Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to School Night

Well, last night was Back to School Night. It went well. I really like Madison's teachers. They all seemed very well organized and willing to help everyone out. We have a new principal at our school this year. I have known him for years...I mean years....he was one of my 7th grade teachers. He has alot of changes for our school and well.....I'm excited about this.
I know alot of you have posted about first days of school and how all our children are doing.....but do you ever get any bad reports on your kids from other parents or kids???? I kind of ran into this these past couple of days.....how do you handle these kind of things? Madison is a great kid.....a little wild at times....but great. She doesn't cause problems and loves all kids. Sometimes she gets a little loud and too excited.
I had a parent say something to some other parents...about Madison's behavior......she couldn't come to me......she went to other people...gossip I may add.....and boy did this chap me. I'am still trying to gather my thoughts on this matter and calm down. I'm not sure how I will approach this. Pray for my guidance and pray I handle it with peace, dignity and class.
Has anyone had to deal with this before....please let me know I can always use advice.


mom of 2 said...

I'm so sorry that happened about the gossip! I don't think people realize how harmful their words can be!!! I'll say a prayer for you that it can all be worked out!!

Barb said...

I'm glad you're determined to show some class since the person who started this stuff obviously didn't. I've only had one thing a little like this happen, ever. I got a phone call from a mother telling me my daughter was being mean to her daughter. My response was, "You know, Kelly, they're eight and we're not. Why don't we let them work it out?" Two days later, our daughters were best friends again and Kelly and I definitely were NOT. But good grief. For the most part, I say let the kids work it out. If you daughter's doing something to disrupt the class, you'll hear from the teacher. I'd ignore what anyone else has to say about it.

Overwhelmed! said...

My first thought on this situation Jen was, 'She should confront that parent about the gossiping.'

Now, I'm not saying go in with guns ablazing or anything, but perhaps invite this parent out for coffee and politely discuss it, face-to-face, and just gently tell her you'd appreciate it if she'd bring her concerns to you directly so that you can decide what action is appropriate for your daughter.

I agree with Barb, whatever you do, don't stoop to this parent's level by say venting your frustration with another parent and adding to the vicious cycle of gossip.

I pray this all sorts itself out.

Do me a favor, will you? Stop by my blog and leave me a comment (or email me) letting me know how it all turns out. I'm interested in knowing.

Good luck!

Christina said...

That's awful. I really like kids a lot and one of my favorite things about kids is that they are all so different. I can't believe she was talking about Madison like that. Oh my gosh I'd hate to think what she would say if she saw my little wild boys. Like Madison theyre great kids, but a little high strung. Just tell this lady God made her exactly how he wanted her and I really think God knows what he is doing. BTW I don't think gossiping about a little girl behind your back is good behavior so maybe this lady could learn a thing or two herself. Ditto on Barb's comment, you showed a lot of class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chappyswife said...

Well, I am late on commenting on this, and I'm not reading the others' comments here, so forgive if I repeat anything, but I hate that this happened. This is the enemy's favorite way to back door me - through one of my children. I can't tell you how upset I'd be, but let me say this, that person's words unfortunately will come back to bite her, I'm sure. No one's child is perfect. A lot of people like to point out something about others to make themselves and their children look better. The very best thing you can do is pray about this, and pray for that person. I know that is so very hard, but that was the advice I was given recently, and God honored that. Hope it gets better, and Madison sounds wonderful. So she may get a little excited or be a little loud. When someone said that about my oldest, with him talking a lot, I told them that the most successful students in my class (after graduation) were the ones who had talked the most in school. It's not normal for a child to have to sit and be quiet for so long. :0)