Monday, February 21, 2011

My friend Karen at Over the backyard fence does this.....and I thought I would try something different today.

This weekend I,

* got Madison all dressed up for the Rolling Hills Dance...this dance has gone on for years. Our local Country Club hosts it....I went to it in middle school as well. She looked beautiful and had a great time!

* went to Miller's basketball game. He got several baskets.

* went to Madison's soccer game...she rocked it..they won and they play again this weekend.

* watched the movie Secretariat....awesome. You must rent this movie. So foul language and just a great family movie.

* ran with Scott. We are training for a 5k...yesterday was very hard on me. But I did it.

* made Mexican Shepherds Pie and it was wonderful! Go here for the recipe.

* sat on the deck with 70 degree temps yesterday and talked with a friend.

That is about it. A nice weekend.What did you do?

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Karen said...

I haven't had a lot of response to this, so I haven't been doing it. I'm glad you are! I may just pick it up now and again. It's fun, Becky started it.

I want to see Secretariat, we'll have to rent it on pay-per-view. And the recipe sounds good, we love Shepherd's Pie. I will check it out.

It sounds like a great weekend. 70s and hanging out on the deck . . . I'm envious.