Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to reality

Well it's time to leave the house. Me and Miller have been in the house since Thursday afternoon and it has been wonderful. I love to stay in my home. We have ventured outside a couple of times as it has been nice enough to play out there, but I love to stay home.

So today he goes to school and I'm coming back home to pick up and walk the treadmill. Then I will pick him up and we will come home...then go get Madison bring her home take her back to catch the bus for a game tonight....then I will go to the game...so.....life is getting back to "normal" as you would say.

I'm sure by 9 tonight I will be ready to go to bed.....but for right now I must go put my make up on and fix my hair for the first time in 4 days....I have been showering....lol.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Tina Leigh said...

So I guess you survived the day of "getting back to normal".

So what kind of treamill do you have? Do you like it better than just getting out & walking?