Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday 13 Favorite things...the letter B

1. Baking...I love to bake alot...if I could do it daily I would. I love homemade breads and cookies.

2. Birthdays...I love birthdays. I love my birthday...celebrating...I love doing parties for my kids.

3. Babies...newborn babies are so precious. I love their smells and sounds.

4. name it and I love any kind of berry out there.

5. Belgium waffle....I get these at hotels on their are so good..esp with cream and strawberry's.

6.Blankets...I like to have blankets in every room ready to use..even in the summer...I like throws and blankets where we can get to them!

7. Buffalo Wing dip.....yum! And tastes just like the wings themselves!

8. to be truthful...wasnt a fan until Miller started to I love it!

9. Butterfly' to watch them.

10. Butterscotch candy....I do not like...BUT I love the tastes like caramel.

11. Blue Grass....the state and the music!

12. bracelets...I wear alot of them. The bigger the better!

13. Beach....I love the beach! Would live there right now if I could.:)

Have a great Thursday everyone....its sunny today but COLD and the roads are still bad!

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Karen said...

I love my birthday, too:) Not a lot of people will admit it, but I'm glad WE do! And I'm the same way about baseball. I was never a fan until Luke started playing, and now I count the days til spring training!

Great list of "B"s