Monday, September 18, 2006

Good Monday Morning

Good Morning everyone. I'm sitting in my living room....with "A Good Cup of Coffee"...watching it rain....typing on my laptop. I love days like this. Miller is sleeping...Madison is at school. I love to hear it rain. Fall is in the air. I can smell it. This morning went real well. Madison got off on time. Miller went to sleep on time...Scott left on time. So it's a good morning.
I have already read my daily devotions.....I need to read the bible I may do this in a little while.
The weekend was good. We went to another high school football game on Friday night. It was packed..our team won......Saturday night we went to play miniature golf and eat catfish with our Sunday school class. That was alot of fun.

Now lets get down to my main source of business today....I need your advice MOMS......Miller isn't sleeping good. Last nights pattern consisted of Bedtime...9pm.....up again at 10:45pm.....up again at 11:55...up again 1:52am.....up again 4:30am.....up again 6:45am.......down for first nap at 8:45am........He is only up for about 15 minutes at a time....he nursed only 2 of these times the other times I rock him back to sleep. But....I'm not getting enough sleep....I'm tired and cranky sometimes. How do I get him to at least sleep for 4 hours straight. In the beginning he slept all night from 7pm until was great but then he got his first ear infection and started teething after this and WHAM!!!!! no more sleep for MOMMY......I will gladly take any advice, criticism.....magazines articles.....ect.....I'am in need of help.

On a lighter note here is my Meal Planning Monday...go over and see Laura @ Organize view more meal planning.....and Sandra @ A Diary Of A Stay at home mom does Crock Pot Thursdays....with fall coming up this will be yummy.

Monday.......Chicken Doritos Casserole with salad

Tuesday......Sausage Bean Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Wednesday...Family Night @ Church

Thursday......Chicken & Dumplings & Fruit


Saturday.......Eat Out

Sunday.........Hot Ham & Cheese..on homemade Hoagie Buns....Potato Chips

Hope you enjoyed it.......we will.

Now...I'm going to visit some of my favorite blogs...have a great Monday and I will talk to you soon.


Ravenbajan said...

I can't remember how old your son is, but perhaps dropping one of his naps during the day may help? When my daughter started not sleeping as well through the night I dropped her morning nap, so she just had one in the afternoon. It was hard for the first few days (cranky baby!!), but in the end was well worth it. Better yet, hopefully it is just a faze. Could he be teething again?

I agree with you about the rainy morning. I love the odd day like that... it is so cozy.

mom of 2 said...

I hate to say it and it is soooo hard to do, but I think the best way is to let them lay there and get themselves back to sleep and that usually means they cry. We had many crying (both me and the baby) nights where no sleep was to be had and I would actually have to go sit on the porch because I couldn't bear it any longer, but it worked. I think by about 8 months old Emily figured out that if she cried I would come running and it got real old real fast cause I was so tired all of the time. I think it is so important for them to be able to get themselves to sleep without rocking or anything else from mom or dad (they did have pacifiers). Not only for when they are babies, but for when they get their big beds so that they stay put in those beds. Some friends of ours kids still do not sleep through the night and they are 5 and 8...I can't even imagine that!! It's a hot topic...I know some people oppose the crying it out because they think it harms the child, but I'm here to tell you that my children are perfectly fine and not harmed in any way...emotionally or physically. They are independent sleepers though, and in my book that is a great thing!! I feel for you and I hope that you can start getting some sleep real soon!!!

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry to hear about the not sleeping. We went through that with Andrew when he was about the same age. We finally had to do the "crying it out" method. It was basically me sitting outside his bedroom door wanting to go rescue him while my husband restrained me (how can daddies do that stuff and not get as upset is beyond me). Anyway, it was a rough few nights, but then it actually worked and he started sleeping through the night and going be bed was much easier. Until he learned to climb out of the crib. But then, that is a story for another day. Take care.

keri said...

hey jen....sorry to hear about your sleepless nights again! how long has it been going on? are you sure his ear infection is cleared up?? i would first investigate that...maybe its something physical. then my next suggestion is the same as what some others said...let him cry it out. it WILL be miserable for a few nights...but you have to help him (and you) break the habit. he knows that you will come in there and nurse him or rock him. usually it takes about 3 or so nights of letting them cry and then it will get better. hope this helps!

org junkie said...

Great menu! Sorry to here Miller isn't sleeping for you. Did you see my post on sleep deprivation? It might help you out. No sleep is tough....I'm praying for you. Laura

Sandra said...

Oh man, I remember those days with Nicholas. They started when he turned one. For me what worked was actually only letting him take one nap at around noon or 1pm. This way it wasn't too early to be back in bed, but also wasn't too late to interfere with nightime.

Might also be that he's teething or not over his ear infection like the other poster mentioned. Sometimes it's just the way it is, with mine sometimes they go through these episodes.....I just hope you get some sleep :)

Thanks for sharing a wonderful menu...great meals :)

Christina said...

Chicken doritos casserole?...I'm eating at your house tonight.
About Miller, I feel so sorry for him and teething and all that, poor baby. You would think I would have some great advise, being I have enough kids, but this is one area I am not too great at. In fact I have a 3 year old who climbs in my bed every night at 1am and I just let him stay there. Lazy, that's my middle name. My advice, buy a king sized bed if you don't already have one. I read where Dr. Sears said they go through sleep seperation anxiety after a year sometimes so maybe this is it. Believe me I feel for you, I am kicked awake by a lone foot several times a night.
BTW Sandra, one of both our favorite bloggers around, offered to do my blog. I was so excited because she is awesome at designing her own blog. Didn't she do the best job? Also, I know Liz at looney bin 4 sure designes blogs, and like Sandra she is an artist. I just put it out on my blog that I needed help[ and I got it. Maybe you should post that you want a new look too. We have so many awesome gals out there that I'm sure they would help you too. You always have such great pictures though that yours looks great anyway. Mine was just so plain old, plain old.

Chappyswife said...

I am so sorry about your baby not sleeping well. I remember so vividly how that is, and of course, we still have nights like that if one of ours (or both) are sick.

That chicken doritos casserole sounds divine!