Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little storm

Well the storm is coming we are under a Winter Storm Warning. It's official. Anywhere from 4-8 inches is what they are saying. I just hope there is enough to build a snowman, make snow creme and sled. That will make my kids happy and me.

The crazy people will be out today at all the gas stations and grocery stores freaking out over bread and milk. Why is it that is what we buy? It is. I grabbed another gallon of milk on Tuesday so I wouldnt have to go into a store today. I'am however getting out. But I'm going in the opposite directions....I need to pick up a birthday gift for a party Miller is going to this weekend and I need to drop off clothes at a local consignment store...I may hit some thrift stores. And having lunch with a sweet friend at one of my favorite a good day in all.

But when I lay my head down tonight....the snow will fall....and will continue to fall through tomorrow night. Friday will be a lazy day....and I'm excited about that!

Enjoy friends.

I have hot chocolate and we are good.


Susanne said...

Around here 4 - 8 inches doesn't really cause us to run to grocery stores or gas stations. In fact, it probably wouldn't even close any schools. Just regular old winter rearing it's head. LOL.

Stay warm and dry!

Tina Leigh said...

Jen I thought of you while watching the Weather Channel this morning. I put a little prayer in that all would go well for yall. Now pass me a cup of Hot Chocolate please!