Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good Sunday Morning

Halloween is just around the corner......We have already been shopping for costumes....Miller is going to be a is so cute. Madison wants to be a rock star...we haven't bought her costume just yet...she will change her mind about 50 times.

Madison said something so funny last night....we were finishing up dinner and I asked her to clear the table....she just sat there and said "well, its the wrong day to be me"........I just giggled and thought that was so funny...she has a great sense of humor.

Today is beautiful and the storms have passed.....Scott had to go into work...I don't know if you know he is a phone man.....climbs the poles and makes sure we all can talk on the phone.....he got called in due to the storms....alot of people are without phone lines this morning. He called awhile ago on his way to work to say that alot of trees in town were down as if a small tornado went through and took a path with it.... pretty scary. It's a little warmer today but feels great.

Miller is down for his first nap and I'm determined to get myself up and get this house together. If I don't get myself on a schedule or even some kind of routine I may sink into depression.

We arnt going to church this morning because Scott usually helps me get the kids there.....I know some of you get 4-7 kids to church in the morning but Miller wont stay in the nursery and they beep me to come down there,,so its just very wearing on me to get dressed up and go for 2 hours and spend the whole time in the nursery.

I'm watching Haunted Hotels right now....I love this show.
I hope everyone has a great Sunday.....


Glass Half Full said...

I couldn't help but read your last comment left on Adventures In Babywearing and visit your blog. Like you, I was forced into a huge adjustment when I went from one child to two. My sons are 5 and 1 -- a true adventure and sacrifice!!

As for Halloween, my son has decided to be the Green Mystic Force Power Ranger (fun fun) and my youngest will probably just enjoy the ride in the wagon!

We are home from church as well since the 1-year old had a NASTY croup attack Friday night -- thanks to big brother passing it!! Welcome to the school year of illnesses - BLAH!!!

Barb said...

Boy, lots of my friends out here are having this scarey stormy weather. Makes me appreciate the gorgeous autumn weather we're having here in western Colorado.

I don't blame you one bit for not trying to take the kids to church without Miller's help. Not a whole lot of point to it if you sit in the nursery the whole time.

I've heard of Haunted Hotels. I love ghost stories. Wonder why I've never checked that show out.

I love the pumpkin you put in this post. Just jumps right out at you.

Hope you have a great day there, too. And thank you for the "can" poem you emailed me. Very, very good idea. :-)

Jennifer said...

Haunted house stories are awesome. As long as I don't live in the house.
I haven't seen Paducah since the storms. It usually takes us about 30 minutes to get there, so we save up. I remember how bad it used to get around hannah plaza.
I don't blame you for missing church today. It's almost better to meditate at home sometimes, then stress yourself out at church, because what are you getting out of that? I do enjoy my Sunday school. I wish Craig could come but he meets us later since Andrew won't go to class.
Erin is going to be a nurse. Andrew says he is a kid. He will probably be Steve from Blues Clues. Again.

Tina Leigh said...

I am glad the weather didn't cause you any problems Jen...tell your husband that at least he can say he has job security. Kinda like me...with out sick folks, I'm in the cheese line! I dont blame you for not going to church w/o your hubby...that does get old when you cant come into church. Chin-up...Miller will not need you before long!! Boy that sounded really bad didn't know I dont mean it that way! They grow & let go! LOL

Kathleen Marie said...

It has been a great day. A Beautiful day! Halloween can be a very fun time and I LOVE AUTUMN!

Chappyswife said...

I so understand what you mean about the nursery thing at church. It almost seems pointless if my husband doesn't go with me, which the only time he doesn't is if he's out of town or working late. It's hard.

Halloween is coming up so fast!

Ravenbajan said...

You mentioned about wanting to get into a schedule. Check out She has some terrific ideas to get on a schedule and help prevent you from getting into a low. Personally, I find some of her stuff a little too basic, or not applying to me.... BUT, a little tweak here and there, and there is something there for everyone. She keeps me motivated to get stuff down around the house anyhow. LOL