Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday chit chat

So good Morning! We have had so much rain in the last 48 hours it is unreal. Yesterday would have been perfect to stay at home and lay on the couch and watch movies all day with some hot tea....but I had to get out. Me + the Grocery store (2 stores at that) = not happy. Then I had to pick both kids up at school and run to gymnastics and you get the point..I was out in the mess most of the day.
So several of you have asked about my exercising and how it is going....since 1/1 I have lost 6 pounds. Now I dont like to diet. I like to eat....I really do. I have just started watching what I eat...I'm not eating out as much and when I do...well its smart. I'm also doing yoga and aerobics on the Wii fit at least 5 times a week. That is an hour work out...its not the hardest work out but it works for me as I dont belong to a gym nor would I have the time to go. I also have been walking my treadmill 6 days a week...2-3 miles depending on if Miller lets me. I dont run as in highschool I ran track but I was a long distance stuff for me. SO I will run the last quarter on the treadmill at treadmill owners know what that when I do the treadmill I walk at a 4 and that is fast....I can do 3 miles in 44 minutes and 2 miles in 29 minutes...its a hard walk...and I sweat so much I have to shower its in the morning or late at night when I'm doing this. My food has been all at home...I have found that oatmeal eaten by 9am sticks with me until lunch....I dont even think of snacks....for lunch I do a tortilla with cheese and light sour cream and salsa and bake in the oven....sometimes I put cut up fruit on the side....I have actually done this meal for lunch 3 times this week...I can never get tired of mexican snacks vary around 3ish....I do yogurt with granola or fruit sliced up or Ranch rice cakes are great.....but I really have never been a snacker or sweet lover. So that part doesnt get to me....dinner is healthy as I can get it...I have kids and after awhile they get tired of chicken...this time around I grocery shopped in my pantry and I normally spend $300 at the grocery for 2 weeks...this time I spent $175 for 2 weeks...I was so excited...just planning meals in the pantry and freezer that I already had...this really worked....and it may work again this month but it wont be forever....but the money saved was nice and can go towards something else...:).
Today we are at home....Madison has a friend coming over tonight and we are going out to eat and they are going to the Homecoming Basketball game....I will be going home with Miller to play the Wii....we love to play my plans today are to finish up laundry...strip bed sheets and get one bathroom clean...tomorrow i can do floors....

As for the weekend...we have a Sunday School potluck tomorrow night and Sunday is church. A pretty laid back weekend.

I hope you all are well....we have a friend having a heart cath today...please be in prayer for our friend Rod.....I will talk with you all on Monday.

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