Sunday, January 03, 2010

the first monday of the year.

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FOR TODAY...Monday...January 5th

Outside my window...the bus is broken down in front of our home...its 8 degrees outside this morning....very very cold...the wind chill is -1.

I am thinking...of how quiet the house will be with Madison and Scott back at school and work...:(

I am thankful for...that God gave us such a wonderful holiday. It was peaceful and enjoyable.

I am wearing..a sweat shirt and sweat pants....its cold baby!

I am remembering...that people deserve second chances. And some things need to be left alone.

I am Madison's game tonight...but for today...I will look at my clean house...snuggle with my sweet boy and enjoy my life.

I am reading...The Friends we Keep......a little book I got for my birthday. You gotta read this one!

I am hoping... that a friend of mine can have peace and move on.

On my mind... the Wii awesome it is to have this! I love it...I exercise on it daily and am walking my treadmill in the warm house! Motivation!

From the learning rooms...we are doing birdhouses this week...and practicing on counting. My birdhouses are feeders really..we take pine cones and spread peanut butter on them and roll them in seed...the birds need them this time of year and they love them!

Noticing that...listening to your kids....makes since.

Pondering these words...schedules and lists.

From the kitchen... Tomatoe Baked Chicken with squash and green beans, Salmon with brown rice and veggies, Pasta Bake with salad, game night...will be leftovers and eating out with friends one night and grill night too! Shrimp on the barbie!

What are we doing this week.....we have 2 games, gymnastics, church starts back with family night and dinner out with friends, life starts back!

Around the house..the house is decluttered and clean! Laundry left.....and going to do some baking.

One of my favorite things....artichoke dip...with pita chips!

From my picture journal..our tip to the beach..Scott and the kids from our balcony. Its nice to look at beach pictures on a cold day like today!


UKZoe said...

I've got out of the habit of using my Wii fit and treadmill. NEED to get back in the habit.

Missus Wookie said...

My wii fit refused to wake up yesterday :( Wookie is going to try and fix it today. Isn't it great?

Anonymous said...

Ahh...I hope that there are no children on that bus...that sounds sooo cold.

Have a great week!

ruth said...

Haha! I just loved your blog title! My first to visit and enjoying it. I'm a big coffee drinker, that's why.
Great picture!
Will be coming back for more visits.

Karen said...

I love your picture. Wow, I didn't realize it got that cold where you are. Stay warm and Happy New Year, Jen.

Christina said...

Is it the school bus that broke down in front of your house? That stinks on a day as cold as the one you're having.

I was wondering what Wii Fit is like? I have heard so many good things about this. I have been wanting a treadmill. I have the gazelle air walker, but it isn't very challenging. What type of exercises can you do with Wii Fit?

2cats said...

Sounds like a really busy week. Remember to breath.
I just added the Wii fit to my wish list.
The beach looks wonderful.

Sarah said...

Love that picture you have at the end. Great tips, too! We have just started to get up and exercise this week - two days in, woohoo! :) No Wii though - we do some DVD's with our exercise ball.

Hope you have a good week!

Tina Leigh said...

So what programs (or whatever you call them) do you have for the wii? Danny bought the boys one for Christmas.