Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Storms and such

So it's Wednesday and I have a ton of errands to run. Miller is going to school. So a day to myself...
The weather is absolutely crazy today....I feel for the people with no power and that are remember our Ice Storm of 2009 and many of you remember me blogging about it daily. It was horrible. We actually dodged the bullet. We got rain and alot of they are expecting us to get hard winds...should be interesting.

I watch the news this morning and nothing but disaster everywhere...Egypt has gone crazy....Australia is expecting a cyclone...I'm like what is going on people??? This is why I dont watch the news. I love to track the weather...but the rest is depressing.

Miller is still sleeping....the house is so quiet besides the wind hitting the sides of the house. The temps dropped last night so I dread going outside today!

Looks like Phil predicts spring will be early...I sure hope so!

Tonight we have church. And tomorrow Miller and I are cleaning house and hanging close to home..a day I like to enjoy with him!

Enjoy your hump day my friends!

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Karen said...

I agree, the world is in such a turmoil right now. It seems the entire country is affected by this blizzard. At least everyone I know in Blogland is! We don't have a lot of snow, but our temps finally climbed above 0 today.

My kids were out of school for two days, and they go back tomorrow. Yeah!