting to know you more :)

Christina said...

This was a neat meme. I thing it's great that you love to cook, of course I love it too. Baking I am not so good at.

Ireland sounds like a great place to go. My friend went three times and loved it.

So sad about your friend, but it sure does sound like she looks after you guys. That is reassuring. Knowing someone you love is watching. How can you go wrong.

Org Junkie said...

Oh my immediate thought was I haven't tried that product, I should go get it. NO! I will not buy any more product!!!! I so need help :)

mom of 2 said...

Great post! Sorry I didn't ask anything. We got back Saturday afternoon from our trip and have going pretty much non stop since then.

Since you love finding travel deals, want to find one for me?? ;) We are going to take a vacation with our extended family this summer to either Gulf Coast/Fort Morgan, AL or Destin, FL. We are looking for a 4 bedroom beach house for 10 people. I've been looking all morning and have found some good stuff so far. Got any tips for me?

Glass Half Full said...

I wouldn't want to use my hands as a strainer -- talk about messy!

These were fun to read.


Karen said...

I enjoyed this so much. And Gift from the Sea is one of my favorite-books-of-all-time. I've read it several times since I got my copy when I was 20 years old. It's a different book each time. Love it.

I wish I had your energy and I love the dedication you have to your husband and kids. You're a good momma!

Linda said...

Jen, this was fun getting to know you! I'm glad I found your blog.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

How fun to read this Jen! I really enjoyed learning more about you!

Seems like you had a lot of fun answering the questions as well :)
I laughed at the bleed blue part!


Michelle said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed anwering the questions..:)Ireland would be lovely to visit and to be able to relax and watch the countryside..ahhh sounds like heaven!!!