Monday, January 25, 2010


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FOR TODAY...Monday...January 25th

Outside my window...the sun is shining in the backyard but big snow/rain clouds are coming toward the front I'm looking towards the back yard.

I am thinking...of the laundry I need to put up today. Alot!

I am thankful parents. They are so good to us.

I am pajama pants and a tank.

I am remembering...the ice storm that hit last year...this time...what a trying week it was.

I am the mall today...and then a girls night out with my best buddies...

I am reading...The Friends we Keep......a little book I got for my birthday. You gotta read this one! Yes I know I'm still reading this one...but its a goodie.

I am hoping... my parents have a great trip. They are heading to Florida for their annual get a way.

On my mind... friends of mine....our friend Rod had 2 stints put in on Friday so they are on my mind this morning. Another friend Cindy going thru some issues at home.

From the learning project to make and working on our counting again.

Noticing that...Madison is growing so much with her social calender. I want to take her and put her in a bottle for a weekend.

Pondering these words...Working out. I have lost 7 pounds since 1/1!

From the kitchen... Chicken and dumplins...with green beans tonight, Tuesday..greek chicken with scalloped potatoes and asparagus, Wednesday..spaghetti with turkey meat and bread..homemade, Thursday...fajitas night, friday night is homemade pizza and saturday night is eat out

What are we doing this offs...4 games! gymnastics, hair and nail appointment, bible study, lunch with Scott's mamie, girls night out, church, a birthday party and a parenting confrence...yes we are busy!

Around the house..laundry, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, and hanging out together...

One of my favorite things....watching it snow.

From my picture journal..I love this picture....


Tina Leigh said...

Those 7 pounds are not lost...I've got them right here and I would love to give them back to you!! LOL Yes we have a Wii..I'm going to look into some of those fitness programs. You think I could get a better price for the Wii Fit stuff on Ebay? Like you, there is no way I could get to a gym! NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY! The menu sounds good! I'm workin on mine now. And speaking of the weather.... It has rained here so much that it is REDONKULOUS! I hope you want have any ice/snow storms!!

Christina said...

Enjoy you r week. Praying for your parents safe trip to Florida.

Wow 7 lbs. That's great. I guess the new healthy lifestyle agrees with you.

We have Wii fit plus but the kids use it more than me. I do have a lot of exercise videos that I do on a daily basis.

Karen said...

Wow, 7 lbs! Good for you! Your week sounds busy as usual with all good stuff. I know what you mean about Madison growing up too fast. I feel the same way about Emily. I wish I could turn back time.