Sunday, January 17, 2010

A new week

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FOR TODAY...Monday...January 18th

Outside my window...the sun is shining and the temps are not that bad. A good day.

I am thinking...of Madison's science project we have to complete today.

I am thankful for...Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace and the people who take it, teach it and pray for it....if you have not taken it..will forever change your life!

I am wearing..a sweat shirt and pants

I am remembering...that I love to play games with the kids.

I am 4 in the house....I love to stay home!

I am reading...The Friends we Keep......a little book I got for my birthday. You gotta read this one!

I am hoping... for a nice snowfall this winter...just one.

On my mind... eating out of my pantry.....wondering how far I can go...

From the learning rooms...nothing today.....this week working on counting.

Noticing that...I'm sleeping in alot.....:)

Pondering these words...New Year

From the kitchen... Pasta Figule with homemade bread, Salad Night, Apricot Lemon Chicken with asparagus and rice, Tilapia and shrimp over rice and zucchini, Potluck for the Sunday school class, eating out one night and Crockpot Chicken and Dumplins

What are we doing this week.....last game...if we win we go to the playoffs....gymnastics plus a make up, church, bible study, grocery store, Sunday School game night, breakfast with a girlfriend, and coffee with my mom

Around the house..mopping floors, getting clothes ready for consignment, and stripping bed sheets

One of my favorite things....eating dinner out with Scott.

From my picture journal..Cinderellas Castle in Disney!


Tina Leigh said...

I took Crown Finacial's study several years was great too. I am sure they are very much along the same line. Crown also has a radio show that I have listened to for several years. They have a time for caller's to phone in their troubles. I have been amazed that every advice they give is Biblical with scripture to back it up.

I love not having to leave the house buttttt it doesnt happen often.

Last night I was able to put a really good 2 week menu together using mostly stuff I already have here. Healthy.....NOOOOOOOOOO. But it will help us get a meal around here...something that is lacking since I work during the cotton-pickin week now!!!

Christina said...

I have read a Dave Ramsey book. Boy did it ever help me. It certainly puts spending into perspective.

Hope you get your one nice snowfall this winter. I do miss this.

I have stayed home all 4 days this weekend and am really enjoying it. I too love to be at home.

Have a nice week.

Lesa said...

This was my 4th day at home also. I'm ready to get back into the groove of work. I also want some more snow days - snow - not ice.... I'm torn between work and home. I love my job but I also love to stay home and do nothing! Have a good week!

Karen said...

More and more, I prefer just staying home. My kids are back in school today, so it begins -- running around to appointments and all that fun stuff.

I planned meals from my pantry the past two weeks and it felt so good -- we had some weird meals, but no one seemed to mind.