Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday 13

I havent done Thursday 13 in a really long time....I cant even find the original blogger who started it...I think the blog is I'm gonna write every Thursday 13 favorite things with a different letter of the will be A.

1. Asparagus....I love it raw, cooked steamed, grilled....I just love to eat it.

2. mom and I used to go to Antiques stores...I loved those days. I have a couple of antiques in the house....

3. Aunts....I have wonderful aunts. They are so giving and love me.

4. Alarm clocks....we use our cell phones...our alarm clock broke after having it for 10 years. So we decided to use our phones seemed easier at the time.

5. American....proud to be one.

6. Answers...we all want them.

7. Air....we need it.

8. this color....feels fresh.

9. this month...its spring, flowers are blooming, Spring Break, Easter...a new start.

10. Angels....I know I have mine around me.

11. Affordable...I took Dave if its NOT affordable we don't do it.

12. Airplanes...I have been on several airplanes...I like to fly it does not bother me.

13. Aliens....not sure I believe in them.

This was alot harder than it But I did enjoy doing it again....Have a great day!

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Karen said...

Jen, this is SO cool! I remember Thursday 13 from a while ago, and I'm not sure either if it's even around anymore. I love that you're doing the letters of the alphabet! You came up with some great ones!