Friday, September 22, 2006


It's Five Ingredient Friday once again.......and I have a great recipe for those Family Reunions coming up or the pot luck next week at church. It's easy, fast, and yummy.

Grape Salad

1 package of cream cheese...softened
1 cup of sour cream
1/3 cup sugar
2 tsp of vanilla
4 pounds of red seedless grapes
3 tbsp of brown sugar

In a large bowl beat cream cheese, sour cream, sugar and vanilla until well blended. Add grapes and toss to coat. Transfer into your serving bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve..Sprinkle with brown sugar before serving. You can add pecans if you would like to garnish.
This salad is verrrrry good if you enjoy grapes. A nice dessert too.

Now or more 5 Ingredient Friday Recipes hop on over to see Overwhelmed with Joy....she is also going to host a Holiday Cooking..Blogger Style October 2nd.....I'm very excited about this one because I love to bake and cook all throughout the holidays!!!!! So make sure and join us at Overwhelmed with Joy October 2nd for some Holiday Recipes.....

It's raining today...but Its not as cold. 61 degrees this morning..I' m sitting here drinking my coffee with Pumpkin Spice Creamer....Christina...its to die for...go buy some. It will get you into the Fall season. It really is good.

No more monitor problems everyone...thanks for the advice and comments.

Madison is in school only a half of day today. So I'm taking her to Applebees for lunch. She made a 103% on a Science test last Friday..we are so proud of her...Way to go Madison.....we may go shopping afterwards.

Tonight we are eating leftovers.....and watching the shows we havent seen yet this week.
* Amazing Race
* Survivor
* Dancing with the Stars

I hope you all have a great Friday....TGIF!!!!!!


Pamela said...

Looks Great! How interesting, I would imagine all those ingredients together would be yummy! Thanks! :)

Magi said...

How different! Sounds like a good carry-in item.

Tina Leigh said...

can i?

mom of 2 said...

Oh, how I would love some 61 degree's gonna be 98 today...ick!!!

Congrats to Madison on her test!! Hope you guys enjoy your lunch and shopping!! Have a great weekend!!

Tina Leigh said...

Oh Jen I'm here!! I'm really here!! I went last night & tried to post here but it kept saying "page unavailable", so I didn't think I would be able to post! YEAH!! When I want to post, It is saying that this is "displaying insecure info..blah, blah" I dont get it? Any who...Just glad we can chat again!! 61 degrees!! Wow! It is a lot cooler here, I have my windows open right now..nice breeze. I hope you & Madison have a great afternoon. Is Miller going too or just a mother/daughter evening? It will be nice either way! Miss ya!!!

Brony said...

I might try that for my mom's party next weekend.

Jessica said...

Sounds differnt & great! I can't wait to give this one a try!

Larae said...

This is very interesting..something I've never heard of before, but it sounds awesome. I have to try it! Thanks for sharing =)

Kathleen Marie said...

Now this is different. Super sweet grapes. My son will love this!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oooh, this grape salad sounds delicious! I'll try it!

Thanks for giving my Holiday Cooking, Blogger style recipe exchange a plug. I do appreciate it!

Question, how do you score 103% on a science test? Did your daughter have an extra credit question or something? Kudos to her for doing so great!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness this sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

That sounds delicious, grapes is one of the favorites in our house :)

Barb said...

This really does sound good. I agree with you -- this would be great to take to a pot luck dinner.

Christina said...

You know I'm gonna have to try the pumpkin spice creamer. Like I could live without this.

Way to go Madison from me too! 103% is awesome. What a great way to celebrate, Applebees.

Pass The Torch said...

I'm going to try this - I've added it to my grocery list;)

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