Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen it's Thursday 13 once again..where does the week go?????
This week it's about you, you and well, you.
My most favorite readers....the ones that check in all the time........maybe I can spread some of your cheer around
13 of my most Favorite bloggers

1. Ramblings of a stay at home mom......this wonderful woman..Chrissa.. has be emailing me from the get go....she is such a great person....a strong minded person....yet sweet...she always checks in with me whether I'm having a good day or bad day....she is just a great person....her blogs are great too.

2. Diary of a stay at home well..just great..she is one of the first blogs I found out there...she was funny, energetic.....verrrrrry creative and very encouraging. She always has something going on and well, we all love her everyday goings....she is so sweet and kind....

3. All that Blog..Christina...I admire Christina..she has 7 kids....and keeps it all together..this is courageous......she always checks in with me and always has something kind to say..and of course our love for coffee....what can I say?????

4. A Chelsea Morning....Barb....we all love Barb. Barb is this super women we have all grown to love. We look at her blog first and check back in last....I look up to Barb and think she is just a wonderful, special person....she always leaves comments and well, her spirit is one of a kind.....she is truly special in my book.

5. Carolina Rags....Angie....this women has alot on her plate....yet she wakes up every morning..with a smile and keeps going...she works very hard and is a wonderful Christian women...has her own business runs her family household and well, keeps it all together...Ang...your a great women a very special person....I love her blogs and plan to visit her is South Carolina one day....

6. All the While...Dee.....yes, Dee.....I love her love for her children her family our God and most of all herself. She is a very confident women....yet very compassionate. She always has kind words and great advice....her blogs are true from the heart.

7. Blessings in the South...Tina sweet she is...when Miller was so sick..she checked in everyday...I mean everyday..and she doesn't blog everyday..her blogs are from her farm and she has the greatest pictures you will ever see....she is a great friend

8. Raising five.....Katherine....this women raises 5 children and is an awesome she does it I'm not sure. Her blogs are awesome.....some funny and some I learn alot from. She has a great relationship with her family and I enjoy so much talking with her.

9.From the Laundry Trenches..Becky...I found her by accident..and cant quit reading about her life..she is an amazing women and so in depth...she checks in with me every time she blogs..I love reading about her and enjoy talking with her.

10. My Eleven...Keri...I love Keri.....she has some great posts. She loves her children she loves life. She reminds me of me. She keep me on my toes with her blogs..and her precious kids say the sweetest things.

11. Antique Mommy....Tina...Now this is a blogger who knows what she is doing...HILARIOUS.....I pee on myself every time I read her. And she gets alot of comments and still comments to me....I feel popular around her..Ha Ha....please do read her if you get a wont regret it...

12. Overwhelmed with Joy......OW...What a fantastic human being...God certainly knew what he was doing when he sat her up to blog. She is awesome. I love reading and talking to her. She inspires me to keep going...she inspires me not to quit. Just a fantastic Christian.

13.Journey to the Prize...Chappyswife.....this women is great....she is a sweet, kind hearted women. Always has something good to say....and her blogs lately have been great..check out Fall Decorating...makes me want to go get the Fall things down from the attic....check her out if you haven't ....she is great.

And I have to include one more......

14. Organize Junkie....Laura...what an inspiration to us all. She has a 9 month baby like me and still has tons of energy to go re arrange the Tupperware cabinet......I love reading what she is doing next......Way to go ...Laura....your great.

Well...there you have it..some of my favorite people in Bloggville.......let me know if you know someone you think I would love to can never have too many friends....


Sandra said...

Awww You're so sweet for mentioning me :)

You do know that the feelings are reciprocated right? I just love your blog and you, and hey with a name like "A good cup of coffee", you have me hooked LOL

Lots of wonderful blogs you have listed too, most of my favorites are in there :)

Hope you're having a wonderful day,

mom of 2 said...

You're so sweet!!! I enjoy reading your blog every day and look forward to hearing all about how you and your family are doing!! You had so many kind words for so many blogging should have put yourself on there, because I'm sure all of us feel the same way about you...thanks!!!

org junkie said...

Thank you! What a great idea for Thursday Thirteen. I love most of the blogs you mentioned too although I do see a few I've not heard of so I'm looking forward to checking those out. As for the energy level....well yes I love to organize but did I happen to mention that I hate to clean...uggg! I hate to get my hands :)

keri said...

thanks for including me on your list :). you just made me feel good (and i've been having a very emotional day!) thanks jen. you have always been so sweet to leave comments for me. i love reading your blog as well and am glad i can call you a friend :).

Barb said...

Whew! I almost blew my reputation for leaving comments! Here you are saying something so nice about me and I'm so far behind that it took me 24 hours to even get back over here.

Well, thank you very much for that sweet praise. I started following you right about the same time Miller was in the hospital. I believe you two were doing some funny things in that hospital room and I seem to remember a remark about a man in a hospital gown on drugs. :-)

So here's what you just did. As of the moment I arrived here, I had exactly 94 people in my bloglines. (Yeah - I'm nuts) There are six people on your list who I didn't know about. If you recommend them, that's good enough for me. So guess what? When I add those six, I'll official have 100 feeds in bloglines. Ummm. Thanks. I think.

Seriously, thank you very much for your kind words. Made my day!

Christina said...

Jen you are so sweet and most of the ladies you listed have blogs I also love. Of course our coffee thing binds us. There are a few here that I will need to check out. Thanks for the list. I haven't been around because I had a little accident so check out my blog when you get a chance and you will see what happened. Thanks again Jen, you are so awesome, and of course one of my favorite bloggers. I think you were one of the first blogs I started reading.

dot said...

I'm not really a "pushy" mother but Tina Leigh has mentioned several times that she couldn't get into your blog. So I'm here to speak for her. She would be honored that you included her in your favorites! I'm sure she'll be back as soon as she can.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Thanks for thinking of me! There are several on there I need to get to know - you're right - you can't have too many friends.

Chappyswife said...

Jen, thank you so much for mentioning me! I am honored to be in such great blogging company, and honored to be picked by you, because, Girl, you rock! Your blog is so fun to read because you are so fun! :0)

Chappyswife said...

Oh, and thanks for recommending some other blogs. I will have to check them out.